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New at least once yearly as *A Refresher So I Cannot *refresher So I cannot it as someone just trying to learn dermoscopy but it appears to give a good overview It is one of the few basic texts that goes beyond melanocytic lesions and includes trichoscopy A few of the pics are suboptimal I have better scabies pics All in all 4850 This book is appalling It is poorly formatted for kindle with heading

Titles Across Several Pages 
across several pages times The text associated with photos freuently is on a different page to the photo and the text that is on the same page as a photo often refers to a previous or future photThe photos are tiny to the point of being useless and when you attempt to nlarge them the photos are out of focus Dermoscopy is about the small features This book doesn t demonstrate them I understand now why photos weren t available on the previewI m sorry I wasted my money on this text and would ncourage you not to do the same. Ition dermoscopy and clinical photographs Real dermatoscopic images and the associated clinical photographs on the page opposi. I m a GP doing a Dermatology rotation a few people *In The Department Had *the had book and I liked the look of it I ve not been disappointed It s asy to read and is in sensible chapters so you can dip into it when you need
To Very Happy With 
Very happy with purchase D If you use a dermatoscope then this book is a must have Having recently attended one of Jonathan Bowling s xcellent PCDS Dermoscopy days I was keen to get this and reinforce what I had heard I downloaded the kindle dition onto my i pad thinking this would be most convenient I did note the previous reviewer s comments about the layout but I have to say I find it far of a problem than he did Under ach image is the text relating to the image on the next page This makes it very confusing and difficult to follow I do think if you are payi A brilliant beginners introduction to Dermoscopy with so many highly colourful xcellent uality pictures It is set out. Ideal for clinic use both for diagnosis and for xplaining to the patient this guide provides Auick reference atlas guide to

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In a very logical order with xcellent illustrations I prefer the way this book is structured when compared to the popular alternative around I have learned a huge amount over the last half decade from the teaching of Jonathan Bowling and was delighted to get my hands on his long awaited book Dr Bowling is the acknowledged top UK Love Is a Fairy Tale expert on dermoscopy and has done much than anyonelse in Britain
To Popularise And Teach 
popularise and teach invaluable techniue first by the London *meetings he arranged with international xperts Giuseppe Argenziano and Peter Soyer and then by his own lecturing with the PCDS and *he arranged with international xperts Giuseppe Argenziano and Peter Soyer and then by his own lecturing with the PCDS and The dermoscopy sceptics are being won over by the growing vidence plus hands on xperie Saw only review was for Kindle version Checked this paperbook out of our medical library I would consider myself a relatively good dermoscopist having read multiple books and doing oscopy for about a decade now but read something. He diagnosis skin lesions Bangkok Wakes to Rain especially but not limited to those that are cancerous Icons forach condition linked to high defin.  Diagnostic Dermoscopy: The Illustrated Guide