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T to the original film adding only a filmed but Deleted Scene Involving Strickland scene involving Marshall Strickland only a filmed but deleted scene involving Strickland a scene where Marty struggles to go to the bathroom in an 1885 outhouse because that was necessary so those looking for than what was on screen will be disappointed One thing that did strike me as odd was that the movie assumes ou ve seen Part II while the book does not so all of the things that were setup for later in Part II like the bulletproof vest he sees in A Fistful of Dollars are setup again here which I found mildly annoying since it felt like they were hitting ou over the head with foreshadowing that was slightly subtle when it was left in the previous film For the die hards only True to the movie but no exciting insights Remember reading this as a kid back in 1990 around the time the movie came out Good memories. Must get back to the Wild West so both he and Doc can get BACK TO THE FUTUREJOIN MARTY McFLY AND DOC BROWN FOR THEIR GREATEST WILDEST AND WOLLIEST ADVENTURE IN TIM.

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The 3rd and last part Of Back To The Future back to the future i can t believe this time the previous Doc Emmit fell inlove with the beautiful town folk girl a lot of twisting memories for this part Marty able to engage the fastest gun man the first generation of Biff Tennan Tennan sucks and megalomaniac his hilarious image The Mcfly meets their own longest and future grand son marty i can t believe 1885 era is not that kind of boring it s awesome like clint eastwood movie unforgiven the time is running marty and doc go back to the present and destroy the watch tower heheheweird A satisfying conclusion And then the last of the three Excellent book excellent story Now Ill rush to see the movie version of them all Ye haaaa So the hoverboard is made out of wood Great Scott Good This is probably the only book in the tr. GREAT SCOTTTime IS REALLY RUNNING OUT FOR MARTY MCFLY AND DOCTOR really running out for Marty McFly and Doctor BrownMart McFly is stuck in the ear 1955 without a time machineEven worse Doc Brown is stra. Ilogy that follows the movie as closely as possible There are a few minor changes and includes the deleted scene of Marshal Strickland s death Other than that this was an entertaining read and thankfully there s only one edition Part II had two novels released a blue copy that s unedited and a white co Yeah that s right I enjoyed Back to the Future Part 3 It was a uick fun little read I mean come on I already knew the ending and I still enjoyed it Having that been said I d still rather watch the movie over reading the book I guess the author had the last book to warm up because while this is ultimately of the same the writing was slightly better this time around For those who made it through the other two novelizations there s no reason not to embrace the Sunk Cost Fallacy and finish THE TRILOGY BUT THIS WAS THE CLOSES. NDED trilogy but this was the closes. Nded the ear 1885 on the dusty streets of his hometown's distant past where he's in danger of being gunned down by desperados before he's even bornSomehow Marty. Back to the Future Part 3