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This book is really only suited for Arsenal fans It doesn t follow a chronological seuence through the season in uestion and unless you have a good understanding of how that season went you could feel like you re missing out on parts of the story For an Arsenal fan it s an excellent retelling of the unbeaten season through the eyes of those involved and delves into the Arsenal story both before and after 0304 to give a rounded view of the club and its position in football At times a little to reverential to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in particular but still

a thoroughly enjoyable 
thoroughly enjoyable Amy does a wonderful job capturing not only day to day interactions between players Wenger staff and fans but the emotional and sometimes ethereal connection that the 2003 2004 Invincible season will have for every Arsenal fan Having firsthand accounts of players perspective was incredibly insightful and gave a glimpse into their mentality through the ups and downs of this special season This accomplishment was something special and this book does a respectful and thoroughly narration of the Invincibles even if it is an escape of nostalgia during gloomy times this was a fantastic read A must read for Arsenal fan to now in depth the insight of Invincible season Reading this book is like walking through the incredible season as a part of the team You not only get to now them on the pitches but on the training grounds in the dressing rooms as well as during the dinner bonding sessions That is not a suad but a family And I am part of them when I read through the book I m biased because I m predisposed towards the subject matter but I can t help but feel that Amy Lawrence has crafted a wonderfully engrossing account of a legendary record breaking year in English football and the attributes reuired To Bring It To bring it to building being such a buzz concept in the business world I m sure the insight these being such a buzz concept in the business world I m sure the insight these class athletes provide through their interviews with Lawrence could be invaluable to those wanting to put together motivational power point presentations at 250 per head Already over ten years ago Crumbs This is an easy to read sprint through the Invincibles season where Amy Lawrence has managed to get first hand input from most of those involved It does have a whiff of a bygone age foreshadowing the onrush of new money that started in May 2003 with Abramovich and sadly moved the goalposts probably forever Memories that stand out are mixed being in line with Wayne Bridge s shot and nowing it was heading in with no time left to nock us out of the CL being furious with Lehman for losing it at Spurs in injury tim. In 2003 04 Arsenal overcame every conceivable challenge to complete a 38 game league without a single loss It was a feat uneualled in modern football But for Arsene Wenger's 'Invincibles' a team inc. Invincible Inside Arsenal's Unbeaten 2003 2004 Season

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Th the idea this was a special side and not just a successful oneThe unbeaten element doesn t tell the whole story though as this team lost in the FA Cup semi final to Man Utd and in the Champions League to Chelsea and as the team dropped points on 12 occasions in the league three titles winners have scored points in a season Naturally the book was going to focus on the league but it is also about a great team and the losses against Man Utd and Chelsea are largely excused and used in terms of motivation for the league while an FA Cup tie against Portsmouth is presented as proof of how Cup tie against Portsmouth is presented as proof of how the team is which seems inconsistent There is little in the way of critical analysis of why a team that was so good still ended up losing to English opposition at crunch times although Wenger s mention of losing a bit of mental strength in the last chapter hinted at why whilst inadvertently providing a comic touchMore insight was gained from other figures at the club from Pat Rice at Wenger s side to David Dein at board level and Nick Hornby and Alan Davies from the terraces and Lawrence s
use of her 
of her book definitely added some nice touches especially the sense that this Arsenal side was uniuely powerful The decline afterwards is presented as inevitable due to the new stadium and new money in the Premier League but again this absolves Wenger of criticism Manchester United and Liverpool have both won the Champions League since 2004 and neither have had an oligarch funding their silverware Conversely Arsenal benefited from being one of the top teams when the Premier League started and there was an influx of money to English football which has enabled them to outspend clubs other than United since 1990Provided you were following football in 2004 you will probably like this book as a piece of nostalgia for such an aesthetically pleasing side Without her ties to Arsenal the book would probably be lacking in emotion however there is no doubt Lawrence is a fan and Invincible is just too fawning in tone to be brilliant Tremendous insight into a spectacular team that cannot be replicated Their hunger for nothing but the best from each other is incredible The only down side of this book is that it makes current iterations of Arsenal so much unpalatable This must have been a real labour of love for Amy Lawrence journalist and like me a fan of the mighty Arsenal I found it a joy to read brilliantly written and compelling reading Everyone behind the 20034 success contributes to the story As well as bringing back happy memories I learnt so much from this A tear jerker in the happiest of senses which I didn t want to end. Moments and allows the Invincibles to tell their own story It takes readers inside the locker room to reveal the teamwork the psychology and the struggle behind one of the greatest teams in history. E at the very moment of triumph through to inevitably Van Nistelrooy s penalty the second half against Liverpool and the perfection of that last afternoon in the sunshine against Leicester As a fan who was there for some of this live there s not much new here a few of the Wenger tales are particularly insightful though There is that pang of disappointment and regret that a uniue team this good didn t win and were all gone far too soon after The real judge of the Book Really Needs To really needs to non Arsenal fans For us the height of that summit emphasises how far below that we have been in the decade since But just maybe this year This was my guilty pleasure read for the Read Harder challenge I loved this it s about my favourite team and some of my favourite players Reading it I think Amy Lawrence feels the same Thoroughly insightful and goes much beyond what happened on the 49 glorious match days Full of anecdotes interviews and news excerpts bringing out the emotional highs and lows the players and the manager underwent to make this happen From the romanticism associated with Highbury to the rational move to the Emirates Amy Lawrence has brought it all out really well At times highly reverential of Wenger and Arsenal but that s expected of course Despite being a Villa fan I have read a lot about Arsenal and their recent greats so do have a little emotional pull to the club This was not just a book about The Invincibles but an impressive collection of thoughts from most of the players in the famous side of 2003 4 Perhaps suited for Arsenal fans than for a generic football fan due to its completely uncritical stance assuming the Membership edition I picked up only has a different cover it has some rather simplistic comments about some of the wider issues which is a shame for a serious journalist in Amy LawrenceThe main strengths of this book are its structure and depth of first hand accounts Rather than list the games Lawrence seems to have gathered as many interviews as possible on the subject and fitted them into the book in the most appropriate way First a background to the side followed by ey points in the season and then the title run in Although written by a fan the story itself is Told Through The Invincibles Themselves through the Invincibles themselves only Ashley Cole and Henry are lacking in terms of major contributions This lends credibility to the claims this was a close Yummy Supper knit side as the story isn t driven by one or two players even if most of the praise appears to be for their teammates ability and strength and not their personalities However the appreciation for the team s style and identity really comes through and fits wi. Luding legends Thierry Henry Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp it was a challenge that went far beyond sport Based on exclusive players interviews this definitive book relives the pivotal games and.

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