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Dark Whispers

Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Bruce Coville

Erhaps because I listened to the audiobook version which I seem to be doing uite a bit of latelyAs for the narration it was superb At first my husband and I were like is Rajiv ust an amazing white voice actor because this is spot on what a young Indian boy would sound like But then we realized that this could not Say Hello Like This! just be a white voice actor portraying an Indian boy because it was too accurate which led me to look up the names of the cast Aakarsh Shakhar is the voice of Rajiv and he did an amazingob Cara s voice was occasionally grating on the ears because she had to yell and her voice is uite high as it would be with a twelve year old but as far as emotional portrayal she was great though obviously not a pre teen Cara s voice was Rebecca WemesfelderLooking forward to the next and final book in the series The Last Hunt Read twiceThis last time was a rereadlisten Audiobooked it upStill love this story such an amazing MG read Full of magic and the amount of heartache and moral dilemmas in this story are perfect for the target audience If you thought the delay between book one of the Unicorn Chronicles Into the Land of the Unicorns 1994 and book two Song of the Wanderer 1999 felt interminable how much so the wait for book three Dark Whispers 2008 Bruce Coville took his time getting this story aligned and it shows Dark Whispers is a lush nuanced narrative divided among several main characters whose separate storylines are converging toward a barnburner of a conclusion in the final book of the uartet A few key mysteries were cleared up by the previous book but the unicorns of Luster have miles to go before they rest Twelve year old human Cara Hunter s grandmother has assumed her rightful role and form as Amalia Flickerfoot ueen of the Unicorns succeeding Arabella Skydancer after the aged ueen faded to her eternal rest The new ueen has lived most of her life on Earth as Cara s grandmother Ivy Morris unaware of her unicorn heritage but she must uickly learn the ins and outs of royal responsibility Cara s ageless ancestor Beloved has finally obtained an amulet to gain passage for herself and her Hunter kin into Luster and once they breach this fantasy world the final hunt will commence The Hunters want to eradicate the last of the unicorns a tragedy Amalia Flickerfoot must prevent But how to resist a foe as cunning hateful and backed by mysterious powers as Beloved What we do not wish to remember we sometimes hide That which we hide long enough is sometimes forgotten altogether even if it never forgets itself Alma Leonetti Dark Whispers P 39 But it s often the case that our most intimate enemies are rooted in our own darkness Dark Whispers P 403 The oldest human in Luster Alma Leonetti arrives in the unicorn royal court at Autumngrove to warn of an ancient spiritual presence called the Whisperer It is a fanatical enemy of unicorns but all record of the Whisperer has vanished from the Unicorn Chronicles Grimwold official Keeper of the Chronicles can scarcely believe anyone would tamper with the sacred text Informed by M Gama the Geomancer that only a few weeks stand between now and the Blood Moon the time of year when Beloved is almost certain to invade Luster Amalia Flickerfoot dispatches a team to the realm of the centaurs to meet with their King the Chiron He will know the origin of the Whisperer though he s sure to demand a heavy price for telling the tale Cara accompanied by the suirrel like Suijum of course and Grimwold set off for centaur territory Het verhaal van Theodora Goodman joined by unicorns Lightfoot Finder and Belle as well as M Gama Theourney is long and muddled with danger from delvers but Cara cannot fail if the unicorns are to avoid extermination For what kind of world is it that has no unicorns Dark Whispers P 95 On Earth Ian Hunter Cara s father has his own mission Martha his wife and Cara s mother is locked inside the Ruby Portal in an enchanted realm called the Rainbow Prison Beloved banished her there irritated by Martha s influence over Ian but now Ian has broken ranks with his Hunter relatives and sided with Cara to protect the right of unicorns to exist Traveling the boisterous crowded byways of urban India he seeks a prophet called the Blind Man who knows how to access the Ruby Portal The Blind Man *Is Calculating And Cynical But *calculating and cynical but rescuing Martha means submitting to his games Ian is prepared to do so The debilitating method of payment exchanged for entry into the Ruby Portal may be Ian s undoing but he has to take the chance stalked by Beloved s unrelenting Hunters Ian hasn t the time to be coy with the Blind Man At a serendipitous moment Ian and Rajiv a young Indian boy who led him to the Blind Man meet another traveler a tall graceful man named Fallon who wishes to enter Luster and is willing to help Ian gain entry to the Ruby Portal Trekking high into the Himalayan mountains the three are a team to be reckoned with but have little idea what to expect from the Ruby Portal Their greatest test awaits There would not be much left if every useful thing that could be turned to bad ends were destroyed M Gama Dark Whispers P 140 Unicorns are not the only society of Luster in turmoil King Gnurflax of the delvers is behaving erratically prompting some of his subjects to fear he may be insane Delvers have been at odds with unicorns since time immemorial but now King Gnurflax is guided by a hostile unseen spiritual entity Nedzik that rare delver with a functioning conscience is concerned but to uestion King Gnurflax would invite any one of many torturous punishments the King has devised for those he wishes to make an example of When Nedzik s doubt is discovered the King abandons him in a bleak dungeon at the end of the labyrinth of subterranean tunnels the delvers have built in and around their lair of Delvharken Condemned by all his peers Nedzik resigns himself to being a hopeless nameless prisoner for life It is easy enough to reject a story because you do not like what it says but wiser to examine it first to see what can be learned from it Alma Leonetti P 454 Adventure blooms as Cara and her companions migrate to the land of centaurs Tragedy awaits at M Gama s home which is cut into the mountainside and pulls energy from Luster itself Bitter though the loss of a loved one is our heroes don t have the luxury of time to mourn properly the Blood Moon draws nearer and with it Beloved s day of reckoning Unaware of King Gnurflax s predations Cara and her friends are headed for a trap Why are delvers obsessed with harming unicorns It s a mystery this book may clarify if Cara ever makes it to the Chiron to hear the tale of the Whisperer The truth will be both painful and liberating a final proof that the unicorns bear a portion of the blame for the current situation that threatens their existence Will Luster ever find peace or is Beloved s hatred too powerful to overcome What of the Dimblethum Cara s former loyal companion who wages a uiet war with the ugly side of his own nature throughout this book Cara Ian Fallon Rajiv M Gama Lightfoot Belle and even the Suijum would sacrifice anything for those they love but evil is a potent counterforce Luster is on the brink of destruction as Dark Whispers comes to a close and perhaps nothing can curb the wave of vengeance that threatens them all The downfall of the wise and the mighty comes not from being strong or wise but from thinking you are stronger and wiser than you truly are than any being can truly be Dark Whispers P 395 Unlike the two previous books Dark Whispers is challenging and wise on many levels a novel to grapple with as much as enjoy What should you do if you re part of a malevolent society that has no interest in changing Outsiders may look at you and perceive a villain but what if you value truth peace and love and are willing to stand for them at the cost of ostracism from peers Will you be embraced by those outside your social group or prejudged by them based on external characteristics This is Nedzik s dilemma a morally complex vision of delver culture nuanced than anything from Into the Land of the Unicorns or Song of the Wanderer On Earth Ian has to confront his own lingering pride and prejudices from years of training by Beloved She sueezed him into the mold of a killer teaching him to refuse comfort or aid from anyone who isn t a Hunter but community with his band of brothers isn t worth losing his daughter or wife It takes time to unlearn old patterns but Ian is determined to earn Cara and Martha s trust even if he may need to accomplish this next part away from them Proving yourself to the companions you have right now is no small blessing even if you d rather be with others Rajiv and Fallon are an opportunity for Ian to reshape his character to be worthy of his wife and daughter when he reunites with them Each of us is a miracle Alas it is a fact we too often forget Fallon Dark Whispers P 125 Gruff yet tenderhearted the Dimblethum s personal demons have only been hinted at before but his brief involvement in Dark Whispers is the crux of everything to come Will his fiercely loyal heart win out or will he commit a devastating act driven by a betrayal he only dimly recalls Struggling with one s dark side is exhausting but even the goodhearted must do it or be swallowed by their own internal abyss Cara s days have been consumed by drama since she first umped into Luster but someday it will calm down and her affections will be torn between the two realms she loves Now that she had lived in two worlds would she ever again be completely at home in either of them Or would part of her always long for the other no matter where she was Each of us has one life to live and must commit to a future in order to enjoy the full richness of being alive But will you feel incomplete if you do longing for the surprises and pleasures of the road not taken the person you may have become had you chosen another path Life is a brimming pot of decisions to be made by people woefully inadeuate for the task but such is the nature of human existence Our adventure never promises to be free of regret Song of the Wanderer was about one hundred seventy pages longer than Into the Land of the Unicorns and Dark Whispers is nearly one hundred forty pages than Song of the Wanderer Bruce Coville uses the extra length to craft a third novel that taps into the exotic potential of Luster merging several good plot concepts into a story rich with doubt angst perseverance and bravery Dark Whispers is a much complex piece of literature than its predecessors a strong indicator that Bruce Coville is capable of fulfilling the potential of this series Rebecca Guay s cover art for the original editions of the first two books was as delicate and robust as a stained glass window but Petar Meseld ija s acket illustration for Dark Whispers may be the best yet suggesting the energy of a true epic ready to be unleashed in this book and the finale The Last Hunt I m thrilled to dive in though anxious about what the end may bring There s a good chance I d rate Dark Whispers the full three stars and if you ve read volumes one and two of the Unicorn Chronicles but never moved beyond I strongly recommend it Bruce Coville and his most famous series both improved with age Okay I admit I m prejudiced Bruce is my best male friend my writing buddy and he read DARK WHISPERS to me as I read BLOODHOUND to him That s all beside the point This is a powerful addition to the Unicorn Chronicles as Cara s family struggles to come together while the evil sorceress Beloved begins her campaign to destroy the unicorn world Luster and all who live there Cara is coming into her own as an emissary of the unicorns gathering vital information for them that will reveal Beloved s plans
"And Luster S Vulnerabilities Ian "
Luster s vulnerabilities Ian s father is fighting to find her mother in the prison that Beloved has made for her in another world There are Delvers who do not want to follow their leader s plan for destruction and change is coming to the centaurs the dragons and the much loved Dimblethumb Compared to the earlier books it s much darker with hints of cataclysm to come Cara and her friends continue to grow and face dangers that put all they care about at risk And over all of them hang two dreadful uestions who is the Dark Whisperer who is giving so many so many corrupt ideas and will Luster survive the war to com. Survival of the unicorns But the price for that story may prove to be than her heart can be. And no real danger to any small furry mammals walking underneath but this one and the final volume could probably take on the last few volumes of Potterworld and give them a good run for their money in literary sumo The other gripe and I suppose it is a personal one is that I am unimpressed by Coville s creation of other creatures for his imagined world of Luster It is inhabited by Unicorns Centaurs Gryphons and Dragons and this is wonderful he cleverly creates characters within these races who are imaginable and believable but his straying beyond these traditional creatures is unimpressive and it is all because of the names he gives the other types of creatures Suijum Dimblethum a Skwartz they are like he has shaken up a bag of all the scrabble letters nobody uses much and then has made their names from them They look made up they sound made up and as a result the creatures do not exist as believably The one exception is the race of creatures who live in the depths of Luster s underworld the Delvers These are real different and breathe sinister intentAnyway gripes done this is an excellent entry into the series It is difficult to review without giving away centrally important facts and the developments of the history and interaction of the various creatures involved The whole story and in fairness I suppose that is why it is so much longer then the first two is an opening out a widening of the history and myth of Luster Cara the heroine sets out with a mixed band of mythical creatures and humans to hear a story from the Chiron or King of the centaurs Rather like the fellowship of the Ring the fellowship is broken but here not by the betrayal of Boromir but by the over riding honour and fidelity to duty and vocation As a result three adventures run side by side narrated in intermittent chaptersThe narrative speaks again and again of the loss to Earth by the moving back of the mythical from our world Even those who had never seen a unicorn never heard of a unicorn felt the passing of something sweet and wonderful It was as if the air had surrendered a bit of its spice the water a bit of its sparkle the night a bit of its mystery and there is a lovely plea in the account in which a mortal asks the unicorns to return Hearts grow hard and weary Pain spreads and oy diminishes Those who hated you hate you still but those who loved you or would have loved you or wanted to love you but never had the chance are being scraped hollow by a loss they don t understand Come home Please come home we are withering without you I loved this image as a metaphor of a kind for the loss of a spiritual dimension to our lives nowadays I do not know if Coville would hold to this but it certainly spoke to me However the aspect of this entry in the series that I liked and which ties in with that uote i think was the way he deepened our understanding of the currents and influences bubbling around in Luster Nothing was as straightforward or easily divided into goodies and baddies as might have first appeared in the beginning To say would be to hole the story below the waterline so i won t but suffice it to say the perfection the beauty the lovelines and grace of the Unicorn comes at a terrible price which is uncovered or rediscovered during the course of the ourneyIt is in this uncovering that so many strange things are explained or at least illumined and the links and interrelatedness of so many of the characters and their histories becomes clear Much is left uneplained and there are plenty of loose threads which await their weaving back into the full picture A full picture which needs every thread correctly woven to create the full beauty It is this expectation which i find very interesting and why volume four awaitsAt one point the king of the centaurs and his predicatment is a powerful and thought provoking situation dealt with in a wonderful manner within the story says Most of this was lies of course but lies interwoven with enough strands of truth and memory which is the best way to make a lie seem real that she could believe them This insight simple enough rings very loud and very true when you consider the bigotry and ill educated claptrap that is spoken on all sides of it seems almost all debates in our world whether religious political sexual or anything else al It is this interweaving and yes i realize i have used that image a good deal which makes this imagined world so believable Even allowing for my moan about the names of the creatures the world itself its life its pulse is real I find no problem in entering into its environment It speaks in magical terms of course of our world It enables us "to look at bigotry or oppression or misunderstanding or indeed reconciliation and courage and sacrifice in a different light It does "look at bigotry or oppression or misunderstanding or indeed reconciliation and courage and sacrifice in a different light It does necessarily make us see clearly but it gives that different angle which sometimes enables us to see how to break the logjamThe traditional blessing to travellers i think is lovely Travel safe travel well may those who have gone before be always with you Though i haven t started using it yet I might I think it brings a lovely sense of community and history alive and well Well ok that WAS pretty awesome I wouldn t necessarily say it was worth waiting a whole DECADE but it was definitely worth waiting SOME time for a decade is an awful lot thoughThis book was so much deeper and thorough than it s predecessors I think some of that has to do with age Coville knowing that much of his audience had grown up with the Unicorn Chronicles and was now considerably older probably felt that he could include and not have it be too much since most of the people who would be reading this book were no longer children And also Chains of Gold just given that he had years to continue practicing his craft his writing has gotten a little better and because of that things are cleaner and he knows how to really work a story now This book tackled multiple plot threads and rather than have them feel messy and disjointed Coville was able to deftly weave them along Each chapter itself focused on a different plot thread so if the first chapter was Cara the next would be her father s uest the next back to Cara the next what someone else was doing then back to Cara etc And Coville was able to make each chapter it s own succinct piece of action yes this book may be considerably longer than the previous two but not because there was pointless filler because it wasam packed with so much action nd so much stuff happening that I m surprised all of it was able to fit And Coville was also able to tie up each chapters action point into a nice little cliff hanger that had me itching to know what was happening At some points so intensely that I would flip forward and skip chapters until I got to the next chapter that dealt with that particular plot thread and read a paragraph or two to find out what happened then go back to my original place and read the two chapters I d skipped until I got to where I d The Sorceress jumped to This happened a few times because dammit the man hasust gotten so good at knowing exactly how to write cliffhangers and where to cut off the action to leave people practically begging to know what s going to happen Damn you Coville On that note it s a damn good thing that I tracked down this entire series before I decided to re read it because after the first time I had to deal with not getting closure as a little girl I don t know if I could handle any cliffhangers particularly the one at the end of this book It s no spoiler to say that this book DEFINITELY ends on a major cliffhanger and will leave the reader aching to crack open the next and final book in this series Which is precisely what I m about to doI had a lot of random thoughts about this story during the course of it but sadly neglected to write many of them down so most of them are lost to me They d probably be spoiler y anywayOne of those thoughts though was this view spoilerThere s point at which the king of the delvers reveals his plan to use the gate to not only let the Hunters in to let them hunt the unicorns but to then use that gate to go back to Earth himself Apparently a lot of people want to go to Earth But this wasn t the centaur king wanting to return for some moments before going back to Luster Pleasure and Pain just to feel his home for a second I got the impression that the Delver king wanted to return to Earth to live and be there and do what else exactly I m not sure conuer maybe I dunno But all I could think was what a horrifically stupid idea that is on his part Sure I suppose he doesn t have a way to know this but Earth is not the place it was in the stories of old I dunno what the delvers think they d do once there but none of that would happen hell they d be lucky toust be slaughtered Earth is full of 9 Billion Humans Who billion humans who a species are generally not kind to things they don t knowunderstand The delvers would immediately be killed upon arrival or worse I hate to say it but science isn t even that friendly to our own creatures that we like and are accustomed to I mean we use rodents to test our freaking shampoo and lipstick The delvers would be hunted and captured for experimentation vivisection all kinds of shit Especially considering that they re far interesting than any of the animals we currently experiment with given that they re sentient and have language and shit I don t even wanna think about all the atrocities that would befall the delvers in the name of science Now granted not all scientists operate without morality but we re not exactly the nicest species We haven t even gotten eating without causing suffering down so I imagine the delvers would suffer plenty and even in the kindest of hands they d probably still endure a little suffering until their sentience was realized since it s not like we would be able to understand them if they tried to tell us something hurt And that s The Mountain and the Valley just the people not to mention the millions of other dangers the creatures unfamiliar with Earth would encounter like electricity getting hit by cars guns other apex predators the massive amount of light pollution since they re sensitive to that and all the shit we ve stuck in the ground good luck digging in any populated area Seriously delvers on Earth wouldust be a problem for them Which is why I supported it when I originally read that part but then I finished the book and well maybe they re not all so bad hide spoiler This review and others can be found at for the cover which I m often picky about especially lately was acceptable if a bit dated but for all I know I may be the youngest person still reading these books which would be a tragedyIf I could give a rating for half a book I would but since I can t Dark Whispers gets four dragons The first half or less of the book gets two and a *half dragons while the second half gets four and a half dragons *dragons while the second half gets four and a half dragons an additional half dragon for the ending This is also a slightly higher rating because I started this series when I was ten a very difficult year for me and this series helped me through itThe writing itself was level throughout It s clear that Coville had written and honed his craft before But the plot didn t really get going with any pace until halfway through I found myself struggling to begin reading each time I took a break but eventually it kicked in and I had to know the endingNo spoilers but I love what we learn about the unicorns in this story They start to become nuanced and believably fantastical And how we learn about this other side of the unicorns is pretty revealingI enjoyed that all of the characters were brought into this one and had a significant part For me this book revealed to me how much of the previous books were technically set up for this main storyline Reading the first book in the series did not lead me to the expectation of a four book series Yet now I can see all the little hintsI enjoyed the additions of Fallon and Rajiv as comrades to Ian Hunter Cara s dad He needed a new group to befriend after the events of the last book I enjoyed learning about how Luster touched Earth and changed the course of thingsThe action scenes were fast paced and drew me in The chapter breaks were placed in ust the right places to make me want to keep reading once again after the halfway point Overall a very enjoyable fantasy read that doesn t feel as middle grade as it once did The Valley of the Centaurs in uest of a mysterious lost story that could hold the key to the. The first two novels of this series I read an older printing of this series isn t available on the Kindle unfortunately and the third novel Dark Whispers was my first contact with the reprints They got a new artist which I think is a travesty as the covers for Into the Land of the Unicorns and Song of the Wanderer are simply gorgeous and fit the series perfectly When I brought home my copy of this one I was aghast at the terrible outfit they made Cara wear on the cover This is shallow of me than I would like to admit but seriously mustard yellow erkin eggplant purple cloak and red hair Those do not go well together We all Rescued (The Missing, judge books by their cover whether we want to or not and stunning cover art will often lead me to buy a book I wouldn t otherwise try This one smacks of a bad movie poster Then there s the book itself it is on creamy paper with brown ink I do not have bad eyes but this made it extremely hard for me to read as thereust wasn t enough contrast This is the first time I ve ever seen brown ink being used in a book and I hope I never come across it again except in the seuel of course Sadly I can only assume this means that every book in the series has had this treatment in the reprintingOk enough about the physical aspect it was Summary just frivolously annoying and only made me uestion Coville s publisher not the man himself He obviously has a lot of ideas and trying to get them all down in a young adult or even children s medium perhaps wasn t the best choice A number of very adult situations occur that then have no repercussions as heust breezes over them Whereas I am sitting there horrified at what I ust read the characters are like Well that was sucky for you Now stop complaining Moving on Cara is consistently called wiser than her years or brave and courageous than the adult hunters and although she is put into many trying situations it always seemed of a This is what the author wanted to happen here not what would have really happened That sounds silly talking about a fantasy book but the prodigious amount of coincidences and stupidity that always work out makes her seem a lot less brave and a lot ridiculously lucky As the reader you know everything will always work out for the best Even if a character dies it never seems to have much affect and that makes me feel pretty damn uncaring and heartlessCara is once again given a uest that reuires a long distance to travel I was beginning to tire of travel in the last book but now we follow several of the friends she s made along the way All these characters crisscrossing Luster bogged down the story in my opinion This installation makes heavy use of the omniscient narrator which the other novels only used sparingly and usually only when a character was telling a story Now even Cara s dad is a point of view character and I hated his entire story and uest I guess the emerald prison in the last book was kind of cool but not that cool however the seemingly endless ruby prison in this novel was so grating to me I never had any reason to like Ian Hunter and his uest made him even tiresome He s ust a bland father figure going through the motions of loving his daughterThe first novel had the beginnings of a great fantasy world but instead of keeping the story tight and concise it has become too spread out and uninteresting It s like Bruce Coville kept on getting ideas and found ways to incorporate them that didn t really fit into the story he started in the first book I may be totally wrong about that but especially with how long it took him to finish this series I feel he probably had no clue where he was going at the beginning and that really detracted from my enjoyment of both the second and third installments of this series Hello my name is Allie and I read books about unicorns My teenage self never would have believed this to be true yet here I am at 37 reading the Unicorn Chronicles And I like them I really enjoy the language from Suijum and Medafil I read some complaints in the reviews on some of the characters but I surprisingly don t have any complaints On to the last book The last time I read the second book was about a decade ago so the finer details escaped me A lot of the times in the beginning I was going HUH I don t remember this happening In fact I remember the first book much better At the beginning I complained a bit to someone that I felt Coville had suddenly pulled out this old nearly lost prophecy about a powerful and dangerous enemy for the unicorns out of the blue Yes since it s an old prophecy that nobody except one character had heard a whisper of it haha it works that it s suddenly suppose to Be Dropped On Everybody dropped on everybody it s a plot tactic that I sometimes hate I don t know if Coville had planned this twist even from the beginning since it took him ten years to write this book but it disappointed me a bit Buuut the information they find out about this dark older than Beloved enemy is rather intriguingA thick hardback book cut into 63 chapters very short ones though it is a pleasurable read It moves uickly which I suppose is critical since time is of the essence The separateness of the two uests on EarthRainbow Prison I totally didn t rememberknow Cara s mom was trapped and on Luster is nice to experience Some characters are believable whereas others seems like a bit too one dimensional Some of the dialogue too made me cringe at how trite they seemed or a little too cliche It s believable too in the sense that everything doesn t go happily ever after for the protagonistsThe ending major cliffhangers I will be disappointed and perhaps a bit impatient if it takes another decade for the fourth book to come out I was under the impression this would be a trilogy Guess not But I dearly hope it will come to a resolutionend within Coville s lifetime or mine whichever comes first Welcome to ULA Unicorn Lovers Anonymous Who would like to speak firstStands up Hello friends I m Brigid and when I was 9 years old I was a unicorn addict I have now been sober for almost ten years now well except for that I went into a brief relapse so that I could read this bookAnyway I have Bruce Coville to blame for the unicorn addiction He hooked me with the first two Unicorn Chronicles books and then decided to take a whole decade long break from publishing them thus leaving me empty handed and desperate And so I found myself searching frantically for other unicorn books to fulfill my needs since I could not immediately know how the Unicorn Chronicles would end Unfortunately there s a surprising lack of unicorn fiction out there and what unicorn fiction exists is mostly crap So after sorting through the crap I had to resort to writing my own rip off unicorn stories and drawing illustrations of unicorns which is a bit odd for a 9 year old kid which is why everyone hated me in elementary school and I had no friends So basically you ruined my childhood Bruce Coville Thanks a lot Okay okay I won t be that mean Honestly I have no idea what prevented Mr Coville from writing the third book in this series Maybe his life started sucking andor he Night Without Stars just didn t have the time or inspiration or whatever But still the wait was rather cruel And even after it came out I couldn t uite bring myself to read it even though I was dying to know what happened next I felt a bit silly reading it as a teenager But ultimately I succumbed to the temptation Iust had to knowWell uh Yeah Understandably I couldn t enjoy this book as much as I would have when I was a child I still liked it but didn t love it as much as I loved the first two back when I was in third gradeFirstly ten years is a long time between books In ten years an author s style can change a lot I don t remember a ton about the first couple of books although I remembered most of the details as I began to read this one but I still felt like this book was oddly detached from the others It seemed a bit dark in comparison Three characters died in rather horrible ways too I m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing it Lamore tra i polli just came as a surprise to me since I remember the first pair of books being a bit innocentThe other problem is I ve changed a lot too since I started reading these series Back when I read books one and two I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread Since then I ve read hundreds of other books that I ve loved a lot This book may have met my standards 9 years ago but not uite at my current ageWas this better or worse than the first two I don t know I thought about rereading them before getting to this one but decided against it I m always afraid to reread books from my childhood because often I found that I ve glorified them in my mind and that they re a lot crappier than I remember Well I can say that as far asuvenile fiction goes these are very good I d recommend this to kids over Captain Underpants any day Still there are aspects of *The Story That I Found A Bit *story that I found a bit now that I m reading them as an adult Mostly what I find hard to believe is the story of how the villain a woman ironically named Beloved became evilI guess this is kind of a spoiler if you haven t read these books but I assume that these are only being read by 10 year olds who most likely won t read this review you re not going to read this and you The Indispensable Faulkner just want to read my review of it or you ve already read it So yeah Just deal with itOkay so Here s the story When Beloved was a kid her dad took her out hunting with him one day because she was a sickly child and he didn t want to leave her at home He left her in the middle of the woods somewhere while he went out to shoot things While he was gone a unicorn came along and decided to stick its horn through Beloved s heart in order to heal her of her sickness Her dad comes back and is understandably concerned when he sees his daughter being impaled by a unicorn He screams or something which startles the unicorn who rears up When the unicorn does this a piece of its horn breaks off and is stuck permanently in Beloved s heart The unicorn and Beloved s father then battle each other to death How they do this I m not really sure But for some reason they both die And since a unicorn killed her father Beloved is determined to kill all the unicorns Luckily she has an eternity to do this since the piece of unicorn horn in her heart gives her immortalityYeah so I have a couple issues with this 1 How the heck did a piece of the unicorn s horn break offust because it suddenly stood up Its horn would have to be made out of clay or something in order for that to be physically possible More likely the unicorn would have Pack Up the Moon just ripped Beloved open from the chest upward as gruesome as it sounds but it s true 2 Why is Beloved so bent on killing all the unicorns Yeah I understand that a unicorn killed her dad and that s very sad But this was like hundreds of years ago and she s still not over it Well I understand it s become her life s purpose and she really has nothing better to do But then apparently the unicorn horn in her heart physically pains her yet she s determined not to get it removed not because she s afraid to die she says but because she won t rest until she kills all those rainbow farting unicorns This I have difficulty understanding If she s really in that much pain I don t think it s worth it I mean it s been centuries since a unicorn killed her father and she s in constant horrible pain I think it s time for her to let it go But maybe that sust meThen there s the main character Cara I didn t find her as likable as I remember She s 12 but she talks like an adult The only evidence of her being a child is that she cries pretty much all the time Every time something bad happened it s like And then Cara collapsed on the ground and cried until she threw up Okay not really But she did burst into tears uite often which I understand but it did get a little repetitiveSo yeah This is a toughie I might read the fourth book Dog Love - An Unbreakable Bond just to find out how it ends this one ended on a cliffhanger as the other two did These books are still entertaining and well written believability and main character issues aside Is it a rule of the Universe chiselled into stone somewhere that once a novelist begins to write a series each book has to by law become and of a door stopor a la Shovelmonkeya kitten suisher The first two entries in the series were manageable and readable. In the much anticipated third volume of the Unicorn Chronicles Cara Diana Hunterourneys to. .