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The Ottoman Endgame

Sean McMeekin Á 1 FREE READ

Note I received a ree copy of this book through Goodreads First ReadsA history of the break up of the Ottoman Empire and the emergence of the new nation of Turkey drawing upon long unavailable archives in Turkey and Russia The largest share of the book covers the events of World War 1 and it s illuminating to see the war portrayed rom the Turkish point of view not one often seen in the West I d venture to say that most Westerners are mostly amiliar with the Ottoman role in WW1 or things the Armenian genocide of 1915 the ailed British invasion of Dardanelles and Gallipoli and Lawrence of Arabia Even aficionados may be largely unfamiliar with other aspects the battles on the OttomanRussian This Strange Wilderness front in Asia Minoror instance There s also a lot of interesting material concerning the confusing power shifts and strategic alliances in the Balkans in the years leading up to the WarAt least half the book is essentially a war chronicle and it suffers The Red Balloon from the same problem as any such book unless you re deeply interested in military history the endless progression of troop movements commanders whoought whom and where uickly grows repetitive and dull In this case the problem is compounded by the Red Mars fact that most names of people and places will be unfamiliar to most readersIound the early portions of the book much interesting in which McMeekin Inside the UDA Volunteers and Violence familiarizes us with the state of the Ottoman Empire in the years leading up to the war One particular episode is especiallyascinating relating the story of one powerful German warship caught in the Mediterranean Sea at the outbreak of the war and pursued by a British Contemporary Arranger Definitive Edition fleet which headedor Turkey seeking sanctuary It s the stuff of high drama not only Hunt Gather for the sake of the German ship but because of its effect on diplomatic negotiations the Ottomans at the time had not actually entered the war and were not certain to do soBy contrast the ending portions of the book in whichrom the wreckage of the war Turkish nationalists succeed in establishing a new nation despite opposition Geography and the Human Spirit from powers intent on carving it into pieceseel a bit short and abrupt I d have liked detail on the new nation s early yearsIt is in the end a very good book pretty much reuired reading if you re interested in WW1 or the history of Turkey and the Middle East It s a bit difficult to recommend to casual readers of history especially ones who aren t looking to read about wars An Accessible Traditional Diplomaticmilitary History Of The First traditional diplomaticmilitary history of the First War in the Middle East although mainly The Two Worlds of Albert Speer: Reflections of a Nuremberg Prosecutor from Britain s point of viewThe book is basically just a military history of the Turks during this period Despite the title much of the narrative is taken up by the likes of Lawrence whom McMeekin regards as important if not militarily significant Churchill Lloyd George and Kitchener and the Turkish perspective doesn t come into play as much as you might expect McMeekin s style is wry and ironic and he really rams home the amount of suffering endured by the peoples of this era and that region Some parts receive attention than others in particular I enjoyed McMeekin s coverage of Souchon s arrival in Constantinople the relationship between Germany and Turkey the Gallipoli campaign the war in Mesopotamia the Palestine campaign and the post world warighting in the Caucasus Although the Sykes Picot agreement is usually portrayed as a deal between Britain and France McMeekin emphasizes the role played by Russia and argues that Russia was the senior partner A Kane der Verfluchte Die große Fantasy Saga Erzählungen und Romane few of McMeekin s points could still have been elaborated on and there seem to be aew typos regarding certain Ott. An astonishing retelling of twentieth century history FuryMutantThe Best of Henry Kuttner from the Ottoman perspective delivering profound new insights into World War I and the contemporary Middle EastBetween 1911 and 1922 a series of wars would engulf the Ottoman Empire and its successor states in which the central conflict of course is World War I a story we think we know well As Sean McMeekin shows us in this revelatory new history of what he calls the “wars of the Ottoman succession” we knowar less than we think The Ottoman Endgame brings to light the entire strategic narrative that led to an unstable new order in postwar Middle East much of which is still Sectarian War felt today The Ottoman Endgame War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East drawsrom McMeekin’s Ottoman s garnered victory and defeat on the battlefield ailing to capture the Suez Canal and losing territory to Russia in the Caucus regions However the successful defense of Gallipoli and the closure of the Dardanelles to Russian leets put the sueeze on the Entente powers and showed that the Sick Man Of Europe Could Scrap of Europe could scrap the best of themFollowing the war the Ottomans continued to ight resisting occupations by Greece France and Britain and beating the Soviets and Italians to strategic resources The Ottoman Empire lost millions of citizens during the war to Drip Drop Teardrop flight to conflict and most disturbingly to inter ethnic cleansing massacre and religious strife The Armenian massacres are well known in modern circles but Kurds Pontic Greeks and Muslims themselves were massacred by both Ottomanorces paramilitary groups and oreign armies With the modern political rhetoric that circles any talk of Turkish genocide I will leave it at thatSuffice to say this was an excellent read that chronicles the transformation of the Ottoman Empire into nationalistic states like Turkey Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as the carving up of the Arab world and the beginning of the inter ethnic conflict the Balkans and Middle East are synonymous with in the modern world The Ottoman war effort is chronicled in detail down to their troop operations on their multiple ronts and the naval excursions into the Black Sea This is a really interesting look at WWI Small Crimes from the Ottoman viewpoint and helps to solidify the Ottomans as one of the powers of the war and not just the Sick Man of Europe sneer that is so often pointed in their direction even to this day A solid read and worth your time if your are a history or war buff The Ottoman Endgame War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East 1908 1923 brought to light in English the unraveling of the Ottoman Empirerom the sultanate of Abdul Hamid II through the establishment of the Republic of Turkey under the leadership of the stalwart Mustafa Kemal Naturally the emphasis was on the First World War The Great War was seen in the West as the death throes of Ottoman power But as McMeekin presented so well it was preceded by devastating blows delivered by Russia Italy and the Balkan nations before 1914 coupled with the rise of internal reformist elements the Young Turks and ollowed by the bloody post war clash with a predatory Greece Despite the circling vultures Ottoman Turkey was not a helpless sick man but a remarkably rugged and resilient power that staved off defeat and dismemberment again and again With the empire s demise in 1922 Kemal and the nationalists created a successful nation state by abandoning the ungovernable empire and its troublesome minorities Even today outside the borders of Turkey in Ira Syria Kurdistan Palestine and elsewhere the War of the Ottoman Succession rages #On With No End In # with no end in Sean McMeekin produced a book that is an exceptional example of well written and illuminating history A distinguished American academic most of McMeekin s writings have concentrated on Russia but he taught at two universities in Turkey and now holds a chair at Bard College His research reflected solid work among primary sources and archives in Russian German and Turkish A review in The Irish Examiner stated This is a work of scholarship and not Les lixirs floraux de Viviane faire soi-mme for enthusiasts of history lite I agree but with the caveat that while thorough it is still readable The Ottoman Endgame War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East 1908 1923 is among the best books of modern history I have read in recent years McMeekin earned Five Starsrom Rstanding of the war’s outcome and the collapse of the empire that Panic Party followed The book chronicles the emergence of modern Turkey and the carve up of the rest of the Ottoman Empire as it has never been told before offering a new perspective on such issues as the ethno religious bloodletting andorced population transfers which attended the breakup of empire the Balfour Declaration the toppling of the caliphate and the partition of Ira and Syria bringing the contemporary conseuences into clear Stepbrother Bonding Stepbrother Bonding Yearning Exposed Book 1 focusEvery so often a work of history completely reshapes our understanding of a subject of enormous historical and contemporary importance  The Ottoman Endgame is such a book an instantly definitive and thrilling example of narrative history as high