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Ending War Crimes, Chasing the War Criminals oOf his jealouslyI really liked this book Caroline was a delight to readbold courageous feisty passionate and ready to protect those she loves without hesitation Anthony was a bit harder for me to warm up to and I m not sure I completely did He is bossy controlling arrogant very jealous yet honorable kind and finds ways to stand up to Caroline like knowne has before He wants a proper wife all the time and Caroline Parts of a World only is when society dictates it and this infuriates him I enjoyed the bantering betweenur couple and they certainly knew how to set the pages Qualitative Data Analysis on fire with their passion I wish there had been just a bit back story with Anthony s pastr how he came to be such good friends with the Prince Regent Money Lessons or with the incident involving his sister but she may have herwn story so the author may be waiting until then I also thought Anthony Um Dia Esta Dor Vai Ser Útil overreacted a bit to Caroline s interactions with Carlyle especially considering he refused to tell her the truth about the past and the reasons for his hatredf the man and then his resolution with her didn t seem uite right Still I liked the romance and it read very well and uickly and I will read from Christy English This was a novel full The Sirens Realm (The Tethering, of sass steam stubbornness and love and is a pleasant way to spend an evening in frontf the fire 3 12 stars Review copy provided by Sourcebooks via Netgalley This Harceles one s a pretty good revisitationf Shakespeare s The Taming De Gaulle 1969 of the Shrew which just happens to bene The Social Media Business Equation of my favorite plays exactly because it s sobnoxiously not politically correct although I think the Bard intended Kate s last monologue to be delivered with sarcasm so maybe he was a little bit Macromedia Coldfusion Mx: Professional Projects of a feminist Anyway given the source material you can probably guess the character makeup Caroline Montague s a willful vixen who gee I wish they could find a better way to show us that Regency gals are hoydens wears breeches and fights with swords and knives andutshoots men at the archery range Anthony Carrington Encyclop�die Der Rechtswissenschaft of course is a domineering putz who intends to tame her so that she s a proper wife read meek and docile and pretty much having the personalityf a hairpiece but nice window dressing Her ever loving pop is auctioning her White Christmas-Bloody Christmas off to a bunchf wealthy suitors in exchange for enough dinero to keep the family estates Iraq from Manadate Independence outf the crapper The the first couple times this pair connects the hero s so abrasive that I expect when Caroline learns that he s the guy her daddy s chosen that she would go to Daddy who does kinda like her even tho he s treating her like a heifer at a cattle auction and beg him to pick anyone else But she s not that much The Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems of a willful gal apparently because she s all I ll do my duty Plus all Anthony has to do when he does piss herff is stick his tongue in her ear and she s allThey marry and he takes her to his country place and installs her there and after a pretty good series Genres Across the Disciplines of romps during which she falls in love he packs up and heads for London where he has business Well he does He s doing something for the Prince Regent But there s also thether business He gets the genius idea to buy both Fluttershys Ferocious Friend! of them the same jewelry the ho gets a black pearl and the wife gets a whitene but otherwise same setting You can guess where that s headedThere are same setting You can guess where that s headedThere are Game Night of contretempsver Caroline riding in breeches fighting with swords keeping knives n her person What she doesn t know is the breeches fighting with swords keeping knives n her person What she doesn t know is the her free behavior threatens him Seems he had a very spoiled hoydenish sister who hooked up with his worst enemy The guy besmirched his sister for a week Grovers Own Alphabet or two and then dumped her if it weren t for the Regent s help Anne would be ruined As it is she s hiding away at well a hideaway And the schmuck is still lurking about looking forther ways to mess with Anthony s life You can probably see where that s going tooOK so it s a bit predictable Still very nicely written with an interesting take Husband for Real on Prinny andther than the HEA is a bit too easy view spoiler seriously I d think she d never want to see another pearl again and it sorta pizzed me ff that she apologized for hurting him but he never verbally acknowledged his wn assholery hide spoiler Anthony Carrington Earl f Ravensbrook is doing his former commanding but he never verbally acknowledged his wn assholery hide spoiler Anthony Carrington Earl How Philosophy Works of Ravensbrook is doing his former commanding and close friend a favor by marrying his daughter and saving the family from bankruptcy But he s not pleased to discover that his bride to be was not raised to know her place as a ladyf society No wife Charlie Hernndez the League of Shadows of his will beut riding stallions competing in archery competitions and taking fencing lessons She ll have to be tamed if she s to take her place by his side in London and he s not looking forward to the task But The Little Book of Comfort once he has a moment alone with the tempting beauty he decides that taming her may be a rather delightful endeavor and that he is exactly the right man for the jobCaroline Montague is not happy at being forced into marriage with a man notf her choosing but she loves her father and is prepared to do what she must to save him from ruin Unfortunately her new fiance rubs her the wrong way from the moment she discovers him waiting for her in her darkened bedroom His invasion Dancing on the Ceiling of her privacy and ridiculous assumptions about marriage and her role in his life light a fire in her but his handsome looks and commanding presence also light a fire in herf a very different sort indeedAfter a uick engagement and a hasty wedding Anthony and Caroline are The Wee Free Men (Discworld, off to his country estate in Shropshire where they spend their days butting heads and their nights exploring every inchf each Kidnapped other s bodies The passion between them is intense and despite Anthony s efforts to curb her wild behavior Caroline finds herself falling in love with him But is his G andridiculously gorgeousIt's a duelf wit and wills in this charming retelling All Quiet on the Western Front of The Tamingf the Shrew But the uestion iswho's taming whomAn Excerpt from HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE “You need to work História do Rei Transparente on the way you hold a blade” Lord Ravensbrook saidCaroline turned to find Anthony just beyond the riding ring He stood withne polished boot raised Best Mechanic Ever on the lower rungf the fence His Dinosaur Dinners obsidian hair fell to his collar in rich waves His chestnut eyes held her as if she belonged to him already“I have been told I have a great dealf skill with a blade my lord both with a rapier and a dagger”“Then you’ve been lied to I think we discovered your prowess is lacking when we met last night”She felt Story Rating 3 StarsCharacter Rating 35 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 35 StarsOverall Rating 35 Stars I love a book where the heroine is strong and likes to wear men s clothing while riding astride In His Blood on a war horse Lets not forget that Caroline can best most men in archery and use a dagger to protect herself This is what had drawn me towards this book While eachf these things were used during the course Desert Kings (Deathlands, of this book I wished there would have beenf it added I liked the hero Anthony fine but wished he would hav There is a difference between a book not working and a book not working An Officer and a Spy or is there Well here the book was well written it could have been really good but I hated the characters and that ruined it all for meFirst we have Lord Ass Hero Sure he fits his time and is perfect for that with his constant Obey me You are my wife But I do not read romance for heroes that are correct for their time I read it for romance and he did nothing romantic He saw her and lusted for her They were to be married 2 days later He wants to tame her and then when he has her he wants her to be a bit willful He knows hewns her that she is his property he is jealous and a dickOur Willful Heroine is willful at first but then enters magic penis and that is long gone Yes she hates him but he sure is pretty and then he touches her and she forgets all about that and becomes a Sex Goddess And every time they argue it ends with sex he kisses her fiercely and she melts She stops being willful and becomes a simpering mess She also has a few TSTL momentsOh and I hate this trope There is a secret it could be freaking vital for the Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, other person to know it But the person knowing the secret does not tell it here it is Ass Hero He just tells her that she shouldbeyed him and do as he tells herSo sadly this book did not work for me and it was a shame cos it was good I just could not stand the characters This review was first posted at Reading Between The Wines Book ClubOkay first let me start ff by saying that even after taking advanced English classes in high school I have never read Taming f the Shrew Don t throw rotten tomatoes at me yet though girls I know it s a master piece in literature so bad Crystal no cookie for you That being said I can honestly say that if Shakespeare s piece is as entertaining as this book was to me well then I might have to go read some Shakespeare That s a HUGE concession from me girls cause reading thee s and thou s is kind Naked of like getting teeth pulled at the dentist to me However since this book is suppose to follow the themef Shakespeare s work well I might just have to go check that Shadow Scale (Seraphina, outCaroline Montague is the applef her daddy s eye After the loss Claim The Crown of histher children her father had atendency to indulge her in practice s that were not acceptable for women to engage in such as fencing archery knives and riding her horse astride as a man would Because Nerds of financial woes her father is dead setn making an advantageous match for her and Caroline is dreading what her father will come up with Little does she know she s headed for a dominant man who is determined to tame her wild tendencies so that she will be a proper little wife waiting for him at home That man is Anthony Carrington Earl be a proper little wife waiting for him at home That man is Anthony Carrington Earl Ravensbrook And little does Anthony know but he s got his work cut In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, out for him if he wants to make Caroline what he would consider biddable Good luck with that buddy I ve got two words for you Ready for them You re ScrewedI LOVED Caroline A strong willed stubborn heroine is my favorite kind to read Especially for this time eraCaroline s character certainly doesn t disappoint in that department And this book has devious characters nice plot twists and enough humor to keep you turning the pages well past any burnt midnightil It s a five wine glass toast all the way and I hope all Bark of you ladies rushut to get it even if it s just to enjoy Caroline trying to throw knives at her future husband Started On Such a Full Sea off strong butur heroine was Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! of the Harleuin Presents model that is whenever she goes to stand up for herselfur extremely virile hero gives her a smouldering look and she immediately is Cannibal overcome with lust and falls into bed with himDon t get me wrong I like a good steamy novel but sometimes sex just isn t the answer Plus I REALLY don t like when the mistressexwhatever is still in the picture Not bad and it certainly had its redeeming ualities but the ex and the hormonal weaknessf the heroine together just didn t do it for me 355 full review to follow Anthony Carrington Earl Mastered (The Enforcers, of Ravenbrook is ready to take a bride and have his heirs so he expects his bride thene he paid for to do what he says and enjoy her life in the country while he can still entertain in the city Caroline Montague is not that woman She likes to ride astride in breeches fence and takes lesson in handling a dagger which is never far from her side She cannot believe the man her father has picked Man, Son of Man out for her a man that can not accept her as she is but she knows her duty and marries Anthony in just two days time withnly their smoldering desire for each as a bridge Together they burn up the sheets but Antony s controlling ways are still a desire for each as a bridge Together they burn up the sheets but Antony s controlling ways are still a issue between them so Caroline struggles to find a way that the can be happy together beyond the bedroom Just as they seem to be finding that place they travel to London for the Prince Regent s ball and Anthony s mistress causes havoc and it forces Caroline to get help from the Alter Ego one man Anthony despises Viscount Carlyle Will this be the final willful act that pushes Anthony and Caroline to the breaking pointr can Anthony find a way to accept Caroline as herself while letting go. How To Tame A Willful Wife1 Forbid her from riding astride2 Hide her dueling sword3 Burn all her breeches and buy her silk drawers4 Frisk her for hidden daggers5 Don't get distracted while frisking her for hidden daggersAnthony Carrington Earl f Ravensbrook expects a biddable bride A man f fiery passion tempered by the rigors Uncommon Wisdom of war into steely self control he demandsbedience from his troops and his future wife Regardless Unseen City of how fetching she looks in breechesPromised to the Earlf Plump Pockets by her impoverished father Caroline Montague is no simpering miss She rides a war stallion named Hercules fights with a blade and can best most men with both bow and rifle She finds Anthony autocratic domineerin. .

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Nterest in her purely sexual Why does he keep her secluded Art on his estate Why won t he take her with himn his business trips to London Why won t he God Is in the Crowd open up to her about his past and his feud with the dashing Lord Carlyle who seems to be genuinely concerned for Caroline s welfare and happiness Anthony s keeping secrets And because he is Caroline feels entitled to keep a few secretsf her Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard own While the cat s away the mouse will playMeanwhile Anthony thinks he s doing the right thing by keeping his young wife safe and ignorantf the darker aspects The Matriarchs (The Family of his life But he doesn t realize he is undermining her trust in him and jeopardizing the shaky trucef their newfound wedded bliss And there are also some Notes for the Everlost outside forces working againstur couple Anthony has a bitch When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) of a former mistress who is not happy about being let go after ten yearsf faithful service And the he warns Caroline away from his enemy Lord Carlyle the leverage Carlyle gains against him And you just know all No Biggy! of that is going to hit the fan in epic style at the Twelfth Night ball where Anthony is finally going to show his beautiful country brideff to the Prince Regent and the rest Crush It! of the London ton It s a train wreck waiting to happen and I couldn t turn my eyes away from itI really enjoyed this romance I m not normally a big fanf storylines where the hero sees the heroine for the first time and vows he will have her in his bed at all costs and that s pretty much the way this Attracting Birds to Your Backyard one startsut But it ended up working really well in the long run I liked both Deep Listening of the lead characters they were very nice foils for eachther There s a big age difference between them and I thought it was handled very realistically There is a lot Bird-by-Bird Gardening of good angst y tension and the story zips right along interspersed with uotes from The Tamingf the Shrew It s pretty sexy too I thought it was a very good start to Ms English s Shakespeare in Love series though I did feel like the storylines involving Anthony s sister and his best friend were introduced The Works of Saint Augustine only to be left hanging I m assuming and hoping that s because we ll be seeing them again in storiesf their Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone own It s been twenty years since I saw a productionf The Taming My Teacher Is a Robot of the Shrew and I don t remember much so I can t judge how well the story doesr does not follow the theme and How to Tame a Willful Wife is light Supper Club on the history but it is a very satisfying romance and that endingh The reader has to wait awhile for Anthony to finally come to his senses but when he does it s totally swoon worthy Fans Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) of Regency romance should really enjoy thisne Not a bad novel I didn t love it won t read it again and I ll divulge my reasons but for those seeking a fun historical romp with a ton Professional Capital of sex this would be your cupf teaIt s a retelling Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) of sortsf the Taming Berlioz, Vol. 2 of the Shrew There s even a funny moment when the play itself is mentionedCaroline is sold to the most worthy bidder for her lovely hand She marries Anthony and gives him heirs and he paysff her family s debts But in the process he wishes to tame her If he has his way the girl who rides astride wearing breeches and throws knives in the house will be no At first I found her amusing and cute She does stand up to himbut from the moment he first beds her she becomeseh not that strong In actuality the worst rebellion she does is continue playing with knives behind her husband s back Their whole Marriage The Conflict They Face the conflict they face plot is really just a lack The Middle Sin (Cleo North of communicationThe story began to grow repetitive for me after a while He struts and says You are mine Obey me She makes a remark back They have sex She gasps beneath him He leaves She plays with knives He comes back You are mine Obey me She makes a remark back They have sex She gasps beneath him He leaves She plays with knivesThey never really talk just have lotsf sex The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress or have a brief power struggle Until the end when finally the misunderstandinglackf communication is revealedI was expecting humor in this so I m somewhat disappointed but I believe people looking for a lot Midnight Fantasies of sex and a mega alpha male will love it Personally I hate alpha males especiallynes that don t change enough in the end And I thought him really stupid Whereas I got he had to be a jerk to go with the theme here forbidding your wife to play with knives AFTER she fends Men of Steele Bundle off an attacker withne is justdumb I never grew to like the guyhttpwwwbookbabeblogspotcom2012 When I saw this was a re working Million-Dollar Nanny of Shakespeare s The Tamingf the Shrew I was intrigued but knew I would have to Approach With Caution The play has fallen The Millionaires Waitress Wife (The Brubaker Brides, outf favour in recent years because f the mysogynistic views it displays which regardless f how they were seen by contemporary audiences are not to modern tastes A reworking as a piece The Millionaires Miracle of romantic fiction therefore hasne hugeproblem to solve namely how to make the hero attractive to the reader while retaining those controlling and unpleasant aspec 35 starsCaroline Montague is young beautiful and about to be married ff to a man with enough money who can pay ff her father s debts Anthony Carrington Earl Mine Under the Mistletoe of Revensbrook is rich and titled He has great respect for Caroline s father They have fought togethern the battlefield and Baron Montague has twice saved Anthony s life It s a perfect arrangement Based The Medicine Man on Shakespeare s Tamingf life It s a perfect arrangement Based Maverick Christmas on Shakespeare s Tamingf Shrew and set in 1816 Caroline is spoilt headstrong and independent She has been allowed the liberty to indulge in unladylike behaviour She can best most men in archery swordplay and knives She rides astride in breeches But she s also aware Millionaires Dont Count (Harlequin Mini of her place in society and the expectations placedn her by her family to marry wellAnthony is very much a man Liberating Paris of his time He Frissonf irritation at that jibe but she swallowed it down “Do you fence my lord”“Not with women The Lost Queen (Faerie Path, or youths who do not know enough to hold the proper form”“And which am I A womanr a youth”“Dressed as you are I cannot tell”Caroline laughed her eyes gleaming with mischief She knew she had scored a point In spite To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, of his words she saw his eyes roamingver the curves To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, of her hips and thighs the softnessf her breasts beneath her vest He might call her boyish but he was lying“Perhaps you will spar with me here”“I do not tutor amateurs”“Is that so”“Not in fencing at any rate”She wondered what else he might seek to tutor her in From the desire in his eyes she could begin to guess. How to Tame a Willful Wife
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