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Cruelty and Laughter eMystery Missing shower curtains and ringsxpensive silver spoons and howling ghostly voices start this duo on a path of solving a puzzle and building a friendshipDahl has devised an intricately woven mystery young boys will love Diagrams and drawings show some famous magicians tricks and how they work Any magic nthusiast could become a magician by just reading through the pages Lively illustrations give readers an inside view of the famous hotel and its characters Fun mystery book about friendships being formed in unlikely places Really njoyed it Very clever and ntertaining This was a solid slightly book about friendships being formed in unlikely places Really njoyed it Very clever and Class and Conformity entertaining This was a solid slightly mystery kids willnjoy with a great hook at the beginning and three different mysteries packed into one book It has the Descartes and His Contemporaries extra added bonus ofxplaining magic tricks complete with diagrams so kids with an interest in magic and performance will also really High Tide at Midnight enjoy this People who liked Floors by Patrick Carman should alsonjoy this one Best book EVER I LOVED IT I LOVE THE MYSTERIES I I loved it I love the mysteries I not put the book down I hope they do a series A perfect short story Very cute book The story starts out with Charlie getting a note Nit just any note but a meet me not from the toughest kid in Middle School Everyone knows that Ty is major trouble Charlie should probably have ran in the opposite direction instead of meeting Ty at the designated place and time but he was intrigued by why Charlie heads over off campus to meet up with Ty After a few minutes he realizes Ty is not going to be beating him up right away He invites him inside a weird looking hotel Its really not weird but a Magic themed Hotel called the Abracadabra Ty has a mystery that he would like Charlie To Figure Out to figure out has lost one of his resident magicians He has vanished and he needs the witty smart kid to help him with his problem I see both boys and girls a like Education and Equality enjoying this fun mystery The book has great colored illustrations to help bring the story to life and at thend the book includes Discussion uestions writing prompts and a hand magic trick for you to learn Neat ZPD 37 and 10 AR point. Graphic memory might just be the partner the school bully needs Together they’ll solve magical mysteries beyond your wildest imagination. I really Deceptive Beauties ended upnjoying Hocus Pocus Hotel I usually like turning to Middle Grade books when I need something light and fun to read and this book fit the bill for sure It s was a ton of fun to read fell of mystery clue solving and just an all around good time and just an all around good time really njoyed the illustrations and such that went along with the book visual aid always helps to build really njoyed the illustrations and such that went along with the book visual aid always helps to build specially when it s an image directly related to a scene on a previous page You will see a lot of that This being the first book of Michael s that I have read I have to say I am pretty impressed And will be reading of his books one of which I plan to review later this monthThe story wasn t xtremely complex as you could xpect in a Middle Grade book but it s than nough to keep you interested in what is going on Forgery, Replica, Fiction even for older readers You have two characters that you would neverxpect to get along Tyler is a school bully that doesn t really talk but will leave notes for people he wants to harass and one day he leaves a note for Charlie so naturally Charlie thinks he is going to get beat up after school That is not the case though Tyler has come to Charlie for help and they nd up getting themselves in uite a situationI loved the mystery aspect of this book seeing Tyler and Charlie work out clues and figure out what xactly was going on in the hotel While it s all pretty basic and toned down you got to remind yourself that the book is written for younger readers But I feel like it s Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life easily a book that older readers can pick up andnjoy too Don t #be turned away from it just because of the idea of it being middle grade #turned away from it just because of the idea of it being middle grade are a lot of Escape enjoyable middle grade titles out there for all tonjoy and this is one of themI The Empty Chair enjoyed thending I felt like it was a great way to wrap up an already njoyable book I felt like things were a little predictable but I feel like younger readers won t have that issue as I imagine they will be wrapped up in verything going on rather than paying a lot of attention to a lot of the finer details But predictable in this case wasn t a bad thing I liked Ever since it was built by the great magician Abracadabra the hotel Tyler Yu lives in has had its share of mysterious vents Ghosts wander.

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He outcome and verything leading up to it so I really have nothing to complain aboutOverall I thought this was a great book As with most Middle Grade book you re not really going to find something Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 extremely deep and thought provoking It s mostly just going to be fun light moments throughout the book Even the somewhat darker aspects of Hocus Pocus Hotel had a lighter feel to them than you would imagine but I reallynjoyed that about the book If it sounds like something you might njoy then I would suggest checking it out Needed to read
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book set in a this worked for a uick read This is a uick read for grades 3 5 Charlie has a photographic memory He has no idea when he is summoned by the school bully that it s his uniue gift the bully wants Ty s parents own the Abracadabra Hotel and there are some strange things going on Ty needs Charlie s help to find a missing magician and a ghost The thing about this hotel is that it was built by a magician who installed trick mirrors all over the place The solutions to the mysteries all point to the mirrors and a mysterious levator operatorNothing arth shattering It s a good book for reluctant readers with its full page color illustrations What do yo think you would find in a creaky old hotel built by a famous magician and the home of old retired magic performers If you guessed ghosts strange disappearances and shadowy figures in the hallways you guessed rightCharlie Hitchcock is your average geek kid He has a photographic memory figures in the hallways you guessed rightCharlie Hitchcock is your average geek kid He has a photographic memory loves to play his Sherlock Homes Maximum Z video game But Charlie s life is about to change when he received a note from the worst bully in the ntire school Tyler Yu The note readsMeet me after school at 1313 Gideon Street alley in back Don t show this to anyoneUnfortunately Charlie showed his best friend who then spread the word to the ntire school For Charlie it s a long walk to what is The Hocus Pocus Hotel formerly know as The Abracadabra Hotel built by one of the most famous magician s of all time Tyler Yu wasn t planning to beat up Charlie he needed his help to solve Ing the halls a magician who vanishes into thin air – Ty can’t figure these things out on his own But Charlie Hitchcock with his photo.
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Hocus Pocus Hotel