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Fucked by Force gThis was a piece of chicklit that I found from mining the Girls About Town Short Stories Books Carmen Reid is from the Scottish one She is aood WRITER AND I WOULD READ HER and I would read her books The trouble with this one was I hated the main character she was really annoying read irresponsible and She was really annoying read irresponsible and ala Becky Bloomwood to the point I was yelling at her In the book Seriously that s over involvement Annie is a personal shopper who wants to start her own business but is sacrificing time with her family and partner while doing so There was enough plot to keep me reading but it was so ho hum and the really interesting characters never were fully explored There was the reuisite ay best friend so pretty run of the mill I m up for another turn but ive Late Night Shopping a missUpdate Just found out it was a seuel to a book called The Personal Shopper but that just makes it even like the Shopaholic series Will read it and report back This book is about Annie Valentinea personal shopper mother of two and Sun and Moon girlfriend to a teacher Ed It is the second in the Annie Valentine series a fact which I did not know before purchasing the book Even though I started from this book instead of the first one in this book the authorave information about the characters without iving too many spoilers about the first book so that this story is easy to follow "This book reminded me of Confessions of a Shopaholic since Annie is also a shopaholic who cannot seem to control "book reminded me of Confessions of a Shopaholic since Annie is also a shopaholic who cannot seem to control huge purchases even though her credit cards are all maxed out and she cannot afford to Annie even borrows money from the bank on her house without even telling Ed her boyfriend who owns this house with her She is constantly lying to him about her purchases and their cost She even hides the fact that she has a room full of items for when she starts her own businessI found Annie s character to be frustrating most of the time since she kept buying things and lying about it to Ed even though this hurt her relationship with him and even with her children I really could not relate to her character and kept etting frustrated with her throughout most of this bookOverall this book wasn t enjoyable for me and I probably won t be buying any books from this series I would only recommend it to fans of the Shopaholic Series who are looking for something alon. Endlessly busy single mother Annie is single no She has a brand new man in her life and she plans to succeed as a fashion entrepreneurShe’s an expert in handbags and shoes so why not start selling them on line and become the next Louis Vui. S descriptions of Italy and it must have taken some research to et it just so some research to et it just so I think Reid ot the descriptions spot on I also liked the developing relationship between Ed Lana and Owen It s seems to have moved up a level since the first book and shows that step parents aren t always wickedAnnie is a fantastic character there s no doubt about it She really does shine off the pages and although she can be a little Becky Bloomwood esue not telling their boyfriendhusband about shopping purchases etting into sticky situations I do find Annie very different to Becky but both are eually fantastic characters for different reasons I completely admire Annie s approach to life she s a bit like a pinball constantly moving always bouncing from one thing to another Ed her partner on the other hand is Annie s safety vest always looking out for her trying to dissuade her from her adventurous schemes and making sure her kids are looked after while she s at work I find Ed very intriguing he s such a lovely character I personally don t think we saw as much of Annie s kids this time around Lana and Owen which was disappointing as the family as a unit makes for fabulous reading but what I saw was promising I love how Owen is His Abused Mate getting confidence and seeing Lanarow up into a young adult is also Out アウト great Annie s GBF Connor is back and aslorious as ever honestly he deserves his own spin off seriesLate Night Shopping is like its predecessor told from the third person perspective and it works incredibly well I did have a few problems with the book as a whole Annie can be a bit lacking sometimes when it comes to her kids especially when her head is so full of ideas of starting her own business and I didn t like the way she ignored everything Ed had to say about her running her own business accusing him of not backing her I didn t think it was "FAIR OF HER AT ALL BUT APART FROM " of her at all But apart from those I raced through the book as eagerly as I did The Personal Shopper Honestly I really cannot believe it s taken me so long to read this series as it s hugely enjoyable I truly never believed a book about a personal shopper could be so Sostiene Pereira good but with a core of five fantastic characters as well as a multitude of others family Annie s clients etc makes for fascinating reading and I can t wait toet stuck into How Not To Shop. Rong and usually does Especially when your new man thinks you’ve Managerial Economics gone crazy and there’s aorgeous Italian who’s determined to lure you to his handbag factory for a personal tour This book was published in the UK as Late Night Shopping. Late Night Shopping

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