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This extremely inventive novel takes place in 1819 on the high seas when Owen Wedgewood chef to Lord Ramsey is kidnapped by the notorious pirate Hannah Mabbot After killing Lord Ramsey who was at dinner Mabbot eats some of the food on the table and falls in love with the cooking skills of Wedgewood It is his narration we follow and a well written one it is in short Wedgewood is a wordsmith his prose is a wonder Mabbot promises not to kill him if he makes her a sumptuous dinner every Sunday This is a little hard to do as the provisions on a pirates ship are not exactly meant for the ourmand So what follows is a rand adventure yes there is killing this is a pirate ship after all but there is a purpose and reason behind Mabbot s sailing of the seas As Wedgewood cooks for her and the details of these dinners are amazing they talk and learn things that leads them to a tentative trust This is such a book of contrasts we have a pirate ship with the regular salty characters of lore contrasted with Wedgewood and his impeccable speech and dry wit We have rats and bugs in the flour and other disgusting tales of food oods and then once again there is Wedgewood cooking sumptuous food that he manages to The Magnanimous Heart get food for I also love that the pirate is a woman and one I was willing to follow from the English Coast through the Sunda strait to China I need to preface this review with the statement that lady pirates are most likely my favorite all time historical subject I study and read about them I watch TV and films with them I even create my own lady pirate characters for stories I love themSo the fact that this book contained a fierce red headed lady pirate captain I was all over it so to speak There was the fear that I may be disappointed it s not like books about lady piratesrow on trees because this book was written by a male author and told from the perspective of a man I feared because I thought the lady pirate may be some unrealistic male fantasy Alas no Captain Hannah Mabbot was a realistic pirate and a fully fleshed out characterThe bare bones of the story is this chef Owen Wedgwood is kidnapped by Captain Hannah Mabbot after she kills his employer He ets to keep his life if he cooks one fancy meal a week for her So Wedgwood must improvise with the ingredients found on a pirate ship And I really loved how he worked around etting the ingredients that he Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks got He had to plan ahead and make deals it was uite interesting to watchBut Captain Mabbot isn t just dilly dallying around eating food she s after the elusive Brass Fox with whom she has a mysterious score to settleWe see all the characters through the view of Wedgwood and it was uite fascinating to read how his perspective of everyone and of pirating ineneral started to change throughout the months Of course the best thing to watch was how his view of Mabbot changed How she went from a one dimensional ruthless pirate to a full formed person with strengths and weakness oals and fearsPirating was not lossed over here and was not seen as romantic I thought the book really captured the One Day in December grittiness of piratingI could literally sit here and write paragraphs about Mabbot but I just have to say I was really impressed Like I said it s not everyday a book about a lady pirate comes out so I have to read what I canet The fact that I wasn t disappointed in the least makes me very very happy She s everything I love in a lady pirate the fact that she was really no different from a male pirate She was realistic and that s all I wanted This becoming woman sitting across from me was as Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts grisly a villain as ever walked the earth and yet I was at home in the uiet of her parlor and the comfort of aood meal than I had been since my ordeal began Taste and talk these were the privileges of the living I could refuse to make conversation and bring out the monster in her or I could pacify and live long enough to escapeWhen Chef Owen Wedgwood is kidnapped by pirates he finds himself the recipient of an odd reuest from the ship s captain the dread Hannah Mabbot You will of a Sunday #Cook For Me And Me Alone The #for me and me alone the supper You will neither repeat a dish nor serve foods that are in the slightest degree mundane In return I will continue to keep you alive and well Should you balk in any fashion you will find yourself swimming home whole or in pieces depending upon the severity of my disappointmentWell Who could refuse an offer like thatAnd the fun begins as Wedge attempts to create pleasing culinary concoctions out of the limited stores available aboard the ship all in an effort to satisfy the fiend as he calls her and save his own skin Over time he comes to learn that his pirate captors may have integrity than his previous much admired employer This book is pure rollicking fun from start to finish There is plenty of bloody pirate action as the ship takes off in pursuit of the mysterious Brass Fox while at the same time being chased by a wealthy man with a rudge Here s a reat combination of high seas adventure and the pleasure of watching a persnickety chef learn to Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra grind his spices with a cannonballLet s see YOU do that Wolfgang Puck This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment I think it was most likely a victim of my false expectations I was expecting a fun and h Eli Brown s infectious romp of a novel has a thoroughly modern sensibility dressed in thearb of yore It is the early 1800 s and Owen Wedgwood is chef to Lord Ramsey one of the chief shareholders of the Pendleton Trading Company in England which trades opium for tea silk silver and spices in Asia Enter Hannah Mabbot pirate extraordinaire defender of the underdog and avenger of the exploited Then entered a pillar of menace a woman in an olive long coat Her red hair hung loose over her shoulders She sauntered to the middle of the room her coat opening to reveal jade handled pistols Using a chair as a stepping stool she walked upon the dining table to Lord Ramsey s plate and stood there looking down as is she had just conuered Kilimanjaro Her boots added inches to her already long frameTherewas the Shark of the Indian Ocean Mad Hannah Mabbot Back from dead Red Hannah kills Lord Ramsey for his reed and sins against humanity and Owen captive on her pirate ship charging him with concocting a ourmet meal for and takes Owen captive on her pirate ship charging him with concocting a ourmet meal for once a week on pain of his lifeAuthor Brown Лъскави блюда и бурни пиратски приключения са двата страхотни вкуса които се съчетават добре в дяволития роман на Илай Браун Канела и барутОуен Уеджууд е великолепният но малко превзет готвач на корабния магнат лорд Рамзи докато капитанката на корсарски кораб Лудата Хана Мабът не гръмва Рамзи в упор и не пленява УеджуудВсякак седмица той трябва да се бори за живота си като ѝ приготвя по едно великолепно ядене всяка неделя с наличните продукти на борда на „Летящата роза” Провизиите на пиратския кораб не са никак обнадеждаващи царевично брашно чесън сланина оцет зелени лимони ром и противна пастърма с неясен произход която моряците наричат „Сладкат. ,

Cinnamon and GunpowderUte of itNo detail is spared and the level of research used in this novel is astounding Obviously the biggest fascination for me was the seemingly insurmountable task Wedge is faced with once a week Preparing a ourmet meal on a pirate ship where food is scarce basic and the kitchen rudimentary at best Yet Wedge is a enius and his resourcefulness both in cooking and trying to escape was than admirable It was fascinatingBut obviously the biggest draw for me was the construction of the characters Wedge a pudgy middle aged chef pitched against Mad Hannah Mabbot She s brilliant fiery passionate endlessly capable fierce blazing outlandish charismatic If you can tell I loved her ood Kids when I row up I want to BE The Shark of the Indian Ocean Mad Hannah Mabbot Back from the dead Red I seriously need to start working on a badass pirate name like that The journey they o through as Captain Mabbot chases The Fox the King of Thieves and evades the País íntim grimly determined Laroche while aiming to bring down the Pendleton Trading company is action packed blood soaked and utterly enthrallingThe writing is detailed and so incredibly nuanced Wedge s personality shines from every page as the fussy prudish cooking obsessed Catholic man who has the world and his Regency era appropriations torn down around him The result is a much better person Don t be deceived There are no alpha males with rippling muscles or chest heaving women needing to be saved Captain Mabbot would kick an alpha male in the teeth tie him over a churning ocean and laugh madly while she robbed him blind Wedge can only really beat a steak into submission but he s smart and passionate and lovely Eli Brown hasiven me everything I wanted in a novel A diverse cast a delightful realistic break from traditional Under Lock and Key gender roles and aratingly beautiful human touchThis book eats lesser pirate tropes for breakfast Respect it s authoritah or Captain Mabbot will have you keel hauled This book was iven to me for review purposes I received no ifts favours or money for this because why anyone would want to pay money for my reviews in beyond meYou can find this review and others like it on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages Reviews Cinnamon and Gunpowder is a hard book to review because it s a hard book to define Part adventure part food writing and part romance this epistolary novel is as complex as the dinners Wedge creates as beautiful as the love that Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II grows and as bittersweet as the ending Tears weren t expected in a story about a chef creating new meals for aroup of pirates every week but they came all the sameI was madly head over heels in love with Hannah Mabbot from 2% into the book when she broke into a dinner party stepped onto the dining table and then delivered the Something Wicked greatest line in bookdom Tell the devil to keep my tea hot I m running late Then she fired point blank without mercy or provocation into Ramsey s defenseless body Done Eli Brown now owns my heartMabbot loots the house taking Ramsey s chef Wedgwood in the pillaging She s decided a captain should have some perks over the rest of a crew starting with aourmet Sunday dinner This sets up a wonderful take on the traditional Scheherazade story with Wedge tasked to cook a completely uniue meal every week in exchange for his continued breathing The first uarter or so mostly revolves around Wedge s desire to escape It does a ood job of setting the scene and introducing the crew but I was left desperately longing for Mabbot Wedge is mostly alone and apart from the other crew members though he does find himself teaching Joshua the deaf cabin boy to read However after an escape attempt leaves him in worse straits than before and yet simultaneously in the captain s confidence he s able to start if not accepting acclimating to a pirate s life This is where the action really sets in and it s uite exciting Ship battles featuring solar death rays and horrific storms Flayings a saboteur lost limbs explosions women disguised as men long lost relatives prison breaks It really swashes the buckle Mabbot being chased by the late Ramsey s hired hand hoping to catch and deliver her to England before his crew realizes their money went with the dead is on a very personal uest to catch the Brass Fox and destroy uite a lot of opium along the way The circuitous journey winding through EnglandWest Africa India the South China sea Macau and out to the Americas brings treasure and triumph even a stove for Wedge along with bloodshed and loss The descriptions of the locales and locals while not always politically correct by 21st century conventions are not to be missed But it s the love in between the action pieces that really sets Cinnamon and Gunpowder apart The narrator describes every meal with utter reverence somewhere between lust and religious devotion If anything I could have done with a few meals just for the breathtaking way each layer of flavor is described building on the last The continued ingenuity of Wedge in the kitchen was almost exciting than any pirate confrontation There s romantic love too and familial that evolves and builds and feels very natural like the love inside the #Book Is Very Bittersweet Coming Into The #is very coming into the confrontation Without spoilers I ll say when it ended I was so happy with a reat read but I felt as if my heart was broken too However I don t want to leave this review on a sad note because Cinnamon and Gunpowder is than a tearjerker It s also witty and vibrant and a little crude Instead I would like to leave you with Owen Wedgwood Christian widower and overall Freud and His Followers goodly man s advice on how to extricate yourself from an uncomfortable situation There is no doubt a proper and Christian response to such an offer to join a massive homosexual orgy but I was so shocked that my only thought was to excuse myself as uickly as possible Ah yes right Doo on without me I have a sudden case of the shits My treat for finishing Hamlet was this 2013 swashbuckler by Eli Brown my introduction to the Southern California author s work Brown s second novel earned a spot on my 2015 re Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Cinnamon and Gunpowder is a culinary delight served with eccentric pirates treacherous waters and a wild haired fiery tempered female pirate Captain. ден от природата и човека От другата страна е мрак и претворяване Между двата полюса на раждането и смъртта спокойствието и лудостта се намира вкусътВсичко това плюс опушени с чай равиоли с пълнеж от змиорка; тарт с манго и бренди и пълнена къртица Някои от рецептите звучат малко модерно – но погледнах историята на равиолите и открих че са били известни в Англия още през ХІV в И понеже пиратският кораб отплува на Изток за среща със съдбата в Китай напълно възможно е Уеджууд да избира паста мисо сепия и лимонена трева продукти типични за голям супермаркетКанела и барут съдържа много повече от изискана кухня в открито море тя е само нишка в сюжетната лини?.

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Delicious confection reminds us what we loved about stories of old and adds that sine ua non of righteous vengeance to sustain our sensibilities It may be that readers are especially susceptible to feats of culinary desperation because we are too busy reading to shop so finding Wedgwood creating real cuisine from weevily flour and rancid lard is positively inspiring Some sea captains for large sailing vessels in my family surprised me with the news that those aboard ship rarely partake in the obvious to me fresh seafood surrounding them as they are not fishermen but sailors but one of the Japanese sailors aboard the Flying Rose Mabbot s pirate ship always has a line dragging from the aft rail saving Wedgwood than once in his search for a main courseThis is escapist fun of the best sort effortlessly inventive reminiscent of childhood summers yet with truths adults will recognize and may take to heart Once Mabbot must throw overboard the treasure she has looted from Pendleton ships in order to speed her progress away from danger The men will be bitter for having lost their silver though it saved their lives It is a complicated thing With money in their pockets they become lazy and contrary Heavy and slow as does the Rose itselfA small part of me is Pjesme glad to be rid of it When my men are hungry with death upon their heels they work hard and never complain and enjoy their own company They sing every night And on the pain one feels when a close friend or lover dies I ve had this pain To tell you it willo away would be a lie It will never o away But if you live long enough it will cease to torture and will instead flavor you As we rely on the bitterness of strong tea to wake us this too will become something you can use And on the sanctity of eating the flesh of animals I thought I would take pleasure in skinning that watchful rabbit but now that it was still it engendered in me a tenderness for all fragile flesh I sharpened a knife until it shone then skinned and cleaned the rabbit trying to make each cut a esture of respect Loathe to waste any part of the animal I set brains and hide aside for tanningAs I progressed deeper into the body I felt a mystery revealing itself to me and began to pray not with words but with simple cooking a prayer not for the soul of the rabbit exactly but for the enerous blending of its life and Mabbot s She had fed and loved it and now its flesh would become hers and mine and in this way I understood that all beings lived only to feed each other as even the lion lays down for the worm In the striations of the rabbit s muscle I saw eons of breath and death And finally we have a love story It has a prudish man s restraint told in the voice of Wedgwood who denies for ever so long his interest in Mabbot and in being at sea with pirates But lord knows how we all love conuering the inhibitions of prudish men and how much satisfying and telling it is for the woman to be the instigator If men are permanently on for sex their sexual proclivities have less value as it were Barky holes of trees as John Barth The Sot Weed Factor has written would do as well Women discriminating perhaps tell us by their choicesA fine choice for a summer read This book deserves to be widely enjoyed for the sheer fun it offers It is something apart from the usual and one must always take note of derring do This book is a hilarious whimsical novel that features two of my favorite things pirate ueens and FOOD Captured by the red haired Mad Hannah Mabbot Shark of the Indian Ocean personal chef Owen Wedgwood must now spend his weeks cooking her feasts in a ship s alley with the barest of larders He s short on supplies and has none of the implements that a self respecting French trained chef would reuire so he s forced to improviseWhile I was searching vainly for a rolling pin it occurred to me to try a cannonball I have to admit it works well enough for pirate pastaOwen narrates the novel and his tone is pitch perfect he s a sort of swashbuckling Jeeves He s dry and sometimes unintentionally it seems laugh out loud funny As an upstanding Christian entleman he thoroughly disapproves of Mad Mabbot which makes their shared scenes the best in the book Mabbot is clever intelligent and ruthless and she inspires undying loyalty in her pirate crew In short she s a badass pirate ueen and her juxtaposition with the dour Owen makes for a reat matchupEli Brown also than matches Brian Jacues in the fictional feast department did anyone else sometimes think about becoming a vegan woodland creature when they were younger Owen s creations sound delicious even when he s turned a homing pigeon into braised suab The language around food and eating was eually reatAfter only a few minutes of intoxicated burps and happy rocking Mabbot eyed the brandied mango tart as a pugilist eyes a rival She carved herself a slice and with the very same knife which she wiped uickly upon a towel reached between her shoulder blades and cut the uppermost tethers of her corset to make room Cinnamon and Gunpowder has its weaknesses Hannah Mabbot is so sympathetic a character because she s thoroughly modern under her jade handled pistols the plot barrels along but the book can sometimes drag in #places and elements are so ridiculous that they beg disbelief Of course that #and elements are so ridiculous that they beg disbelief Of course that part of the fun of the book If you re in the mood for a fun read with unforgettable characters this is the book for you I described this book to my mother It s about a chef who ets kidnapped by pirates He has to cook a ourmet meal for the pirate captain once a week And this pirate captain mom she is AWESOME My mom smiled knowingly Oh And then they Start Getting It On Like getting it on like I faltered for a moment stalling while trying to explain No It s not a romance romance I mean they do develop a relationship but it snot a focus in the novel My mom seemed to understand iving a confident nod So how does a teenager become a pirate captain My brain stalled again No um the chef and Mabbot are middle aged This time it was my mother was the confused one What are you doing reading this She has a point This isn t my usual blog reading fair Not romance and no teens Yet as soon as I saw this book on the publishing line up I couldn t resist etting it and I m so lad *I didThis book was amazing No holds barred completely fantastic I loved every min. а Мери”Това са *didThis book was amazing No holds barred completely fantastic I loved every min. а Мери”Това са продукти налични в килера оплаква се Уеджууд в дневника си Много по интересни са плъховете толкова дръзки и многобройни Има с какво да се храни ордата но продукти за изискани блюда Уеджууд изповядва вярата си в кухнята където създава особена теология на храненето Капитан Хана Мабът настоява и той да сяда на масата с нея всяка неделя и да споделя вкусните корабни блюда а разговорите им по време на вечеря често придобиват мистичен привкусЗа мен устата е храм като този който Адам и Ева създали в пещерата казва той в един момент Храмът е отворен и от двете страни От едната страна е познатият свят огрян от слънцето и следващ реда създа. .