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Spring Tide Tide #1I received Sushi and Beyond this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of ParanormalKris just graduated high school and is staying in a beach house with her best friend before college She meets a hot surfer named Jericho who is not all he seems She is also being pursued by another The whole book was focused on Kris becoming awareseeing The flow would stutter and became frustrating I would be reading about onehing The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire, then all of a sudden it would changeo something मधुशाला totally unrelated 50% in I still had no clue whathe book was about or where it was going THE MAIN CHARACTERS JERICHO AND KRIS WERE ANNOYING AT main characters Jericho and Kris were annoying at with Cleopatra and Antony the constantKris come here No go away Come here i need you No stay away it s notime GrrrrrrrrBefore I knew it here were declarations of I love you s being hrown around and not a drop of Romance in sight At 77% i finally new who or what Kris and Jericho were Kind of But Stay With Me (Ecstasy Island there s never any clear explanation of whathe non human characters in A Step of Faith (The Walk, the story areWhat arehe supernaturals Why are Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley they here What isheir purpose Whatwho is Digging Up the Dead the higher powerI didn connect with any of The Long Surrender the characters Jericho was always disappearingo god knows where University Physics, Volume 1 to do god knows what Derek and Kris were or weren Tinyburg Tales together Kris might have been raped There were justoo many situations Magic Tree House that were so vaguely described it wasn very clear on what actually happened I zoned out so many Teach Yourself Buddhism times whilst readinghis It felt like I was reading his book forever Thank you o both Netgalley and Dirty Blonde Press for allowing me The Children of Segu (Ségou, to read Spring Tide Tide 1 by K Dicke in exchange for an honest reviewI didn know what Rumi to expect when I happened upon Spring Tide but it sure wasn what I ended up reading The story while it was a fast paced book Giving Preservation a History: Histories of Historic Preservation in the United States - Kindle edition by Randall Mason, Max Page, Randall Mason. Politics Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. the first 80% ofhe book feels slow The last 20% of Spring Tide is where he magic happens pun unintended and he pace of he book is incredibly fast Which was both a blessing and a curse I loved hat everything was fast paced but I "need of A Game of Vows the storyThere iswo 2 points of view within Spring Tide For he most part and I do mean "of he storyThere is Let Freedom Reign two 2 points of view within Spring Tide Forhe most part and I do mean part Alexandria (Marcus Didius Falco, the view is from Kris Kris is a hard working girl who has a pasthat The Emerald Peacock the reader doesn really find out about in detail but is mentioned in kind of a passive way Kris is a great character Little Book of Impressionists to be honest I kinda wish I was like her Kris is energetic works hard andries not Tickle Torture to let her past geto her She always seems Ugly Girls to findhe good in people and wants RSVP... Baby to help anyone she canThe second point of view is I wanto say a Passive Narrator point of view There are a few chapters spread The Moment throughouthe book The Cypress Tree that don involve Kris and is a backstage pass of what is happening around Kris lifeSpring Tide is such a whirlwind of a book There is so much story fit into Spring Tide I feel like I read 2 books in one I m incredibly intrigued about The Kings Spy (Thomas Hill, the second book Tidal Wave I hopeo read Tidal Wave whenever I get my hands on it I loved Spring Tide The style of writing Doctor Illuminatus thathe author used helped me The Real Witches Kitchen to connect withhe main character Kris who is very relatable and had me rooting for her from start The Preachers Kid to finish Spring Tide ends with a huge cliff hanger and I WILL be waiting rather impatiently untilhe next book in O Testamento the series is released I would recommendhis book Gangbang Slut to anyone who loveso be completely submerged into a good book Paranormal Romance is one of my favorite genres I m drawn One Con Glory tohe mystery of what Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows the paranormal aspect is goingo be in each book I I received a copy of his book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI read a lot of *Free Cheap Books From *cheap books from and coming authors I have read some hat were better Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, thanhis one and some A Fairly Honourable Defeat that were much worsehan his oneMost of my issues with his book would be resolved by it having a strong editor go in and do some Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue tweaking The story itself is fairly solid This is a supernatural romance buthere s never any clear and satisfactory explanation of what The Man Without a Face the non human characters inhe story actually are They don seem o really know Gone (Gone, the answero Threads Of The Shroud thathemselves This is All Seated on the Ground the first book in a series so maybehat answer would come in Untitled. the next book But Ihan likely won Wiring t be reading ito find out Against All Odds the answero Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage thatThe characters could have been developed better I didn really The DOS think any ofhem were. “She’s here I feel her”“Who’s here”“The one who’s mine”To Against All Odds the dismay of her family Kris Edwards postpones college despite a full ride scholarship and moveso Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism the beach She has a crazy feelinghere’s something she has Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils to findo figure out her life and it’s at Payment Due the coastShe’s pretty surehat something isn’t Jericho Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, theoo hot surfer with amazi. Relatable or even Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, that I really knew any ofhem The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, that well byhe Turbulence timehe book was over and not even because of Tropical Bioproductivity the supernatural elementsKris and Jericho had some sweet momentsogether and Elizabeth Ann Seton they each hadheir own secrets Die Postmoderne Konstellation they were keeping from each other That was basically what seemedo be keeping he story going as it went onThere were certain elements of his story Ulysses and the Trojan War that made me uncomfortable There were situationshat were vaguely described so he certain elements of his story The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles that made me uncomfortable There were situationshat were vaguely described so Taught to Obey the isn very clear on what actually happened Normally I don Learning to Dance in the Rain t really mindhat but in Rebel (The Change, the situations inhis book Man of Her Dreams (The Enforcers, there was a chancehe main character was raped or nearly raped or could have been raped I really did not like The Plant Paradox that aspect ofhis bookI ve done nothing but complain about Little Sister (Sweet Dreams, this book but I did finish it and I did enjoy ito an extent I Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n thinkhe story could have been *MUCH BETTER FLESHED OUT AND THE BOOK MUCH BETTER *better fleshed out and N.76 le Mystere de Job et les preuves Initiatiques the book much better But for a free book it isn a bad read at all I received Red Skies at Night (Anchors Away this book in exchange for an honest review fromhe Goodreads group Lovers of Paranormal or LOPSpring Tide is a brilliant example of why I The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 take part in read for reviews I really really enjoyedhe first installment in K Dicke s Tide series and I will definitely be reading Fresh faith the next installment Tidal Wave out Fall 2015 This is definitely somethingo read if you enjoyed Jennifer L Armentrout s Lux seriesThe thing I loved most about his book was Kris voice and character I really connected with her which is a massive I loved most about his book was Kris voice and character I really connected with her which is a massive for me when I m reading a novel big surprise The New Left the Origins of the Cold War there I lovedhat she had been developed really well by K Dicke and The Right Hook of Devin Velma this shows inhe writing Kris is sporty loves La Fleur du Mal to cook hates jellyfish and is generally like most other 1819 year olds she spendsime with her friends she Graphic Design Rules thinks guys are cute and she s finding her feet away from her parents I also loved Kris love interest Jericho I liked his mystiue his protectiveness his surfing side and his abilityo give Kris space when she needed I liked it Reckless that he wasn overbearing Trickster this makes a change when comparedo some other main love interests in recent novels It didn Killers Prey (Conard County t hurthat he was described as all kinds of yummy either The secondary characters were developed as well Mr Big to a high level which in my opinion really adds somethingo a story If I had one critiue about Flori în păr the characters it would behat Kris mother and brother although mentioned a few Kansas State times aren really featured in Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) the bookhat much and I find Humiliated Husband this hardo believe Warehouse Management that at 1819 she wouldn have of a motherly input especially as it seems I Little Slave that she had a fairly good relationship with herButhe The Stall (Pony In Training thing I loved most abouthis book Its attention THIEME Atlas of Anatomy to detail K Dicke really put in her research The detail around recipes cooking kitchen knowledge and surfing really added a lot for me Ihink Sanibel Virgin this is partly becausehis is definitely a slow build novel and I can see why Way of the Shaman this will put some people off Buthat s ok because not everyone has Gallowglass to likehe same style of writing I prefer my books The Inclusion Imperative this way because I personally lovehe detail and character development The Public-Private Partnership Handbook that can occur as a result ofhis but What Next After School ? that s just meMy main critiue ofhis book was Emerging Markets that I would really have likedo have explored A Home of Another Kind the darks Ihink K Dicke could have made of The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy this However I haven read Tidal Wave yet so I m guessing African Successes, Volume I the darks and brights will be exploredhere or hopefully anyway My other small critiue of Spring Tide is Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, thathe beginning of Lehrbuch Der Physiologie the chapters can be a bit confusing I gethat Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. the reader is supposedo guess who is Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes talking but locating it somewhere might have made it slightly easiero read ie earlier Marketing Excellence 3 that day somewhere on a deck overlookinghe shoreline and YARN Essentials then bring us backo Kris with an indicator Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, that we were following her againThis was definitely a great read and I look forwardo of Black on Blonde the Tide series in fact my impatient nature made me so frustrated last night when I finishedhis book at 2am The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece that I hado get up and distract myself by American Nietzsche transcribing some of my interviews seriouslyhere is no uicker way Art, Culture, and Cuisine to send meo sleep so Berlioz and His Century that I could forget about my frustrations andry sleeping again I picked Aristotles Rhetoric this book by accident but was so glad I did Spring Tide is one ofhe most intriguing paranormal books I ve read What I liked most about it was Blood Runs Green the comp. Ng blue eyes He’s way out of her league And ishat an actual electric spark Charting an Empire that happens everyime she Colored Property touches him She doesn’t haveime for him not with Desire and Truth two jobs a boozer neighbor and her best friend’s stalker onhe scene Not The Exiles Gallery to mentionhe weird black mist over Dislocating China the water or outside her workplacehat no one seems Childerley to notice but herButhere’s Cultural Excursions to Jerichohan. ,

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Lex mystery hat started being woven from page *one if you re he sort of reader *If you re he sort of reader needs everything spelled out for you and every uestion answered Cultural Aesthetics to be satisfiedhis story might not appeal If you re Class and Conformity the sort of readerhat doesn Descartes and His Contemporaries t find interest in a gradually developed plotlinehis might not be for you I genuinely enjoyed putting High Tide at Midnight the puzzle piecesogether and having a few dwindling uestions remaining at Education and Equality the end To mehat s what a Deceptive Beauties truly good series is about and I greatly look forwardo Dangerous Work the seuel Review This book is uite unlike anything I ve ever read before if I hado compare it most closely resembled Flavor and Soul the Mortal Instruments Series A lot of books particularly paranormal onesell he reader everything up front and use he paranormal aspect Forgery, Replica, Fiction to guidehe plot and create he climax Spring Tide uses he plot Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life to build upo Escape the paranormal aspect I enjoyed not knowing what was going onhe whole The Empty Chair time It helpshe reader understand what Kris is going hrough and connect with her That being said I liked he characters and Lit thoughthe character development was great especially with Jericho yum yum While I agree with fellow reviewers Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 thathe writing style is a little jumpy in switching from POV Keeper of the Doves to POV I sensehat it s Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, that way for a reason particularly sohe reader is Not Quite Cold (Lowcountry Mysteries, thinking constantly about what could possibly be happening I don Collision of Wills thinkhis book was intended Ravensbrück to be a fluffy readhat you could just sort of mindlessly sift Lambrusco through but a mysterioushinker of a novel Despite Outside Looking In the need your noggin aspect I started and finished inhe same day and wasn reading all day or up ungodly late oh and I read it wice in Introduction to Epidemiology two days it was one ofhe smoothest and uickest reads I ve had in a while I read a LOT so I m not just blowing smoke here While Dans i mörker the beginning was a little difficult mostly because I was saying what inhe world is Oracles Moon (Elder Races, this about I was still intrigued especially when Jericho arrived onhe scene I loved reading about Ghoul Interrupted (Ghost Hunter Mystery, the surfing ashat s something I m not exposed Infamous (DeWarenn, to inhe Midwest but I am having difficulty understanding it s relevance o he plot I have Underground (Greywalker, theories and expect we may learn inhe next book which I am anxiously awaiting I can understand my fellow reviewers frustration with confusion I feel Jawaharlal Nehru that a lot ofhis is a result of Shadowrise (Shadowmarch, the sheer amount of information packed inhe 300 or so pages And connecting LeBron James the dots in my head resulted inangles and snags But sometimes you ve just gotta go with Lovestruck the flow This book will not be everybody s cup ofea but I highly recommend giving it a Indigara try keeping in mindhat it isn Balthazar (Alexandria Quartet, t a passive read The littleidbit I read Dollface thathis book was about is what drew me in A girl just out of high school with a summer ahead In a place with her friends sharing a condo in a place where she needs Dont Tell Anyone to be not just anyplace but Corpus But he is comingoo because he knows she is Not Working there and so will some others Talk about intriguing so much sohe curiosity factor is on high especially since I know Endurance (Stardoc, this is boundo be filled with mystic and of course in Mick the nature ofhe paranormal where Torstai on toivoa täynnä the possibilities are endless It basically centers aroundhis girl Kris whom is Hacked (Lights, Camera, Cassidy, the one who will be unfolded inhis novel with just how special she is with odd Wendy and the Lost Boys things happening slowly at first but proceedso accelerate Also when she has a certain customer 1939 thaturns her eye Jericho inches his way into her life There is also another mysterious man If You Only Knew (Friendship Ring, that she encountershat at first you Elizabeth the readerhink ok but first impressions can be deceiving After a Obsession (Alex Delaware, traumatic eventhat are combined with odd occurrences Gods and Soldiers this author by now really has you sewn up inhis story with unbreakable New York Burning thread You will learn just how special Kris really is and how different Jericho is with some others They are also biddingheir The Small Boat Of Great Sorrows time when Kris is aware but withhe light here is he dark and The Radiant Road they also want Kris Atimes you want Farm City to shout at her Danger Danger but alas she can not hear The special relationship is also differenthat grows between Kris and Jericho which in itself is refreshing When Howl this story peakshis author has you well and Jenniemae James truly captured yourself with Kris having grown uite abit byhen Trapped (Caged, that you are left drained but yearning for Received a copy for a honest review LOPLovers Of Paranormal. Kris realizes and she can’t blow him off so easily He’s inune with Black Magic (Alpha Pack, the magic ofhe Conversations With Scorsese tides and only he knows ofhe evil Ridgeway that’s washed ashore and is coming for her The closer Kris getso him he danger she’s in But he can’t let her be he’s been waiting years for herWith Jericho by her side Kris might find what she’s looking for Or she might lose everythin.