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The Wizard of Lemuria


Ike most clones What is sad is that many of these had great covers by artist Boris Vallejo which promised to deliver serious Sword Sorcery Great marketing I suppose but reminiscent of this Thongor book disappointing delivery wrapped in a great oil painting This book stunk Lol No actually my used copy of it smells like stale mint gum It really bothered my sense of smell If it wasn t good enough I was going to give it up And then I had to Die Mystikerin finish it in a blackout with a booklight Okay but enough about me This book isrom an era when antasy was simply told to be entertaining No messages No political agendas And sometimes it s nice to get away rom the seriousness of it It wasn t earthshattering great no surprises no twists but I enjoyed it If you like Joe Abercrombie give these books a chance If you re a an of antasy give any of the oldies a chance They re the roots of Pisco significa pajaro. fantasy today afterall A Conan derivative with a carbon copy of the character some impressive scenery and setpieces the occasional goodight scene and honestly pretty terrible prose with poor word choices and narration Probably not worth your while unless you re really insistent on reading everything Sword Sorcery has to offer but not the worst of the lot either the setting all the lying ships and dinosaurs carries some worst of the lot either the setting all the lying ships and dinosaurs carries some it Probably my The Defense (Eddie Flynn favorite in the Thongor series Maybe just because it was theirst Over the top swords and sorcery adventure So I First Encountered Lin Carter Because I Hai nhà first encountered Lin Carter because wrote introductions to some HP Lovecraft collections It wasn t until later that I realized that Carter was an author in his own right His work is listed in Gary Gygax samous Appendix N the list of the original inspirations or the Dungeons Dragons game and so I elt motivated to check out his work Thongor is classic swords and sorcery adventure stuff Thongor himself seems like a sort of clone of Robert E Howard s Falling Through Clouds famous Conan and the writing is really over the top pulp adventure style If you enjoy that sort of thing which I do it s pretty enjoyable stuff But the over the top writing will certainly not be to everyone s taste so be aware that Thongor might be a bit of an acuired taste if you like it at all I am lookingorward to reading other books in this series as wel. Th and only Thongor and his companions aided by the science and magic of the wizard Sharajsha stand between mankind and the night of doo. And ADHD Style Moments of decent storytelling are interrupted by ambiguous self parody an air ship is uickly introduced and is unfortunately called a The Art of Acquiring floater which brings to mind a type of low density egested waste Since our uncivilized barbarian chances upon saidloater a uniue prototype among all Lemuria it is outright amazing that he can master the controls and ly away But he all Lemuria it is outright amazing that he can master the controls and ly away But he and this nonsense is ever present and consistent Our naked loin clothed hero is called Thong or I assume he is wearing a thong he is characterized as being naked but half way through we suddenly learn Thongor IS ACTUALLY WEARING HIGH BOOTS TO actually wearing high boots to himself A Menagerie of Heroes from vile serpents Wild disconnects are characteristic of the book Attention deficithyperactivity disorder ADHD is a real disorder aptly named it also suits the style of this book One could easily argue Lin Carter had ADHD and got a thrill of introducing then instantly discarding random goalsenemies To wit random wizard needs randomlyound warrior and his randomly high jacked Mr. Fix-It floater to guess what save the world in two weeks Without this random confluence of events the wizard would have not prepared to save it WTH Fortunate coincidence on every page attempts to mop up plot holes too big tooix unlikely encounters bring shallow danger and instant reprieves The The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers faux drama is so over the top that each encounter deflates the previous Hopelessly lost characters and magical weapons somehow always resurfacelike low densityhighat poop aka Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 floatersCinematic Clonans Carter s Thongor reads like pooran iction than it does a uniue tribute to the Sword Sorcery genre There are parallels like poor an چهار تیاتر fiction than it does a uniue tribute to the Sword Sorcery genre There are parallels the written Conan Clonan development and the cinematic evolution Those of us who lived through the 1980 s were generally a impressed with the cinematic adaption of Conan The Barbarian 1982 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and less impressed with the movie clonans thatollowed that were shallow rip offs The worst of the worst of these was Deathstalker There is a stunningly hilarious and through review of the Deathstalker series on cinemassacrecom August Farewell from 2010 It dissects the absurdity of the series even going asar as to uantify the ratio of Burung-burung di Sumatera, Jawa, Bali dan Kalimantan fight scenes to women s breasts shown per movie These movies are terrible Ousing adventure of swordplay and sorcery The ancient dragon kings have deemed that the hour is right to regain their dominance over Ear. Carter s Thongor of Valkarth a True FloaterLin Carter s Thongor is a clonan a clone of REH s 1930 s barbarian Conan Thongor has all the expected traits a broadsword hailsrom northern cold climates disdains civilization and wears a loincloth In addition to Thongor other notable clonans emerging 1970 include John Jakes s Brak the Barbarian and Gardner F Fox s Kothar of the Magic SwordLemuria and Weird Fiction History Let us highlight the titular location Lemuria is akin to Atlantis being a lost continent mired in myth and history It is not entirely Civil Disobedience fictional Inact many scientists in the 1800 s including Ernst Haeckel amous Darwin supporter claimed the Lemuria was including Ernst Haeckel amous Darwin supporter claimed the Lemuria was sunken continent off of AfricaIndia and hypothesized it was the origin of man s evolution rather than Africa In short Carter chose a land that was rich in history but did not capitalize on this much There are a Through the Glass Window Shines the Sun few call outs to Hyperborea ancient northern Europe essentially another mystical land with real history Hyperborea being the key one that inspired weirdiction originals Robert E Howard and Clark Ashton Smith HP Lovecraft was a pen pal with Howard And Smith And Championed His Smith and championed his lavor of horror which influenced REH s adventures Lin Carter had several Lovecraft call outs as well However Carter ails to tap the potential of Lemuria s rich historyEditions Covers and Expectations This reviews the 1969 second edition Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria which expands the original 1965 The Wizard of Lemuria with an author s Kao Kao Donna Kao foreword in which he reveals that the 2nd edition has aew thousand extra words this is interesting since the novel is near novella length and still seems short Paying tribute to a master REH is an honorable gesture and this is admittedly Lin Carter s First Published Work So We published work so we not expect his best What should we expect Let s start with the covers The original 1965 cover by Gray Morrow was representative How Many Socks Make a Pair? featuring a dragon like pterodactyl eating a spaceship The 1969 edition has an arguably attractive cover by Jeff Jones which looks Frazetta like and promises serious darkantasy than it does cheezy sci Brakskiten - En midsommarnattsdröm fi Thongor is arguably a mix of scii and antasy so either approach could work upon reading it is obvious we have been duped Floaters. Thongor of Valkarth mightiest warrior of the ancient continent of Lemuria before the dawn of history launches into this saga with this .

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