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Get You GoodI am not sure I would have paid for this What would you do for your family Sydney has to decide in Get You Good by Rhonda Bowen Sydney runs the family pastry business Decadent with her sister Lissandra Sydney has always put family and the business first and her strong work ethics has made Decadent one of the most POPULAR SPOTS FOR TASTY TREATSWHEN SYDNEY S BROTHER DEAN spots for tasty treatsWhen Sydney s brother Dean home with his pregnant fianc e Sheree the dynamics of the family take a drastic change Dean informs Sydney the business she loves will be sold Sydney offers to buy the store but is nderhanded by the competition Something Sweet Sydney has a funny feeling that something is not right and plans to find out her BROTHER AND HIS WIFE INTENTIONS and his wife intentions s investigative skills are in high gear when an nsuspected tragedy hits the family Sydney discovers that the man she loves is the half brother of the woman causing her family pain Sydney soon has. Chain to finance his dreams of becoming a music producer or so Dean believesThanks to Sheree Dean’s plans the business and his marriage soon implode in ways he never expected leaving Sydney determined to salvage whatever she can and fix the mess left behind Her only solace is her romance with Hayden Windsor But Hayden is Sheree’s half brother and it. ,
This is one of my favorite books by Rhonda Bowen I love how real her characters are Just regular women trying to hold down work family and relationships There are some sweet twists with the characters that you kinda came to expect certain things from completely surprising you Then there are just some things that you kinda see coming like Sydney or Lissandra was your own sisterGreat balance of faith and enough drama to keep s spinning pagesOverall good read I like Rhonda Bowen she provides clean Christian writing but I missed something here Without spoiling the story I just had a few Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II uestions stillnanswered The lead character evolves through her own trials and testimony but some of the secondary characters a own trials and testimony but some of the secondary characters were confusing I never got to the Something Wicked underlying cause of Sheree s behavior Where was the money at the end of the story Some details were leftntouched It is a good read but this was a library download and. Sydney Isaacs has two priorities her family and Decadent the gourmet pastry business they founded almost three generations ago But both are in jeopardy when her brother Dean announces his sudden engagement to the conniving Sheree Vern Much to Sydney's dismay Dean inherits ownership of Decadent despite his lack of interest Now he and Sheree are selling the.

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To ask her sisters to step out of character and help her protect their family as well as the history their father started when he opened Decadent Get You Good is about preserving a legacy and stopping those trying to destroy it This was an exciting book with drama suspense romance and an nsuspected ending I enjoyed the characters The acts these sisters go through to take care of their own was nbelievable I recommend Get You Good to othersThis book was through to take care of their own was Freud and His Followers unbelievable I recommend Get You Good to othersThis book was by the author for review purposesTeresa BeasleyARBC Reviews It was a great book to me As I read this one it let me know that God will show you that without him it s hard to find love Great book I like how the author made the characters remember that God is in control no matter what tragedy takes place or how your life can be turnedpside down in the blink of an eye Plus it was very humorous without any swearing sometimes that is very hard to pull off LO. Doesn’t take long for Sydney to wonder if Hayden knew about Sheree’s scheming all along Soon Sydney creates a deception of her own to find out the truth Her strategy is working ntil the conseuences threaten to destroy everything she values most including her faith Overcome with guilt can she make things right with her brother with Hayden and with God. Overcome with guilt can she make things right with her brother with Hayden and with God. .

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