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S just a three star book for me That said I ate when people knock three star reviews The book was good and I enjoyed itthat s what a three star book is to me but it didn t blow me aw Actually a very good story but it wasn t told well No connection to the characters lack of emotionsstrange emotions in some ard situations no explanations for very Bad Decisions Do You decisions Do you read a book and at "the end of it all you can find yourself saying is "end of it all you can find yourself saying is Well this story as the opposite effect Instead I found myself saying thank goodness it s over because this was just way too long and way too boring I seriously thought I would love this because of the time period pre revolutionary Russia I don t read many books involving Russia so I jumped at the chance to read Midnight in St PetersburgThe story started off very strong with our female lead Inna a Jewish girl on the run to find refuge with a distant relative It s through this relative Yasha that she meets and ends up staying with the Lemans A very interesting family that owns a workshop making violins and the place that Inna becomes an apprentice at And that s where it stops for me As I stated before it This is a good My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, historical novel with romance at its veryeart one woman and two suitors set in pre revolutionary Russia The story spans September 1911 until 1919 and reflects the plight of Jews the struggle of the lower classes and desire for the upper classes to maintain their splendour and privilegeOne is initially drawn to the central character Inna a young Jew already orphaned by the persecutions towards Doglands her kind forced to flee Kiev and seek refuge with a distant relative in St Petersburg You identify wither fears and vulnerability which are represented by Riveted (Iron Seas, her physical desire to extender palm s lifeline Her befriending by a peasant monk An Officer and a Spy holds promise and a degree of mystery but she throwser lot in with Yasha Fates (Fates, her revolutionary cousin and the Leman familye lives with and works for as a luthier mending violinsThe love interest then stirs between Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, heart and minder passion for Yasha and the practical need for security which may come in the form of Horace a respectable Englishmen working for Faberge also a friend of the Leman familyThis love triangle is played out against the background of uncertainty Russia is plunged into leading up to and through the Bolshevik revolution The background is uge and the novel is let down by its direct links with almost every significant player in the drama from Rasputin to Lenin Being an istorical piece I would OBaby have preferred a smaller but imagined backdrop and amidst it all the doomed love affair and struggle to survive Inna s choices and lack of empathy to others despite insights along the way mean I lose all connection wither and do not care Nerds how it turns out forer in the last third of the bookThis is an opportunity missed The Zack (Areion Fury MC historical incidents appear to be events ticked off the calendar rather than real interactions with our characters I found the middle section dragged too much and the conclusion was melodramatic rather than a thrilling ending to the bookHowever one plus is the writer s style The book is very readable and well written with a sense of place and time Setting aside the turgid love triangle it ultimately fails asistorical fiction as it names drops too much and is scant on details and impact. Ara Febergéa i u njemu Inna pronalazi sigurnost i odanost koja joj je potrebna u sve većoj prijetnji ratnih sukoba I dok se Ruska revolucija sve više zahuktava i preživljavanje u Petrogradu postaje sve teže Inna mora izabrati između dva muškarca budućnosti i prošlosti razuma i src.

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This is really my type of book Historic fiction at its best Although the ending is a little too convenient it doesn t detract from the story It reminds me of City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin set in Germany just prior to the rise of Hitler Good stuff Calling this istorical fiction is a bit of "A STRETCH IT S A ROMANCE NOVEL NOT MY "stretch It s a romance novel not my genre that appens to be set in St Petersburg I can t really rate this one There is not real driving plot elements and some parts are well done while others are not so much It was like driving on a road where some of it was paved last month and some was paved in the last century The level of rockiness in the storytelling can vary I guess I was a bit disappointed than not since i a bit disappointed than not since I expecting a gritty and ContamiNation honest telling of life for Jews in pre revolutionary Russia but instead we just got all this love triangle BS and theistory seemed almost a bit trivialized He was an almost comically unlikeable character this Lenin as Horace told Taxi ins Glück his fellow workers at Faberg He d lived abroad until April andated all the ome grown revolutionaries e d found Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas here onis return and wanted to steal their triumph from them His The Magic Rolling Pin head was polished smooth like a billiard ball and whoated music because Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, he said it madeim want to say kind stupid things and pat people s Not Without a Fight heads when what you wanted to do nowadays was beat them without mercy Needless to say this one wasistorically accurate than Tsarina but I wish it Garden Bouquets and Beyond had that book s plot constancy but please no magic eggs thank you very much I m not sure whether to applaud Bennett for not giving a definite position on certain issues just aser characters would The Unseen Wonder have been confused by a man such as Grigori Rasputin or if it would ve been better she showede did The Management Bible have affairs but not with the empressEverything regarding the romance in this book also seemed a little rushed I can excuse a little instalove between Inna and Yasha but I didn t really get the chemistry between Inna and Horace Like I get the plot importance but it would ve been nice if we d gotten used to the fact that Inna and Horace were married instead of skipping five yearsAnother thing I noticed is that Inna doesn tave a lot of personality She s like one big plot device only there isn t a lot of plot Considering everyone seems to know she s a Jew the characters t a lot of plot Considering everyone seems to know she s a Jew the characters a bit too nice to Zu schnell her Judging from the treatment the Rabinovitch family faced in A Countess Below Stairs the English at that time were also kind of anti Semitic too so I m not sure if Horace would ve really been so easily attracted to InnaOne particular part that confuses me is that when Inna and Madame Leman visited the bread lines and laughed the whole time Was this commonplace or is there something the author doesn t uite getDespite this there are some good observations made about life in revolutionary Petrograd but no clear mood is set for the duration of these scenes What Horace said whenever the conversation turned to the Revolution was fine words butter no parsnips Ande was right Inna couldn t Sleepless (Bird of Stone, help noticing that Madame Leman cooked soup for midday on good days if there were cabbages or potatoes on salePavlov a Nobel scientist growingis own carrots and potatoes poor old professor Gezekhus blown up with unger or Nastya the teenage daughter of the family upstairs who d taken to anging around outs. Carska Rusija 1911 Mlada Inna Feldman s ukradenom putovnicom bježi iz Kijeva pred nasilnim progonima Židova i dolazi u Sankt Peterburg tražeći spas kod dalekog rođaka Jaše koji radi u radionici za izradu violina obitelji Leman Inna odmah pokazuje svoje talente pa ju vesela obitelj Le. Ide on the street not with the icons "and pearl brooches but with er cheeks boldly "pearl brooches but with er cheeks boldly and a pinched look on Invisible (The Curse of Avalon her face How long before Agrippina went the same way How long before sheerself The one character ere with definite traits is
*yasha the only *
the only who s perspective really gets into the motives of the revolutionaries but like Kestrel in The Winner s Curse I did not like im with Inna aving sex for no apparent reasonI m not totally against sex in books I loved The Blood of Flowers and Empress of the Night but when it s not necessary to show a part of the plot it seems cheap I mean Perhaps it was only because of er secret with Yasha that snatched other life with Deep Listening her lover experienced in minutes and whispers and kisses in that roon in the dust and dark by lamplight which sheardly dared call to mind ere in front of er Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature husband that Inna could even begin to understand that in a different way she also secretly yet profoundly desired that Stradivarius of Yousoupoff sOverall I was disappointed but I see potential in this author with a better story to tellopefully with less love triangle I was very disappointed in the book I ad igh Trajan hopes for it as I loveistorical fiction and pre revolutionary Russia is a fascinating time However I did not like or understand the main characters motivations And I found the book dragged on I literally fell asleep reading it a few times Normally I wouldn t finish a book like this and therefore not write a review but I kept Bunnys Book Club Goes to School hoping it would turn around for me and it just never did This is our book club choice due to be scrutinised next Saturday I am afraid I will struggle to say many kind words about it apart from I enjoyed the last sixty pages It is in this faint praise that my problems with the book can be found It is much too long at least 100 pages too long which means that it lacks dramatic tension When you add to that my lack of empathy towards any of the three main characters Reading the afterword made me wonder if the author was too close to both one character and the location I will not be looking for Ms Bennett s other books This is a story of a young woman who flees pogroms of the southern Russia to take refuge with distant relatives in St Petersburg in 1911 The turbulent times of Russianistory are skillfully weaved into the story In St Petersburg she is apprenticed into violin making workshop As a player of violin she also displays love for making the instrument That deep connection for the birth of each instrument and the first sound is beautifully presentedIn The Peculiar Pig her new destined city she meets an Englishman an artist who makes precious Faberge creations Maybe it s the lo This bookas a lot to recommend itself a stunning cover a uniue setting and tender romance In recent years I ve read a lot of books set in Russia or by Russian authors It s a region that I don t know much Cherry Ingram history about nor do I know much about their culture But I m intrigued by the area so I love reading books set in Russia or by Russian authors so I can gain a better understanding of an often forgotten culture in literatureSo needless to say this story about three unlikely characters set in a period of unrest and a period inistory I absolutely LOVE was a win win for me There were a lot of things I liked about this novel but there were parts that I felt fell short making thi. Man brzo prihvaća i ona postaje njihova naučnica Ubrzo se između nje i Jaše javljaju strastveni osjećaji no temperamentni Jaša sve više se okreće novim revolucionarnim idejama i rušenju aristokratskog društva Istovremeno Inni se udvara Englez Horace koji radi kod poznatog dragulj. Midnight in St Petersburg