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A Loving Hearts DesireStory is very sexual It s about a couple Her husband wants to surprise her for her anniversary by taking dance lessons There best friend tony and Gina are very open The story is cute and sex in every ways and every minute Loved the story I received a free copy from the author for my honest review so here it is This is a great story about Abbie Connor

and their best 
their best Gianna Tony With Connor Abbie s anniversary coming up Connor wants to do something special for her Tony suggest him taking dancing lessons to surprise her Will Connor be able to eep him secret and not ruin their marriage This is a steamy story and full of sexual situations and Connor and Abbie love to explore sexually This is a first for me by RJ Redlynn and I enjoyed it Looking forward to reading from her this is the second book I have read to reading from her this is the second book I have read "This Author Vignettes Was Great You Expect To Start Off "author vignettes was great you expect to start off because it will be short this is a book as there is plenty of sex and it s great but I feel as is a book and not short story there could be development of the story aside from the sex do not get me wrong there is a story but if this is to be a story with sex then to me there is too much sex with not enough story however if you are looking for new and exciting ways to spice up your sex life then this book will help you out I really enjoyed the characters I received an arc so it may account for some of the editing misses but there are several places when you in the zone about amazing scene where there will be a wrong word like her instead of him or of instead of off and it breaks your flowif there would have been a little character and story to with all the sex I would have given it 5 stars I don t want any sex scenes removed just want to see story make the book longer. X heats up jealousy and deception threaten to destroy their marriage With accusations of adultery will their marriage surviv.
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I loved this book I Loved Connor And Abbie And Connor and Abbie and friends They were very relatable Connor is the best husband trying to surprise Abbie for their anniversary And there is alot of sex I just wish there was books Smoking hot and so much sex Wow Not even certain where to start All I can say is Conner and Abbie are not afraid of anything and it is eye opening on a new level I loved their friendship with Tony and Gina and how odd it seemed but just proved how they were so open to anything and most of all each other They truly love each other but Abbie begins to feel like she is being neglected sexually and then it really gets wild Get on foe this ride because you will Enjoy It Abigail And Conner Have The it Abigail and Conner have the sex life a married couple could have Although they already have a great sex life it could always get better With their Anniversary coming up Conner sets up a romantic surprise for Abby Meanwhile Abby and Conner explore their boundaries in the bedroom together With Conner s surprise comes a lot of late nights of work which leaves Abby feeling lonely and insecureTheir explorations in the bedroom and his need to surprise her for their Anniversary sets things up for a huge misunderstanding Can their marriage survive This was a great read with hottest sex scenes ever I was given this in exchange for an honest reviewWhew where to begin I must give udos to RJRedlynn for writing such a hot intense book on a taboo subject like adultery Well written and very exciting The point of view of both main characters is refreshing And did I mention how incredibly hot the sex is Cold shower time Very interesting I thought I was going to be depressed after reading this book I thought the story was going to be about cheating How wrong i was and glad This. Pproaches Connor devises a plan to surprise his beloved wife Abbie with the romantic night of her dreams However as their se.

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I loved this book When I started reading this book I didn t think that it would get to erotic as it did Conner and Abbie is the cutest and sweetest couple They are very Sexual And Open Their Best Friends Are and open Their best friends are as open as they are If you do read this book wait til you get to the Fourth of July party scene it will blow your mind All in all I enjoyed this book alot I highly recommend you picking up a copy and reading for yourself And if you do enjoy A very enjoyable read It s light and sweet but packed in with lots of action The characters are endearing and loveable It s nice to read about a happily married couple still in the honeymoon period There are cute and funny moments which makes the story even better The conflict is subtle and when it s finally revealed it packs a punch But that s good because you wouldn t want the conflict to continue for too long and have poor Abbie suffering through it And just as Avery said sex is better in books Definitely will leave you I received an ARC copy for my reviewOMG seriously smoking HOT sexual story and this is just the first book written We are going to hear about this story and this is just the first book written We are going to hear about this I loved it easy and well written can t wait for the next book Connor and Abbie are a normal couple who have great sex life but want to explore their sexual fantasies deeply With some help from their friends Tony and Gianna they re getting into their fantasies from having sex in front of others to having a dominatrix at their homeConner wants to surprise his wife for their anniversary he wants to learn to dance so he can give her the romantic night of her dreams But for that he needs to lie at her and they get mixed up in jealousy and deception that threatens to destroy their marriage Will their marriage survive all this. A simple construction worker and his stay at home wife begin to explore their sexual fantasies deeply As their anniversary