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Finish with just 3 chapters I do not know whether to thank or curse the editorial for publishing this unfinished text Having a story that never ends is conflictive and leaves ou in limbo what would happen What would the protagonists of the story discovered What do they lose Would it be a good book for the writer or would go unnoticed in comparison of his greatest worksPerhaps having A Story With No End It Is The Best Ending story with no end it is the best ending may be each person decides the final each person imagines the events and circumstances experienced by Arturo Paz Semedo The imagination is the limit for the reader I m trying to be positive Although for what is worth Saramago writes down in his notes a strong end for the book anything can happen but once it happens will end in a resounding Fuck off a shame Saramago could not finish this Alabardas Saramago s unfinished novel is a necessary novel that explores the ethical issues of the manufactory of guns Unfortunately Saramago died before finishing it However he left notes and testimonies on conversations regarding the intention and the topics intended for the novel One of those topics is the banality of evil defined by Hannah Arendt After all the main character is only a bureaucrat for a gun factory I would rather not rate it it s unfinished business. Ujo da política internacional um mundo de interesses ocultos ue subjaz à maior parte dos conflitos bélicos do século xxDois outros textos – de Fernando Gómez Aguilera e Roberto Saviano – situam e comentam as últimas palavras do Prémio Nobel português cuja força as ilustrações de um outro Nobel Günter Grass sublinham1ª. N tried something interesting in that regard Only Saramago himself would have truly known and masterfully crafted the evolution and story of his characters Unfortunately time hasn t had patience in this particular case too lost a few hours reading this pure shit I have the german tramslation It s bit hard to judge this one Saramago managed to write only 3 chapters before death interrupted him Too bad bad this could have been great anti war novel Alabardas es la novela ue Saramago no logr terminar con apenas 3 cap tulos "no s si agradecer o maldecir a la "s si agradecer o maldecir a la por publicar este texto inconcluso El tener una historia ue nunca termina es conflictivo te deja en un limbo u iba a pasar u descubrir AN LOS PROTAGONISTAS DE LA HISTORIA los protagonistas de la historia perder an Iba a ser un buen libro para el escritor o iba a pasar desapercibido en comparaci n de sus grandes obras Tal vez el tener una historia sin final es el mejor final ue puede haber cada ui n decide su final cada ui n imagina los eventos circunstancias ue vivi Arturo Paz Semedo La imaginaci n es el l mite del lector estoy tratando de ser positiva Aunue si sirve de algo Saramago deja en sus anotaciones un final contundente todo puede pasar pero una vez ue pase terminar en un sonoro Vete a la mierda Alabardas is the novel that Saramago failed to. O escreve a história de Artur Paz Semedo um homem fascinado por peças de artilharia empregado numa fábrica de armamento ue leva a cabo uma investigação na sua própria empresa incitado pela ex mulher uma mulher com carácter pacifista e inteligente A evolução do pensamento do protagonista permite nos refletir sobre o lado mais Right before his death Saramago started a new novel which he never finished this is it which he never finished This is it remained are three chapters of a clarity beyond words with the same acid tone and It would have been another masterpiece if completed However just these three chapters are a delight artur paz semedo the main character is one of a kindBut this book also has two stories by Roberto Saviano and Filip Florian in which they took Artur and weaved a story of their own around him not at all a fortunate initiative Put beside Saramago s they pale to the point of being insignificant Not the slightest resemblance in style or uality or power of words or even in the same register You rejoice at every word from the unfinished novel and then ou get a frozen showerSo 5 stars for the original 1 star for the fillerAnd this was the last I had by Saramago in Romanian or English From now on I ll start rereading And now I NEED to read the whole oeuvre of Saramago I do not think *there is greater punishment for the hardcore fan of a writer than *is greater punishment for the hardcore fan of a writer than read his last unfinished novel This was the case with me and one of my all time favourite authors Thus I can t help feeling a sense of frustration and unfulfilled curiosity not knowing at what results artur paz semedo would have arrived in his uest although Filip Floria. " Auando do seu falecimento em 2010 José Saramago deixou escritas trinta páginas dauele ue seria o seu próximo "Auando do seu falecimento em 2010 José Saramago deixou escritas trinta páginas dauele ue seria o seu próximo trinta páginas onde estava já esboçado o fio argumental perfilados os dois protagonistas e sobretudo colocadas as perguntas ue interessavam à sua permanente e comprometida vocação de agitar consciênciasSaramag.

CHARACTERS Alabardas, alabardas, espingardas, espingardas

Alabardas, alabardas, espingardas, espingardas

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