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A while Heart Dreamboat Annie Please forgive me I had a momentary flashback to an old favorite 70 s song because Annie and her adventures started Ann Wilson s voice softly singing in my mind So I dug around on YouTube and found a vintage concert performance here it is should you care to indulge Annie is a child OF FATE TAKING THINGS AS THEY COME INNOCENT fate taking things as they come an innocent to dreams wary enough to stay out of trouble and after an indulgence with self pity she s plenty smart to call it uits when enough is enough move on to grow as she turns slowly to face a transcendent disappointment with the way things are and an honest to goodness disgust with oneself in the world Everybody teaches me she said ironically as if I were the world s village idiot page 38 I had to burst out laughing when I read that holy shit funny only because I ve experiencedfelt this myselfAnnie flows flits and filters her way through the dense cast of characters friends husbands lovers relations acuaintances of various races and creeds and Communists New York City to California to New York City again plotting to leave for Europe in the span of time the Great Depression is winding down WWII is beginning and then ending yet Annie seems mostly oblivious to these larger events she s a microcosm of the big picture and dwells within her parameters until something or someone forces her out of them she moves on to the next thing her head filled with dreams and fears her father had said that when you get what you want it turns to ashes It was all in the anticipation P259Nailed it nailed it nailed it dreams and realities reality sucks after achieving the dream unless you re mature enough to accept that this is how things are out there in this thing called life It s part of growing up Everyone has an unhappy life That s no distinction for context Ben Greenhouse speaking Some people seem happy for context Annie speaking Well they aren t They re just trying to be superior to the general condition There are people who can t even consider such a uestion they suffer from not having enough food or shelter Stop I won t A young woman who finds herself cast adrift in Hollywood with World War II loomingDefending herself with despairing stubbornness aga.

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Ook at the way you re "dressed How can you speak of unhappiness when you have the choices you have You don t now anything "How can you speak of unhappiness when you have the choices you have You don t now anything my choices and I m aware of the suffering of the vast Majority Of Mankind And I Don T of mankind and I don t to hear about that ideal socialist state full of hairy little domestic groups running around hacking each other to death in the name of progress You re looking for a way to explain things to yourself You ve picked the inevitable one at your age Shaw said that anyone who wasn t a socialist before thirty had no "heart and anyone who was a socialist after thirty had no " and anyone who was a socialist after thirty had no I d rather have a heart That s a disgusting line to draw As if we don t have to live with both That s the curse of it all A conversation between Annie and Ben Greenhouse pages 186 187Paula Fox is a writer that inspires me to write reading each book is like rediscovering a favorite toy or finding something precious The Western Coast is chockfull of goodies just like Desperate Characters The God of Nightmares The Widow s Children and Poor George these are what I ve read so far I m still building my collection Her vision is spot on she s fluent in intense grace dark humor tender agitation meticulous brutality and a een sense of the absurd it s probably why I adore her work so much good old gritty reality Her books are a treasure chest full of words and wisdom the قنبرعلی kind of prickly wisdom that is so honest because out there in the murky chaos life is unbearably ugly yet in all of that there is hope love and there is beauty along with a sweet smattering of puppies andittens and the once in a blue moon mini donkey comes along to get us through it all I m so glad to have been given the opportunity to discover her it took the intervention of someone like Jonathan Franzen to help get her out of print books back into the hands of readers especially aspiring young writers who are still sponges learning their craft Honestly there aren t enough books by Paula Fox damn I was taken to California she said After awhile I escaped Last page last sentence Heading out to somewherewon t be back for awhile. Inst personal catastrophe she is able to save her life and escape Enormously touching and wholly believable Washington Post Book Wor. The Western Coast A NovelA story of a deplorable 5 years of living at the bottom of a barrelwell written for sure The author includes a of a barrelwell written for sure The author includes a of unresolved philosophy in last third of book Two words came to mind when I finished reading it they are disparaging and weird I bought after much searching and read a vintage hardcover edition Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc New York First edition Copyright 1972 333 pages the book seemed a bit of a mess at times excellent at times tedious and exasperating no doubt autobiographical as most of Paula s books are no sense in my saying much I did like the circa 1940 California Paula created The confused life of a very young woman who was ill prepared for the vagabond life she was forced to live wasn t enjoyable but then again it wasn t meant to be Much of the book eluded me as did the final line it all seemed so circular there and back gain though of course as long as one doesn t give up aging happens far and away Paula s most political book that aspect of the book being a good thing Again the book was worth reading Nothing wrong with a read being upsetting There was a humorous part page 303 as Paula describes the actions of an old 1930 s car floundering through the ice and snow It wasn t meant to be but obviously Paula isn t that nowledgeable about front whee drive versus rear wheel drive Things like that amuse me Yes there were front wheel drive cars in the nineteen thirties though I doubt that our Annie was driving a Citro n Traction Avant FWD cars especially in the USA were rare the FWD Citro n is
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in Alan Furst s Night Soldiers books Absolutely sublime Great great writer My thoughts about The Western Coast by Paula FoxAnnie aimless Annie forsaken Annie Dreamboat Annie Heading out this morning into the sunRiding on the diamond waves little darlin oneWarm wind caress herHer lover it seemsOh AnnieDreamboat Annie my little ship of dreamsGoing down the city sidewalk alone in the crowdNo one nows the lonely one whose head s in the cloudsSad faces painted over with those magazine smilesHeading out to somewhere won t be back for. America and the catastrophic world of twentieth century war mass murder and horror are the backdrop of this story of Annie Gianfala.

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