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ShipsI love that Logan encourages Madison to explore her sexuality He makes it uite clear what he hopes they will become to each other but he knows that she needs to take things slowly and he s willing to Wait As Long As It Takes He as long as it takes He a lot patience than I do because I m desperate to see her finally make the decision to put her trust completely in Logan 5 Pleasing Stars The voyage of Madison s self discovery continues She thinks she is submissive but what if she really is a dominant On her uest she discusses the idea with Logan and he decides it s an idea that she should explore She can t explore with him but maybe she could explore with Troy if his Mistress says yes Mistress Shale and Logan will supervise the scene During the scene Madison has an epiphany and she truly begins to embrace her inner thoughts fears and desires The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes They still have lots of navigating but it s becoming easier as Logan is patient and ever direct with Madison Their talks together as they begin their ourney are heartfelt sincere and real Can they have a Ds relationship as well as a normal relationshipPut your hands on my arms Madison Hold on to me Look in my face and well as a normal relationshipPut your hands on my arms Madison Hold on to me Look in my face and it s about way the hell than restraints or commandsHe d been helping her explore her submission fantasies all along but with every step along the way he s also somehow kept the focus on the reality of their relationship as wellOnce again thank you Joey for such exuisite writing taking me into deep and meaningful places Peeling away layers to experience the needs and desires of Madison and Logan I can t wait to Malakai (Wicked Games, jump into the last Naughty Bit PS I didn t mention but I freaking loved Mistress Shale We get of Troy and her relationship but they are awesome together She was open and helpful to Madison She was one fabulous Mistress 35 stars Review posted June 20 2014This third installment was my least favorite Granted the final 25 % which were hot and emotive and included not only great smexy times but also some deep conversations saved Naughty Bits Part III for me and I did enjoy that part very much But otherwise it didn t have that huge emotional or intense pull that I felt with the two previous novellas The scene at 62 % didn t cut it for me at all Madison s cryingag and outpour and the reference of yet another BDSM can do that to you and will help you to heal but also Logan s response make it all better Would you like that were the triggers for my serious eye roll moment Cheesy much I was actually at an all time low with this novella at that specific moment and felt kinda bummed All the considering Logan ust stuck his dick in Madison s pussy for the first All the considering Logan ust stuck his dick in Madison s pussy for the first and I expected so much than that But wait a sec it did pick up again for me and of course I don t have any ualms whatsoever to blame Logan That man simply made this novella for me and I m happy to say that I m still swooning over Logan and his sexy as sin voice his gentle yet firm hands his commanding presence and his smart and perceptive mind You get the gist I m still under his irresistible spell He s simply to die for I mentioned in my review of Naughty Bits Part II The Training Session that I don t see Logan view spoilersharing his love interest with other men hide spoiler. Or release from past regrets but what surprises him the most is the intense yearning his innocent new sub is awakening in him Now Logan must decide to what lengths he’ll go to convince Madison to give herself over complete.

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Logan continues to open Madison up and with respect to her emtions and palpable feelings She has her setbacks and is not ready to respect to her emtions and palpable feelings She has her setbacks and is not ready to all in but she is beginning to understand why she s had so many relationship failures A major turning point is when she finally agrees to a painpleasure session with her Master It follows her foray into being a Domme While she initially enjoys the session using Troy as her sub she realizes she truly is a submissive Her cathartic response to Logan s discipline cracks open her soul allowing her to release her long buried pain Part III Bound to Please is the continuation of Madison s exploration as a submissive with Logan guiding her through her Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, journey And what a wonderful exciting and well Hotourney
It Is Madison Explores 
is Madison explores BDSM world and her submissiveness and also her growth as a Lingerie Shop owner Being able to connect and guide her customers has helped her grow and accept her own true identity Logan is the perfect Dom both as trainer and personally as a lover Ms Hill has a uniue gift of combining the psychological and the emotional with eroticism for an amazing uniue ourney of her characters lives the little bit of preview for part IV at the promises a highly charged ending to Madison and Logan s story 35 stars 35 starsPart II of Naughty Bits gave an idea what the third part would be about it promised this time some pain would be mixed with pleasure in Bound to Please third part would be about it promised this time some pain would be mixed with pleasure in Bound to Please it delivered Madison enjoyed it than she expected and I enjoyed reading about it but that was no surprise at all Those scenes are amongst those I look forward to most in this author s books because she writes them so well so well I find myself disappointed when the DomDomme in uestion doesn t have a sadistic side Logan seems to have one I ust wish he d unleash it often But I understand that would not be the right way with Madison with all her issues and all However she did discover she s of a masochist than she imagined in that session that pulled unexpected reactions out of herAll in all I liked that part but there was A Family Practice just one thing that didn t go as well as I had hoped Sex To be clear it wasn t that the sex was bad Far from it It was that after so much build up I expected than what I read It was kind of anticlimactic However the second time was much much much better That entire last scene was amazing sweet emotional hot all in one It also gave a glimpse of what is to come in the fourth last part enacting Madison s auction fantasy It should be goodBut before all that happened there were two significant parts in the story First was when Madison came face to face to Veronica a woman in an abusive relationship with a violent asshole posing as a Master It s easy to forget the harsh reality has those people lurking around when I m reading about these incredible male specimens that are the heroes in Ms Hill s books In that situation Logan once again proved his worth underscoring once again to Madison what a good man he is The second was Madison trying out the Mistress role with Troy A hot teacher disciplining a misbehaving student fun times But as fun as it was it was not not enough Madison realized who and what she was so it was well worth it Plus it gave a glimpse in the relationship between Troy and Shale Now time for the finale Naughty Bits part 3 is Thanks to her new Dom’s exuisitely special set of skills Madison is discovering how delicious it can be to lose control Logan is committed to awakening Madison’s long buried desires and after he shows her the depths of Ntense emotional kinky and SEXY HOT It s about letting go and embracing the life you re meant to The tantalizing scorching heat of the next novella in Naughty Bits III Bound to Please by Joey W Hill was not a disappointment Ms Hill third book in the novella is hot sexy and leaves nothing out Her ability to suck you into her characters is a blessing Naughty Bits III leaves off in a perfect timing of the highest Leaving you needy and wanting An emotional sensualourney of a woman who thought She Lost Everything Joey W lost everything Joey W has recently become my favorite BDSM writer I am thoroughly enjoying this seriesIt will be bittersweet for me when the last book comes out in July Ms Hill in book one started us on a ourney with Madison When She Leaves The Life She Had she leaves the life she had the big city to come run her sisters erotic store Naughty Bits after her sister passes away from an illness that Madison didn t even know she was suffering from until days before her death When I first decided to read this series I thought it was going to be a campy fun sort of read But I was mistaken from the first page of book one I was emotionally invested in these characters Having sisters of my own I cried every time Madison spoke of her childhood with her sister and of the time she lost being angry with Alice for butting into her life too much Madison meets Logan the owner of the hardware store next door and a sexual dominate Alice gave Madison to Logan according to him and a letter that Alice left her sister It seems Alice knew her sister would need Logan and he has discovered in book three that he needs her as well The way these two characters are growing together through friendship and BDSM scene play is ust beautiful to read Every time I read Ms Hill s BDSM stories I feel like I am learning and about the lifestyle I am not in it but the idea of it intrigues me how most people on the outside would think its abuse or degrading to women when in fact its the exact opposite Well done Joey W Hill you have portrayed a controversial lifestyle in a very informative and classy wayThis series has kept me holding my breath waiting for the next one part I can t wait to see how she ends this wonderful tale of Dominancesubmission and love I m enjoying this serialised novel so much now that I waited until all the parts were available so I could read them all uite close together This story is getting hotter and hotter and I m desperate for Madison to give in to her desire to let Logan claim herMadison has come such a long way since the first book she is growing in confidence daily and it s clear that
Her Sister Really Did 
sister really did what was best for her all along I loved Logan from the beginning and I ve enjoyed seeing him introduce Madison to the BDSM lifestyle It s something that has intrigued her for such a long time but because of a few disastrous experiences with previous boyfriends she became afraid of her desires and felt that there was something wrong with her Logan is giving her the information she needs to make an informed decision about what she wants she gets to see the truth of the lifestyle not Celebrity Bachelor just from him but also from Troy and Shay another couple I adore and would love to spend time with and has started to understand that even though subs give up control they still have a lot of power in their relation. Cstasy they can reach with a little bit of roleplay he’s ready to take her to the next levelBut when Madison’s old fears resurface Logan grows wary of pushing her too far too fast He can senseust how deeply she longs
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Bound to Please Naughty Bits #3

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