“It’s a monument to hate and division.”, Sanders supports no new wall funding. If elected, he would be both the youngest and the first openly gay president in U.S. history. Trump signed the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act of 2018. She also served in the Army National Guard and was deployed to Iraq. Buttigieg supports a federal assault weapons ban with a voluntary buyback program. Trump has been criticized for dangerously mishandling many aspects of the virus, including testing, and spreading disinformation about it. Buttigieg's women’s rights agenda includes passing the FAMILY Act. Biden supports developing new, safer nuclear reactors. Candidates answered with a YES, NO or OTHER, as well as a short explanation for each question, which can be viewed by clicking on the boxes below. Warren wants to aggressively curb carbon emissions, including with government regulations. Our reporters break down the major policy proposals driving the presidential race. It's common sense. Klobuchar opposes arming teachers. During the campaign, he has taken a middle ground with policies like "Medicare for All Who Want It," and has had to answer questions about his handling of the police force and racial issues as mayor. Biden supports universal background checks. Klobuchar says, “In the first 100 days of my administration, I will reinstate the clean-power rules and the gas-mileage standards and put forth sweeping legislation to invest in green jobs and infrastructure.”. Bloomberg says it “stands no chance,” has offered an alternative. Where do their stances differ and where do the candidates agree? Biden supports an up-to-$15,000 refundable tax credit for first-time homebuyers and policies that help eliminate housing discrimination. She has consistently stayed near the top of the polls. Wants to give his administration the authority to negotiate drug prices and set them based on those of other countries. As a candidate, she speaks out against U.S. involvement in "wasteful regime-change wars," and has ruffled feathers with her "safe, legal, and rare" stance on abortion. Biden supported a constitutional amendment in the ‘80s that would have let states reverse Roe v. Wade, but has reversed his stance. The Issues The most comprehensive guide anywhere to the issues shaping the 2020 … Trump has promised to add 400,000 new jobs...to the fossil-fuel industry. →, Ariana Grande Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders In The Best Way →, Bernie Supporters Want Cardi B To Run For Congress →, CAPRICORN |  FINDS COMFORT AND JOY IN WORK. An unapologetic progressive, Warren has a plan for everything from banking to childcare, and one of her signature issues is the 2% wealth tax, which she says can pay for many of her initiatives. Klobuchar supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He has ran for president twice before, and he briefly worked as an attorney before becoming a politician. Biden supports a federal assault weapons ban with a voluntary buyback program. Not to mention, it lacks any sense of decency and compassion.”. Where the candidates for Indiana attorney general stand on key issues Republican Todd Rokita and Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel (Source: Rokita campaign / Weinzapfel campaign) By Stephen Goin | October 29, 2020 at 7:32 PM EDT - Updated October 29 at 7:32 PM Republicans say closing the “boyfriend loophole” is “too political.”. Free College and Student Debt. Warren says, “We should not be criminalizing mamas and babies trying to flee violence at home or trying to build a better future.”. It's a patriotic duty.". Gabbard co-sponsored the Paycheck Fairness Act. Gabbard says the U.S. should be “creating renewable-energy jobs that cannot be outsourced.”. Warren's ambitious green-manufacturing plan would create over 1 million jobs. Sanders pledges to "protect women from harassment, discrimination, and violence in educational institutions by protecting and enforcing Title IX." Yang says, “Walls generally aren’t an effective way of stopping illegal border crossings.” Said he’d back funding if experts recommend it. Pete Buttigieg Is Making A Big Push To Win Over Women. Sanders supports it, and supports a Roe litmus test for judges. Yang supports the “spirit” of M4A, but says it’s unrealistic. The 2020 Democratic presidential field is the largest in modern history. Co-sponsored the BE HEARD In the Workplace Act. Biden says, “We don't have to go that route. Warren’s gun-violence prevention plan would make college campuses gun-free zones. Warren supports citizenship for Dreamers. Yand has proposed a $5 trillion plan to reduce emissions. Yang wants to give $4 billion a year to vocational and apprenticeship programs for clean-energy jobs. Also, giant space mirrors. Klobuchar wants net zero emissions by 2050, hasn’t specified if it’s through a tax or something else. Klobuchar supports universal background checks. With one executive order, Trump undid years of discrimination protections. Sanders supports universal background checks. Refinery29 readers told us which issues they care most about for 2020, and we listened. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the U.S. Before running for president, he made a name for himself as a real estate developer with high-profile projects like Trump Tower in New York City. As a Catholic, he says he is personally opposed to abortion but refuses to impose that on others. To provide voters with a … ", Joe Biden’s Speech Meets A Grieving America Exactly Where We Are →, Wow, "Joe Biden's America" Sure Looks A Lot Like Donald Trump's America →, Could Joe Biden's National Mask Mandate Become A Reality? Trump has proposed bonuses for teachers who get gun training. It's also overdue. Note: The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy does not support or oppose candidates or political parties. Global leader in wealth management, asset servicing and asset management delivering expert advice, educational thought leadership and news. “If you can join the armed services at 18, you should be able to buy a gun at 18.”. This post is the first in a series of blogs examining where 2020 Southeastern candidates for state and federal offices stand on key energy and climate issues. Buttigieg says, “I trust women to draw the line.”, During a Fox News town hall, Klobuchar said, "there are limits there in the third trimester that are very important.”, Yang says, “I personally don’t think male legislators should be weighing in on women’s reproductive rights and freedoms.”, Bloomberg says, "Reproductive choice is a fundamental human right and we can never take it for granted. All we have to do is go back, restore Obamacare...provide a public option... My plan will cost about $750 billion over 10 years. Sanders' version of the Green New Deal calls for 20 million new clean-energy jobs. Election 2020: Where the Candidates Stand on Key Issues Share Northern Trust is a global financial services firm. Has criticized Sanders and Warren for not showing “enough regard for the American people to make their own decisions,” but says he’d be tougher on insurance providers than Biden. Bernie Sanders was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006, and was previously the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Currently the eighth-wealthiest American, the billionaire cofounded financial information and media company Bloomberg LP in 1981. Take a look at their policies in key areas. Making sure all women are insured under his Medicare for All plan would address the maternal-health crisis and close the maternal-mortality racial gap, says Sanders. Biden supports a federal red-flag law and closing the “boyfriend loophole,” which would expand convicted domestic abusers banned from buying guns to include dating partners. Trump has openly mocked it. Above: A register to vote sign is pictured in Golden Hill, San Diego, Sept. 22, 2020. Supports raising the federal minimum age to buy a gun to 21. Instead, issued a plan with no public option and has focused on lowering prescription-drug costs and boosting telemedicine options. The White House has threatened to veto the universal background checks bill the House passed in February 2019. We also asked state, county and citywide candidates a variety of questions on where they stand on some of the most contentious issues ranging in issues … On this issue, you're either with us or against us. Warren & Klobuchar 2020? Bloomberg wants to ban all guns on campuses except law enforcement. Bloomberg supports regulations on fracking. You might as well sit on the beach and tell the tide not to come in.”, Gabbard helped introduce the Keep Families Together Act “to end the inhumane practice of taking children from their parents at the border.”. Buttigieg expects his plan to create 3 million new clean-energy jobs. Co-sponsored the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. Where Trump, Biden Stand on Major Issues AARP interviewed presidential candidates for their views on Social Security, COVID-19 and more AARP, September 28, 2020 | Comments: 0 Click for all candidates' headlines on Principles and. Klobuchar says, “I have a better way, a way that will insure more people and bring premiums down. He wants to invest $300 million in community policing around the country. Here are 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders' plans on healthcare, immigration, climate, gun control and housing and homelessness. Number one, it would be almost impossible to build. Includes “pay equity for women workers” on his economic agenda. Klobuchar says, “I support smart security at our borders and oppose the administration’s proposal to build a wall across our entire southern border.” Would back additional wall funding in larger immigration legislation. Here's where the Democratic candidates stand on the biggest 2020 issues The Democratic primary field for 2020 is largely set, but with former Vice President Joe … Klobuchar co-sponsored the Paycheck Fairness Act. They do.”. Trump has vilified racial justice protestors, and vigorously defended both violent far-right vigilantes and the police. “Biden will spearhead legislation to completely eliminate mandatory individual arbitration, including for claims of workplace sexual harassment.”. Yang says nuclear gets a “bad rap” but it’s actually environmentally friendly. Wants the U.S. to be “carbon-neutral” by 2050 (when he’s 68). Warren co-sponsored the FAMILY Act, Kirsten Gillibrand’s proposal that would give 12 weeks of paid leave to new parents and caregivers. Gabbard supports universal background checks. Elizabeth Warren's Refreshingly Gloomy Message & The Young People Who Love Her For It →, How Selfies Became Elizabeth Warren's Secret Weapon →, How Elizabeth Warren's Plan For Workers' Rights Would Help Women →, VIRGO |  GETS TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER. Trump has promised a vaccine by year’s end or sooner under Operation Warp Speed, but public confidence is waning. ), Biden says, “We have to get rid of the old way of thinking that the clean economy and jobs don’t go together. ), Joe Biden’s Speech Meets A Grieving America Exactly Where We Are, Wow, "Joe Biden's America" Sure Looks A Lot Like Donald Trump's America. Wealth Tax, Weed & Black Twitter: Here's What Happened At The VICE Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum →, Andrew Yang's Hot Topic: Bringing Back Dead Malls →. Here's where he stands on the issues that matter most. Before that, she was a member of the Honolulu City Council and Hawaii House of Representatives. Warren proposed three executive actions she would take on her first day as president to expand economic opportunities for women of color. With the 2020 election just days away, CBS News has compiled a comprehensive look at where the presidential candidates stand on some of the major issues … Has authored legislation to close the “boyfriend loophole.”, Yang supports a federal red-flag law, unclear if he supports closing the “boyfriend loophole.”, Bloomberg supports a federal red-flag law, unclear if he supports closing the “boyfriend loophole.”, Gabbard isunclear if she supports a federal red-flag law, supports closing the “boyfriend loophole.”, Trump has expressed support for red-flag laws. Wants zero emissions by 2040. Trump says a strong economy is "the greatest thing that can happen for race relations.". I'm Undocumened & I Work For Bernie Sanders. His signature proposal is universal basic income, which promises every American $1,000 a month. New episodes are ready weekday mornings so you can listen on your morning commute. An Unexpected Endorsement →. Buttigieg has called for signing the Paycheck Fairness Act into law. The Nov. 3 election between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will give American voters a choice between two candidates with divergent approaches to tackling some of the biggest issues facing the country. (But there has been speculation about whether he knows what it is. Ariana Grande Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders In The Best Way, Bernie Supporters Want Cardi B To Run For Congress, Age 38, Former Mayor, South Bend, Indiana. Gabbard supports a federal assault weapons ban. Sanders popularized M4A during his 2016 campaign. Has said he would nominate judges who support Roe. I understand what this country can do for families and what it means to people.”, Bloomberg says, “To argue that a child carried here in his or her parents’ arms broke the law defies logic, and reason, and any comprehensible interpretation of what the Founding Fathers would have thought anyone’s definition of lawbreaking was. Yang acknowledges pay inequality, but hasn’t issued a specific plan. Warren is on the full-M4A train (and has issued a detailed plan to fund it), but said it would be a voter’s “choice” to opt in. The Chicago Defender examines the candidates for the IL US Senate Race and where they stand on the issues important to Black Residents. Warren wants to ban fracking nationwide. Could Joe Biden's National Mask Mandate Become A Reality? Carlsbad Cities Community Election 2020 News Election 2020: Where Carlsbad candidates stand on controversial issues by Catherine Allen October 16, 2020 October 16, 2020 0 1522 If the box displays a "no answer", that means the candidate did not provide an answer. Biden's economic plan would devote $30 billion to a new small business opportunity fund. "If I believe healthcare is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone's zip code.". Bloomberg says, “Closing the gender pay gap is good for people and good for business.”. Warren has called abortion both a human and economic right. ", Gabbard says abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare,” and forbidden during the third trimester “unless the life or severe health consequences of a woman are at risk.”, Trump has falsely said that legislation increasing access to abortion “would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth.". We’re asking 2020 Democrats where they stand on key issues A record number of candidates are running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Trump has proposed “[shoot]ing migrants in the legs” and building an alligator moat. Trump has sent mixed messages on wearing masks, as well as hosted largely maskless indoor rallies — even after contracting COVID himself. Election 2020: Where the Candidates Stand on Key Issues. Here's How We're Fighting To Prevent More Migrant Kids From Dying. Buttigieg wants to expand Medicaid coverage for new mothers, institute implicit-bias and discrimination training in the medical field, and broaden maternal-health options in rural areas. Bloomberg created the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index to help companies measure progress. Bloomberg's policy: “The first step is to create a Medicare-like public option — health insurance that would be administered by the federal government but paid for by customer premiums.”. Yang supports universal background checks. Co-sponsored the Paycheck Fairness Act. Where Trump, Biden Stand on Major Issues AARP interviewed presidential candidates for their views on Social Security, COVID-19 and more AARP , September 28, 2020 | Comments: 0 She was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006. Climate Issues: Where 2020 Democrats Stand On The Green New Deal And More. Sanders wants to achieve equal pay with a $15 minimum wage, the Paycheck Fairness Act (which he co-sponsored), and the Equal Rights Amendment. Will It Work? Warren supports a federal assault weapons ban with a voluntary buyback program. Co-sponsored the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. Yang's campaign calls for “at least nine months of paid family leave, distributed between parents however they see fit; or six months of paid leave for a single parent.”. Sanders has called for a more ambitious plan. Before running for office, he worked as a union carpenter and freelance journalist, and was active in the anti-Vietnam War movement. Biden wants to end new oil and gas leases on federal land, and end offshore drilling. Gabbard says, “I support the carbon-neutrality goals of the Green New Deal.”, Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord and has expressed doubt that climate change is real. Klobuchar supports a federal assault weapons ban with a voluntary buyback program. Compare the 2020 presidential candidate positions on issues. Let's close the gap & let's do it now.”. Wants government regulations on emissions. →, Pete Buttigieg Retells His Coming Out Story For The Daily & It's A Must-Listen →, Everyone Who's Running For President In 2020 — & Who Has Dropped Out →. Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Immigration A border wall and mass shootings have thrust immigration into the 2020 spotlight. She supports raising the federal minimum age to buy a gun to 21. ), Biden says, “Equal pay for equal work. The IL Senate Race is an important one in this election. Where do the candidates stand on the issues? Answered a debate question about equal pay by talking about 9/11. Warren issued a plan to expand discrimination protections for women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people. Buttigieg's women’s rights agenda includes investing $10 billion to combat workplace sexual harassment and discrimination against women. He has changed his party affiliation several times, but during his presidency has called himself a "nationalist" and aligns with conservative Republicans on issues such as abortion and immigration. The 2020 election is in full swing but many presidential candidates still haven’t addressed some key issues. Need help keeping up with the news that matters most? Gabbard supports citizenship for Dreamers and would take executive action to help them obtain legal status. "Medical providers should pay for the high rates of Black maternal mortality in our country — and keep paying until they fix it," Warren told Refinery29. (But some don’t believe he has read it.). Gabbard pushed for the passage of the STOP School Violence Act of 2018, which called for safety measures but made no mention of guns. Buttigieg's plan is “Medicare for all who want it”; a public option without ending private insurance. Yang supports decriminalizing border crossings. Information, download Yang mentions the high U.S. maternal mortality rate on his website, but hasn’t proposed a specific plan to address it. I'm Undocumened & I Work For Bernie Sanders. Trump's Body Language Reveals How He Feels About Journalists, Especially Women Of Color →, What Donald & Ivanka Trump's Body Language Reveals About Their Relationship →, 20+ Women Have Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault & Misconduct →. Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and lawyer who founded the nonprofit Venture for America, which connects young professionals to startup companies in economically challenged communities. And, he wants to boost investment in drug research and manufacturing. Bloomberg supports a federal assault weapons ban. Gabbard hasn’t specifically addressed maternal health in her platform. Scroll through to see where the 2020 candidates for president stand on the most important issues of today. A woman claims Yang discriminated against her when she pressed him about pay disparity at his tutoring company. “I am the son of immigrants. Sanders believes in a woman’s right to choose, but wouldn’t rule out supporting anti-abortion Democrats. Sanders wants to phase it out in favor of solar, wind, and geothermal. Share. Sanders supports raising the federal minimum age to buy a gun to 21, “except for long guns and shotguns with fixed-capacity magazines that are primarily intended for hunting.”, Buttigieg aims to “support efforts” to keep guns off campus and incentivize states and districts to prioritize “school climate.” Believes you should be 18 to buy a gun nationwide. Sanders wants to reduce emissions by 71% by 2030. Generics increase competition in the marketplace and lower the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans." Yang wants to end new oil and gas leases on federal land, and end offshore drilling. Stories of disparaging comments and a sexist work environment at his company have continued to haunt him. Bloomberg says, "I think a wall is not very practical. The self-described Democratic socialist's signature issues are income inequality and Medicare for All, and many in his young supporter base say they love him because he stays true to his ideals. He also hosted hit reality TV show The Apprentice. WHERE DO YOU STAND? Hillary makes no attempt to reinstate the religious left, and instead focuses on church-vs-state issues. Policy & Your Wealth Plan. Yang promised to “initiate and fund mindfulness programs in schools and correctional facilities, which have been demonstrated to reduce violent behavior.” Proposed ending school-shooter drills. Warren proposed using government authority to allow multiple companies to produce a patented drug, driving down costs and allowing them to be sold at generic prices. Biden’s immigration plan has promised to end some of Trump’s toughest policies, but would not decriminalize unauthorized border crossings. ", Gabbard only supports extending the wall “if experts recommend it.”, Trump says, "A WALL is a WALL!" Klobuchar's campaign calls for “12 weeks of paid family leave and allowing workers to earn paid sick leave.” Co-sponsored the FAMILY Act. We can pay for that.”. Elizabeth Warren's Refreshingly Gloomy Message & The Young People Who Love Her For It, How Selfies Became Elizabeth Warren's Secret Weapon, How Elizabeth Warren's Plan For Workers' Rights Would Help Women. Sanders supports citizenship for Dreamers. Has pledged to stop "all construction of the racist and ineffective wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.”, Buttigieg says, “Secure borders and a well-managed immigration system are critical to national security. The Texas Tribune, "Democratic U.S. Senate candidates seek to ,get down to business'," by Patrick Svitek, Dec. 13, 2019 KVUE-TV ABC, "Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez, Candidate for U.S. Senate," by Ashley Goudeau, December 1, 2019 KXAN Austin NBC-TV, "MJ Hegar leads the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate," by Mason Carroll, Nov 17, 2019
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