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Alesman and Evelyn fears the solitude of traveling will *LEAD HIM TO PHILANDER BOTH TE AND TIC TAKE * him to philander Both TE and TIC take in Raines Law hotels Raines Law left a loophole in its liuor tax that xempted hotel restaurants TE celebrates the legend of bar owners who mocked the law by serving brick sandwiches two pieces of bread with a brick between to satisfy the food reuirement In TIC Harry Hope hasn t left his own barhotel in years not since his wife Bessie died In TE Harry makes reference to his late wife Bess several times Sardonic is a word that means grimly mocking or cynical Eugene O Neill used it liberally in TIC particularly when characterizing the speech of Larry In modern writing it is considerably less common so I attribute its freuent use in TE to be a stylistic homage to O Neill In TE Lawrence protests his wife calling him Larry It sounds like an old man he says In TIC Larry Slade is an unkempt man in his 60s In Scene 4 of TE Evelyn at one point says Don t be a fool Buy me a drink In TIC Hugo Kalamar is a Russian anarchist who spends most of the play passed out on a table When he does wake up for brief moments he usually demands of anyone and veryone Don t be a fool Buy me a trink In TE s Scene 4 Lawrence Slade names Rosa s manager at the supermarket where she works as O Neill Eugene O Neill is the playwright of TICThere may well be references to The Iceman Cometh written into The Entertainment that I haven t spotted The connection between the two is so far from accidental that it s worth discussing sooner rather than laterIf you haven t played Kentucky Route Zero I Strongly Recommend I strongly recommend Amongst gamers there is often discussion on the subject of video games as art While I concede it may be debatable whether KR0 ven ualifies as a game per se I have never before seen such integration of art and Modern South Asia experience in interactiventertainment This title needs to be at the forefront of that discussion it is contemplative and mulative of great art in its intermezzos and wholly uniue and amazing in the course of its main theme. Ly' were written by Lem Doolittle and later adapted by Joseph Wheattree for simultaneous performance as 'The Entertainment'. .
Reuired reading for Kentucky Route Zero fans I have been spellbound by Kentucky Route Zero the game I probably got on board around 2014 when pisode III had just been released and the gaps between these began to dwindle These were accompanied by the interludes one of which is Ancestral Voices essentially an interactive version of this play in which you are playing a mute role who is commented on by the other characters unkindly Thentire production of the game spanned from 2013 to this year Part of the best book I might And Bid Him Sing ever read is this play which isasily in the top 3 performances I ve Aristotle Detective (Aristotle ever watched Luckilynough I got a very good spot to watch it and it fit perfectly within the larger context of the book I was reading at the same time Both this and its container are masterpieces to anyone interested in how the frontier of storytelling looks like in the 2010s Kentucky Route Zero is an interactive story a game if you prefer but it resides in the hazy borderlands Of Play That Celebrates The play that celebrates the mysticism of Kentucky as one might the heather moors and glens of Scotland It is a story revealed through the Escapades Of The Eccentrics And of the Bones, Clones, and Biomes eccentrics andsoterics mathematicians artists and specialists It is told in Bringing the Empire Home episodes and as of this writing only the first two have been releasedBetweenpisodes the developers Cardboard Computer have been in the habit of releasing tech demos that nrich the vents of the game through tangential digressions The first of which was Limits Demonstrations which invites players to walk through a retrospective of the works of Lulu Chamberlain a character who figures into the Building the Cold War events of KR0 The recent is The Entertainment an Oculus Riftxperiment playable on regular monitors as wellThis latter intermission presents a pair of stage presentations written by fictional author Lem Doolittle as presented by a central Kentucky theater company in the 1970s One of these works is called The Bar Fly a pantomime of a hopeless drunk The theatre company inserts the pantomime into another play which serves to give th. 'The Entertainment' was first presented at the Buffalo Street Student Theatre on the vening of November 16th 1973 The prod. ,

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E player a supposedly uncredited vantage point on that work The other play is called The Reckoning a tale about debt and desperation in a last resort bar The simultaneous performance is called The EntertainmentI picked up a physical copy of resort bar The simultaneous performance is called The EntertainmentI picked up a physical copy of play when I noticed an aster Counter-Amores egg A self published work probably wouldn t have a Library of Congress number and when I looked up the number in the book it corresponds to Eugene O Neill s The Iceman Cometh a play about self loathing and lies in a last resort bar Intrigued I picked up a copy and read bothTo say The Iceman Cometh influences The Reckoning heavily would be an understatement The latter isssentially a love letter to the former Because I m probably the only person in the world who didn t create it to pursue this particular twisting alley way of analysis I ve written this post to detail the items of homage that The Entertainment TE pays to The Iceman Cometh TIC The published copy of TE claims Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 57 6498 This number actually belongs to TIC TE s bartender is named Harry Esperanza Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope Harry Hope is the name of the bartender in TIC A trio of TE s characters bear the surname Slade Larry Slade is one of the central characters of TIC The patron of the TE Slade family is Lawrence His wife calls him Larry on several occasions The matron of the TE Slade family is Rosa In TIC Rosa Parritt is the name of Don Parritt s mother She was a one time lover of Larry Slade in brighter days In TE Rosa Slade is married to Lawrence Slade The daughter of the TE Slade family is Pearl Pearl no surname is a minor character in TICEvelyn Hickman is the final character in TE s The Reckoning besides the first person Bar Fly In TIC Theodore Hickman aka Hickey is a central character In TIC Hickey is a hardware salesman whose late wife was named Evelyn Hickey is known by the bar flies to be a philanderer In TE Evelyn and her husband Ted short for Theodore own a hardware store fallen on hard times Ted becomes a traveling Uction was directed by James B Carrington The setting was designed by Lula Chamberlain The plays 'A Reckoning' and 'A Bar
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