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Reviewed by ShylaBook provided by the authorThis story "had an interesting premise but the execution made "an interesting premise but the execution made difficult to enjoy The pace was lighting fast The drama was heavy It came on with no recovery time and it left the characters with very little time to connect and form a believable bondMarissa was an eighteen year old with no support Forced to make ends meet she becomes a stripper who does favors on the side in the Champagne room It s here she meets Ethan The man who stuns her when he refuses her advances and pays her anyway When an argument occurs between them he storms out of the room but their path crosses once when they both end up at the same dinner From here they make up and she invites him back to her place only to find she s been evicted It s here their story really begins to become entwined I wanted to like or at the very at least sympathize with Marissa but I couldn t She never felt like a three dimensional character With all the things constantly happening to her and the childish way she lashed out and baited the one person trying to help her she felt like an eternal victim I love strong heroines so this was especially hard for me to read Which may have made me biasEthan felt too ood to be true and incredibly roomy He took her in off the streets with little to no uestion Immediately began to invest money emotions and time and didn t pause Which was surprising iven his bad relationship with his Father an. Ethan Daniels lost his brother in a terrible car accident A part of him died that day and to him happiness is nothing but a dream However fate has other plans he meets an eighteen year old vulne. Fix You by Kim SinghTe they were normaly talking relaxed and the next they were angry and shouting Just like that half of the book was spent shouting Specially the first the next they were angry and shouting Just like that half of the book was spent shouting Specially the first Almost every sentence in the first half consisted so much shouting that it was there in basically every sentence "that just emphasised on how damaged the characters "just emphasised on how damaged the characters areThere weren t many complaints I had but there were some One of them being that everything was moving too fast One moment Marissa and Ethan met and the next they were shacked up I mean who invites a STRANGER to live in their HOME For all Ethan knew Marissa could have been a crazy ass murderer and yeah that s basically my only And yeah that s basically my only with it I absolutely loved the plot but the execution could have been better In my opinion if the pace would have been a bit slow the book would have recieved a standing ovationNow for the things I loved As I said before I loved the plot I loved the characters and I adored the ending sort of in a sad way I think What do I mean by that It means that just as I was beginning to think that everything was oing to be okay that they were finally Dangerous to Touch going to have their happily ever after something happened Something bad I was heartbroken though I have hope that everything will be all right in the next book I still have to read it to knowBottom line I really liked it and can surely say that this book was not a waste of my timeToet updates on everthing Kim writes visit her website. Ough she has warned him that no one can ever save her They soon find themselves to be falling in love with each other but can two damaged souls ever learn to loveAnd can they really fix each oth. ,

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D his mistrust for others The ups and downs he encountered with Marissa weren t well balanced with emotional feel Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude good moments That s where the story lost me It was bombshell after bombshell and moving forward with no reason because the time frame took place over the course of maybe a month or twoI really loved Singh s imagination I think she has the potential to write a story full of depth plot twists and unexpected unveilings I just wish she had taken time to really develop the plot flesh out the characters and really work on the pace I encourage her to continue writing and developing her skills I know she soing to be a name to watch for You can also find this review on my blog Fix You is the story of two young and broken souls who meet and fall in love But will they ever be able to make their relationship work Will they ever be able to fix each otherMarrisa Jackson is 18 and a prostitute who doesn t know what love is Ethan Daniels is 22 and broken by the death of his brother These two souls meet and fall for each other But each of them have their own problems to deal with Marissa has and job and Ethan has to deal with the loss of his brother and his Breakup With The Woman with the woman thought he lovedI really really like this book There were some things that I didn t love about it but overall I thought that it was extremely oodThe characters were complicated They were hard to figure out and "highly unpredictable One minu. Rable stripperprostitute named Marissa Jackson who is completely broken yet she covers it with a mask "unpredictable One minu. Rable stripperprostitute named Marissa Jackson who is completely broken yet she covers it with a mask hostility and rage Ethan feels pity for the vulnerable irl and tries to help her even th. ,
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