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Connie Suttle ´ 3 summary

I loved this book It was fast aced and constantly had my attention One thing I love about Connie Suttle is that none of her books are alike Authors traditionally have a certain writing style that you know is theirs Connie isn t like that All of her books are different and the lots are never the same I never know where she is going to take the story next and I can never guess when she is about to drop a lot twistI loved Finderuin Her whole life she has been treated horribly and like she wasn t worth anything I felt so bad for her During This Book Because Everyone In Her this book because everyone in her undervalues her and doesn t give her the credit that she deserves Finder did some extraordinary things in this book and she wasn t recognized for any of it which truly makes me sad I really hope that she is treated better in the future and gets a happy ending She deserves it than anyoneOverall I really enjoyed this book I will be continuing the A dead god A dying world A girl never meant to be sentient Siriaa is dying A oison is spreading throughout the lanet and none know how to neutralize it Finder working in King Eries because I am dying to know what is going to happen next I look forward to learning about Finder s story I can t wait to read the next book FREE on Kindle Unlimited To find cheap Vergine, single e milionario paranormal books go to was a great read with good world building and a nice measurement of supernatural and other worlds I don t think this series fits into anyarticular genre and the next book takes that to another step entirely So a bit of almost sci fi supernaturals wizards and then some The character is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy particularly likable with a fair amount of both worldliness combined with a good juxtaposition of naievety There is also a very diverse crowd of supporting characters that really adds a lot to the storyThis is absolutely worth a good read and in aaranormal sense a bit different If you like Connie Suttle s other work then I should think you will also like this one Let me sum up by saying I went straight onto the next novel Mysterio. Amblin's castle kitchen most of her life has never Amblin's castle kitchen most of her life has never A child of uestionable Intouchables parentage Finder is an orphan assigned toerform duties nobody else wants While others lan intr. ,
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Us orphan with a dozen overly convenient magical owers Is Randomly Picked Up From randomly icked up from kitchens to become the aide to a Ο άχρηστος πλανήτης και άλλα Σοβιετικά διηγήματα επιστημονικής φαντασίας prince One bath later and she s the most beautiful woman in the world Cliche heaped upon cliche to create one of the biggest Mary Sues in recent memory Leaving aside the unnecessary nonsense that only serves to make the heroine special thelot was a dull #repetition of task completion by the floormat rotagonist the worldbuilding was shallow the characters were forgettable and lacked any form # of task completion by the floormat rotagonist the worldbuilding was shallow the characters were forgettable and lacked any form agency And then the book ends in a way that almost reuires you to go read the seuel No way The gods of randomness love me Standing ovation Really enjoyed this book right up until the end at the cliff hanger This is one of those stories with several interweaving stories all ultimately circling the main character I became so immersed in the story that I didn t notice that there was no way that much of anything. Igue murder and invasion to escape the oison's effects Finder watches all in mute acceptance Will she be the key to Siriaa's salvation or will it die about her without knowing .

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