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Dudo of St Quentin jK is chaste and clean but overly romantic and emotional with a depth that can only be found in Mrs Starnes booksThe Falmouth Connection is very focused in Darcy and Elizabeth which is also something I truly love in a book but some of the other characters were exceptionally written as wellI don t think I have enjoyed a scene with Mrs Bennett so much as the one Joana Starnes wrote on the day Mr Darcy paid his first visit I loved reading everything about it Mrs Bennett s reaction to the first unexpected visit was fun to read but adding the second unexpected visit was brilliant In this passage we will see Mrs Bennet s perspective and being in her head and seeing the way she constructed her thoughts on the eligibility of her daughters to see how she contrived the idea that it was Lizzy that would suit Mr Darcy and to see that she would aid in their reconcile was absolutely wonderfulThe way this character was described in this scene made me love her for everything that she was and to have her prattle knowing she was doing so out of an inability to entertain a gentleman such as Mr Darcy was magnificentThe scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth are electrical Joana Starnes surely knows how to transmit their chemistry into the pages of her novels and this was no exception Between the encounter in Landennis the meetings at the cove and the balls I wouldn t know how to choose my favourite moment In fact this review was one of the hardest I have had to write because there were too many things I wanted to talk about and I ended up cutting many paragraphs because the review was getting too longI m looking forward to read Mrs Starnes next book as I am certain it will beust as good Joana Starnes is in my opinion one of those writers with an innate talent who Drittes Reich und Zweiter Weltkrieg just cannot get it wrong her books are always a turmoil of emotions and a pleasure to read with something that is definitely an added value a uality writing that is hard to see nowadaysThe Falmouth Connection did not disappoint and I recommend it to any reader looking for a uality book to read No spoilers hereust a dreamy sigh and a half eaten bar of chocolate to testify to this amazing story Joana never disappoints Her romance is so delicious her angst is so natural and each word is so carefully chosen to leave the reader with shivers and pounding pulse Never stop writing because I need some of this Darcy Dark sinister blood curdling scream in the night 45 starsThis was a roller coaster from beginning to end Darcy experienced every emotion known to man From total exhilaration when he thought Elizabeth returned his love to abject despair when he realized she didn t My heart was broken along with his as he walked away from Elizabeth thinking it was for the last time At one point I had to put the book down because I needed a respite from the grief and despairThis JAFF was so different in tone and feel that I didn t want to put it down however I had to eat and sleep Joana Starnes knows how to wring out the very last emotion you have in your arsenal and then she digs deeper still The financial security of the Bennet family took a sudden change for the better from a distant relative on Mrs Bennet s side of the family Mrs Pencarrow was her mother s sister and therefore her aunt She being a wealthy widow with no children informed Mr and Mrs Bennet that she had bestowed on each of their daughters a dowry substantial enough to secure their futures She then informed them that her estate was being left to Elizabeth Her reasons were revealed in a back story that she told only to Elizabeth Her wealth was explained as Starnes introduced historical facts relating to mining and industry and the financial benefits of an earlier time Financial security for their daughters calmed a nervous Mrs Bennet immensely as she thought of future suitors And it calmed Mr Bennet as he realized it would NOT be available to Mr Collins as part of the entail He then took a long hard look at his life and how he had neglected his family There was a dark and sinister thread that ran throughout this story You knew something was coming and you didn t know from what direction it would spring forth When Wickham arrived you knew dark and dangerous deeds would be the result of his presence I loved the duel and how it came about Starnes was a master at building tension in the story whether sinister sexual emotional or oyful I was a wreck as I read through the tension Having said thatI think the story began to fall apart as it built toward the climax It became confusing and was a bit anticlimactic as the story unfolded There were so many threads running at the same time that it felt rushed and didn t fully develop as the climax approached I realize the story was the POV of ODC Since a lot of the climax happened off sightthe only way we could know what happened was a simple retelling I suppose it had to be that way ODC was not present to see the action so couldn t give their perspective To be in anyone else s head would have exposed too much before the final reveal Starnes only told us what we needed to know at that time Brilliant Lord Trevellyan was an enigma I could not decide whether to like or dislike him There was something about him that gave me pause and I had a dreadful feeling about him Starnes worked such a twist with him and those around him that I kept waiting for the ax to fall at any moment Sometimes things are simply what they seem The secret of the cove was interesting as he told our characters about the decades of smugglers pirates and thieves that had haunted the area Caroline gave a short appearance as she trouped all the way to Cornwall to cause trouble Her devious plans to separate Bingley from Jane and her attempts to snare Darcy all came "To A Crashing Head " a crashing head was a hootColonel Fitzwilliam was a surprise I didn t see his HEA coming at all even though Starnes gave us clues watch those clues It happened rather uickly and I was so stunned Who knew that was even a possibility I liked how it ended I think Starnes did an excellent ob with what she chose for him Everyone s HEA was explained in the last several chapters and was better than an epilogue Audiobook narrated by Stevie Zimmerman Dear ReaderThis was simply a wonderful rendition of this storynarrated by the multi talented Stevie Zimmerman We are privy to the inner voice of a selfishly self assured and arrogant Darcy condescendingly attempting to gain a moment with Ms Bennet to hear the affirmative fait accompli she ll undoubtedly respond withon hearing his proposal Lizzypreoccupied with her departure and ourney to Cornwallis unable to properly sketch his charactersuch varying sides of his personality does he display Butall is not as it seems in the beautiful Cornish setting and a turbulence of minds emotions and expectations play out to an audience of traitorsfiends and ne er do wells Peppered both with angst and heart stoppingly romantic interludesthis Cornish adventure filled tale is one that must be read and Another fabulous PP variation First things first JAFF lovers can t go wrong reading a book by Joana Starnes Now that I have finished her fourth and final book for now I can confidently write that her work belongs to a class of well written beautifully crafted stories that are humorous engaging and ever so romantic This is top tier JAFF Secondly the way she twists and turns ODC s fates in a book of pretty substantial length is nothing short of genius The dialogue the misunderstandings the uniue plots and the great settings in England selected for her stories all contribute to the wonderful stories she weaves together Lastly the characters in her books stay so true to canon From one book to another her PP characters feel true to Austen s intent Lydia in this book is a bit of a redeemed character but it s done gradually and with great outcomes Her Keen And Bold Assertions Initially Help Elizabeth Realize Darcy S and bold assertions initially help Elizabeth realize Darcy s and esteem for her even though these feelings Darcy s and esteem for her even though these feelings shown of course in true Darcy fashion The scene at the inn where Lydia describes what a man in love acts like will be a long time favorite of mine Now that I have a rainy Sunday ahead of me I dread not having another Starnes JAFF title to have and to hold throughout this day But when her new book comes out this fall I will download it on my Kindle the minute it s published. M Darcy is compelled to follow the woman he loves to the far reaches of Cornwall into a world of deceit and peril where few – if any – are what they seem to be.

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The Falmouth ConnectionThis review was first published on Babblings of a Bookworm httpbabblingsofabookwormblogspotI was so excited to see that there was a new book by one of my favourite Austenesue authors Joana Starnes I ve read and thoroughly enjoyed two of her books this year The Subseuent Proposal and The Second Chance both of which mix characters from other Austen books in with our favourites from Pride Prejudice but The Falmouth Connection is a variation featuring only characters from Pride Prejudice What if Elizabeth was called away from Hunsford before Darcy could propose That is what happens here an estranged relative of Mrs Bennet has summoned the whole Bennet family to her estate in Falmouth Darcy is determined to propose and desperate to get a chance to do so before Elizabeth leaves Elizabeth has to meet her family at Basingstoke some 80 miles or so from Kent which has caused the Collinses a dilemma as they don t want to send her unescorted When Colonel Fitzwilliam offers to solve the problem by escorting her en route to returning to his duties in Portsmouth chaperoned by a maid his cousin uickly speaks up and offers to take them both knowing that this unprecedented behaviour will reuire some explanation to the ColonelColonel Fitzwilliam is supportive of Darcy s choice of future wife but unimpressed by his arrogance and utterly aghast at the thought that he is planning to make Miss Bennet aware of his condescension in overlooking her family being so far beneath him Go and propose to her by listing all her failings and see what good it does you Do not imagine though that I will spare you the I told you so During the ourney Darcy is unable to find an opportunity to speak privately to Elizabeth but unfortunately the Colonel does and as per his role in Pride Prejudice while trying to further his cousin s suit instead he manages to drop him right in it instead The gentlemen deliver Elizabeth to her family and leave We see a very perceptive side to Lydia here who in the space of less than 24 hours manages to make Mr Darcy aware of his blunder in splitting up Bingley and Jane and also channels her mother s matchmaking intuition and instantly sees something that Lizzy has been blind to Oh Lizzy ust think and he said you were not handsome enough to tempt him Oh what a laugh Who would have thought it Mr Darcy Hush Lydia this time Elizabeth and Jane urged both at once and Jane stared at her sister in concern as Elizabeth s mouth literally fell openUnable to propose and slowly coming to the realisation that that the lady he loves might not feel any affection towards him and that she might also be extremely angry with him Darcy decides that he needs to set things right for Bingley as soon as possible and over that he needs to head for Falmouth to see what he can do to recover the situation There after a delay in discovering the exact location of the Bennets he discovers three problems Firstly he has a rival for Elizabeth s affections his nemesis Wickham is working as a steward at a neighbouring estate and something very fishy is going onThis was uite different from Joana Starnes previous books but I was absolutely riveted by it Darcy s slow realisation of the hash he d made of things was almost painful Since Darcy doesn t make his proposal rudely and knowing and pitying him for his unreciprocated feelings rather than being taken by surprise means that the Hunsford moment wasn t full of vitriol and indignation as in canon but ust utterly heartrending I thought the emotion in this story was fantastic Darcy s despair Elizabeth s anger and later her sadness for the pain she s had to cause and lots of romance The story was certainly not lacking in action and we even got a swordfight There were also some fisticuffs which were unfortunately off page as it involved a character I would love to see being a bit active On the downside I felt that some of the romantic feelings did evolve a bit too uickly which to be fair is something that is actually addressed in the book I would have liked part of the story to take place over a few days rather than a single night so that the feelings could develop at a slightly slower rate I also wasn t convinced by one of the pairings without seeing much of the couple togetherOne of the things that I ve noted before in Ms Starnes books is that she gives Mrs Bennet some sympathetic treatment often in JAFF Mrs Bennet is portrayed pretty harshly which I think is a shame as I think Austen views her affectionately Here Mrs Bennet doesn t play much of a role but she warms markedly to Darcy when she sniffs a potential suitor in him This reversal of attitude from Pride Prejudice really tickled me Well I trust you know that you are always welcome at Landennis Mr Darcy she offered warmly and at Longbourn of course when we return to Hertfordshire though I have no notion how soon that would be She fanned herself then pursed her lips and added pointedly looking straight over Bingley s shoulder And I suppose you can bring your friends if you so wish We saw some character development of two characters in need of it too Mr Bennet who realises he needs to uestion his parenting and I was also pleased to see Lydia being given a chance to redeem herself as the life she had committed to in chance to redeem herself as the life she had committed to in Prejudice was not likely to lead to much happiness or respectability I would definitely recommend reading this book there is action intrigue despair oy and so much romance I found it thoroughly enjoyable and I d rate it as a 5 star read I received an ARC of this book from the author for my honest review Audiobook Review Timely advice a trip Into Cornwall A Rival Cornwall a rival goings on and unreuited love lead to a sweet romantic adventure in this Pride Prejudice variation taleI had a good time with this story from first to last It engaged all my emotions it seemed I was amused by a series of blunders and mishaps saddened by the unreuited love and heartbreak moments and sighed with pleasure over the romantic scenes The hero Darcy really blunders and struggles in the beginning He s so cocksure and arrogant hero Darcy really blunders and struggles in the beginning He s so cocksure and arrogant enjoyed how the author showed his flaws and strengths and gave him some good growth moments The heroine Elizabeth has her own personal epiphany too Seeing them work through so much really had me rooting for them The rival part was an interesting development I think how this played out involved my only niggle about the storyI enjoyed the bit of intrigue and adventure next to the romance part which suited the Cornwall setting where things are not what they seem The big climax was built up to and worth it coming back to back with the turning point in the romance and other story threads The denouement came down slowly which was good so things could be settled and understood I was startled by a few of the minor characters story lines but not in a bad way Elizabeth s little sister Lydia was a surprise There is an interesting finish for her that I m still not sure how I feel about it because it was a twist that I didn t see comingI experienced The Falmouth Connection in the audio format Stevie Zimmerman was a fantastic match for this story She caught the tone pace and the characters so well The dialogue between characters was particularly well doneAll in all this variation of a classic took things on a fun romantic suspense style adventure I think those with some familiarity of Jane Austen s Pride Prejudice will get the most out of the story since it assumes the reader knows a bit of what came before the beginning of this story I enjoy each new outing with the author s works and will definitely be going back for I would recommend this to sweet historical romance fans andor those who enjoy classical story retellings July 2017 I won an audible version of this favorite book and listened to it while at times reading along on my borrowed KU copy I did note that there are revisions which in no way changed my loving everything about this book The garden scene remains one of my favorite reads out of many books and I have read of many others agreeing with that opinionI have to say that this is a wonderful book I have read the author s other books and while I enjoyed them do believe that this one is her best The prose is true to Jane Austen s time the descriptions both of setting and of points of views are so enthralling one wants to take one s time to Just as Mr Darcy finally decides to propose to the enticing Miss Elizabeth Bennet she is summoned to Falmouth to meet a relation she never knew she hadThus the ill.

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Ead every word to NOT rush nor skim over the pages in an effort to reach the endI don t want to type any spoilers but as the book description states this is a variation that picks up at Rosings Hunsford and varies in that Darcy does reveal to Col Fitzwilliam his intentions towards Elizabeth As we proceed Darcy as usual gets some advice from Col Fitzwilliam but that self same person giving out the advice is also the one to apply a hatchet ob to Darcy s plans unknowinglyProviding transportation in his carriage for Elizabeth to meet up with her family on their way to Falmouth where the Bennets are to finally meet a long lost aunt of Mrs Bennet s Darcy finds time and again his attempts to propose are stifled by man by weather by circumstances and then by his learning of her true feelings during the Often Go Awry journey and shortly after he follows them to that localeJoana Starnes language and descriptions of Darcy s tangled and frustrated thought processes are captivating I found myself with tears in my eyes with the bittersweet events with the turns of discovery with the fatal stab in his heart s emotions And then Elizabeth has some discoveries of her own to make and not from a letter written after a refused proposal I do not have a Face Book account so didn t get to see the photos of Cornwall posted there which Dave mentioned but my imagination did draw some vivid pictures from the words hereinI highly recommend this book An interview with the author along with a review posted on Austenesue Reviews made it clear that this is a book not to be missed by JAFF readers Author Joy Dawn King lent this to meso graciously Well that was a great use of my time You can t really go wrong with a Joana Starnes novel This book offered a fulfilling read with plenty of conflict and some moments with moderate and high angst to keep the reader s attention As usual a few non Regency words and the same ones as her other novels snort was used liberallyust saying that makes me laugh Great prose that got poetic at times Some of the scenic descriptions were too complicated to figure out and I have great 3d perception Too many of the new characters had names too close to one another I guess the author was making us pay attention And that we did to this terrific storyDisclaimer I m also a JAFF author and my reviews could be considered a conflict of interest That said I write em as I see em Poor Darcy he receives so many depressing blows in this Pride and Prejudice variation First the day before he plans to propose and secure his future happiness Elizabeth is called away to meet a distant relation in Falmouth Then when he decides to propose anyway he is prevented by all sorts of interferences Mr Collins Colonel Fitzwilliam inclement weather etc And thenwhen Elizabeth seems like she might welcome a visit and proposal from Darcy in the future the very next day brings about a whole different attitude in her Why is she upset and standoffish with DarcyWhen poor Mr Darcy learns the reason why he hightails it to Falmouth to set things right but he has a lot going against him trying to fine Elizabeth s aunt s home without having the address a newly bestowed inheritance and a worthy wealthy and titled rival who has in the span of a few short weeks earned Elizabeth s respect and possibly her regardSuddenly all the wonderful things Mr Darcy has to offer and give Elizabeth don t seem as valuable or magnanimous as what she already hasHow I LOVE Joana Starnes s portrayal of Mr Darcy Without a doubt her depiction of a feeling privately emotive and intensely passionate Mr Darcy is uickly becoming one of my favorites The way Ms Starnes expressively denotes every myriad of feeling and thought of Mr Darcy is to be commended I think she takes delight in torturing him Mr Darcy s anguish sorrow hope and yearning can not but be tangibly felt by the reader As I read this novel my eyes were stinging with unshed tears and I could feel my own heart swell with sympathy and love for Darcy s pent up emotions and suffering Ahh so romantic Such palpable and evocative proseBesides her swoon worthy and ardent Darcy the other aspect I most enjoy with Joana Starnes s writing is the originative and varied alterations she creates with these characters Tired of reading similar variations about Darcy s unsuccessful first proposal in Hunsford Parsonage or Lydia causing trouble ust as Darcy and Elizabeth are about to reach an understanding Try a variation by Joana Starnes she adeptly invents new thoughtful premises and scenarios for our dear couple With The Falmouth Connection I especially enjoyed the visit to Cornwall and new characters she introduced These new characters were well drawn and interesting and the scenery around Cornwall so vividly and breathtakingly DescribedIf I Was In I was in mood to be persnickety which I know I can be sometimes I might say that seeing about the smugglers and their activities would have been interesting This sinister gang of nefarious individuals were a great deal overshadowed by Darcy s emotional upheaval and internal struggles But in truth I really have no cause to repineI think Ms Starnes employed her page time much better Brooding fervent persevering frustrated protective and brave Ms Starnes s depiction of Darcy in this novel is everything that is admirable and worthy proving that Mr Darcy is indeed the penultimate romantic hero But readers must be warned to prepare their hearts before they read thisnovel because not only does Darcy steal tempting kisses in the night but he also valiantly and capably brandishes a sword to safeguard his beloved Elizabeth faints away in a swoon 3I can hardly wait to see what Joana Starnes does with Mr Darcy next Like Ms Starnes s previous Pride and Prejudice variations The Falmouth Connection is exuisitely and expressively written and most certainly not to be missed Falmouth Connection is a breath taking love story that begins with Darcy s visit to the Hunsford Parsonage a few days before he intends to propose to ElizabethDuring this visit Mr Darcy discovers Elizabeth is to leave Kent the next day to join her family in Cornwall and visit a mysterious great aunt He offers to assist Elizabeth in her her family in Cornwall and visit a mysterious great aunt He offers to assist Elizabeth in her and Col Fitzwilliam finding this strange is able to get Darcy to admit he intends to ask for Miss Elizabeth s hand It is during this confession that Col Fitzwilliam discovers how Darcy could ruin everything if he were to propose with his current mind set and tries to make him see how Elizabeth would react to such a proposal I liked this turn of events as it prevented Mr Darcy from ruining his proposal without changing him in essentialsElizabeth agrees to travel with Mr Darcy and Col Fitzwilliam and during the carriage ride she is able to see for the first time multitude facets of Mr Darcy which is something I always find delightful I love to read a book that allows me to understand how why and when Elizabeth started to change her mind about Mr Darcy For me as a reader it is important to know why she loves him or to see her fall in love with him and that is something we encounter in The Falmouth ConnectionAfter their voyage they arrive at Basingstoke to meet with the Bennet family and Elizabeth finally realizes Mr Darcy loves her and will most likely propose to her I must tell you that this scene is one of the best moments I have ever read I loved every single moment of it from thinking exactly what Mrs Starnes wrote to laughing out loud at the third good heavens Seeing Elizabeth relieve every moment she shared with Mr Darcy in a different perspective and seeing her realize everything that was right in front of her eyes all along was marvellous I also loved the chemistry and intimacy of their last scene at the inn in Basingstoke it is one of those I will hardly forgetBut of course it is too soon for our beloved characters to find their HEA and Elizabeth leaves to Falmouth Mr Darcy is so passionately in love with her that he decides to follow her to Cornwall and it is in this part of the country that we will find romance broken hearts a rival for Mr Darcy but also adventure suspense and mysteryMrs Starnes takes this plot into a whole different stage and creates an innovative different story that completely deviates from the original but that keeps the characters as truthful to themselves as Jane Austen wrote them The boo. Starred Hunsford proposal is avoided – but before he could even begin to understand his luck adverse circumstances hasten to conspire against him and Fitzwillia.

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