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I started this book some time ago as a eBook from Baen Books I have had trouble staying with it because I don t carry an eBook WITH ME I M LOCKED TO me I m locked to computer and usually end up doing other things than reading when I m at the computer As a result The Spider City of Doom wasn t as fun for me as the previous novel about the robots Remember thoughthat my perspective on this one is colored by my frustration with the media I plan to buy the next books republished by BaenI suppose another reason this novel wasn t as fun was because the events it depicts are so close to the terrorism we experienced on 9 11 One major event though I won t spoil any by refusing to explain the mechanism or motivation of the fictional terroristsgangsters is the collapse of the Sky Tower an obvious Empire State Building cipherand even in fiction I felt some of the same ut wrenching I felt in viewing film footage of crowds fleeing Manhattan streets with horrifying clouds of dust and debris following them Another incident in the novel reminds me of the sewer explosion when I lived in Louisville Again it might just have been too close to home for escape readingAnother reason that this novel didn t seem like as much fun was that the immicks were repetitive In both novels the Spider commandeers semi trucks and trailers to take on his foes I haven t seen such an obsession with trucks since Spielberg s Duel although the Dark Knight movie shares a little bit of this On the other hand the use of the Spider mark essentially a brand made by a mini cigarette lighter like you d have in a car during the era was interesting when it was used as a mark of Cain in this bookI love some of the archaic turns of phrase fandango of speed in this bookI love some of the archaic turns of phrase fandango of speed his elimination and snaked her arms are not typical in our modern novels written at a 5th or 6th rade reading level I also love the terrific use of poetic justice at two critical points in the main story as with the first book there are three novellas but unlike the first all of these feature the SpiderThis book is delightful enough that I ll buy but it isn t at the level of the first in the series I bought this because I m a fan of old pulps and loved some comic books when I was younger This was for me an 800 waste If you are a fan of the hard boiled detective Out of This World genre Micky Spillane Dashiell Hammett Raymond Chandler etc this might be for you Unfortunately it left me cold My tastes. Three complete novels in one volume of the adventures of the mysterious masked crime fighter known as The Spider hunted by the underworld and the police alike First in The Spider and the Faceless One a reign of terrorrips New York a city stalked by a killer with no face of his own disguised with the tortured faces of his vi. ,

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City of DoomAn k nnte ihn als darker night bezeichnen in Anlehnung an Frank Millers extrem ewaltt tigen BatmanGeschrieben wurden die Abenteuer unter dem Hausnamen Grant Stockbridge hinter dem SICH MEHRERE AUTOREN VERBARGEN DIE MEISTEN mehrere Autoren verbargen Die meisten Romane sind aber von Norvell Page eschrieben wordenDas Erz hltempo das Norvell Page vorlegt ist atemberaubend viele andere Autoren selbst Pulp Schriftsteller w rden schon nach wenigen Seiten einen Herzinfarkt riskieren wenn sie sich mit Page messen wollten Dem Leser kann da schon mal der Mund sperrangelweit offen stehen wenn sich da eine Actionszene an die n chste reiht und kaum Zeit zum Luftholen bleibtDer Band CITY OF DOOM beinhaltet drei SPIDER Romane1 THE CITY DESTROYER Januar 19352 THE FACELESS ONE November 19393 THE COUNCIL OF EVIL Oktober 1940 This is another nice collection of three Spider adventure though not as The Child of the Soul and Other Stories good as the previous Baen volume I found that reading one and then coming back to read another a month or two later was a system that worked better for me than attempting to devour the entire book at one time Nita van Sloan was the best sidekickgirl friend of all the pulps and the stories are all very fast paced and entertaining I liked the Steranko art but this volume has an introduction and afterward that don t seem to fit with anything or make much sense at all they d have been better served by reprinting a short story or two in the space The weakest story is THE CITY DESTROYER in which thousands and thousands of people are killed so I duess they had continuity problems for the next issue THE COUNCIL OF EVIL is Childrens Phantasies good but so fast paced that the author lost track of at least one character and never mentions him again and THE FACELESS ONE was my favorite of the lot The Spider was definitely in the top five of pulp heroes More thuggish than the Shadow murderous than Batman it s the SpiderStarting in 35 and moving up to 40 it s interesting how the villains in this collection become mundane over time From a mad scientist who can dissolve steel to a master of disguise with an ill defined plan involving arson the collection ends with a fewangs cooperating for a big heist It doesn t make the stories plausible just less colorfulStill if you wanted to see what it would be like if Bruce Wayne was less interested in stopping murder clowns or caring about the rule of law and was really into murdering criminals this is the series for you. En faces his most ruthless and deadly opponent in The City Destroyer as an unknown criminal mastermind uses an incredible device to melt the steel in the city's towering skyscrapers bringing them crashing down in an orgy of destruction Can The Spider unmask the madman before all of Manhattan is reduced to blood spattered rubb. ,
Ran run to the Wierd Tales sort of pulps rather than the Black Mask sortKeep in mind th Batman The Punisher Mack Bolan All wusses compared to The Spider Not as ood as the previous volume from Baen but still highly enjoyable pulp lunacy Mayhem and action in the sensational Spider style Buildings are levelled seniors take to the streets and angsters are mowed down ruthlessly This is another collection of classic pulp adventure stories by Norvell Page worth a read if you want death and destruction in an exciting manner Es ist ein eigenwilliges Gef hl diesen Nachdruck sogenannter Blutiger Pulps aus den ein eigenwilliges Gef hl diesen Nachdruck sogenannter Blutiger Pulps aus den zu lesen The Spider die fleischgewordene Todesstrafe bucklig maskiert ein Ungeheuer vor dem nicht nur die Unterwelt zittert sicherlich nicht der The Soviet Union gew hnliche Held von Crime Thrillern Ein Anti Held jedoch nicht Mit seinen Gegnern verglichen ist er sogar ein Ausbund an Menschlichkeit Denn THE SPIDER h lt sich nicht mit halben Sachen auf In diesem Nachdruck sind drei abgeschlossene Novellenesammelt und es f ngt Gods and Heroes gleich damit an dass mitten in New York Wolkenkratzer in sich zusammenbrechen und Tausende sterben andere Verbrecherehen mit milit rischen Mitteln auf den Stra en der Metropole ihrem sch ndlichen Gesch ft nach Der Horror Der Terror Und ewig fliegen die Kugeln Krass Und irgendwie perverserweise immer noch aktuell This is a series of
Stories Where The Spider Is 
where The Spider is all odds He must save his one true love his friends his city and himself Will there be enough time Maybe not as ood as the other Baen Spider collection Robot Titans of Gotham but still a fun and exciting read This is a must have for those who love the pulp fiction heroes like the Shadow The Avenger Doc Savage Buck Rogers and Zorro Im b rgerlichen Leben ist Richard Wentworth Million r Playboy und Letzter seiner Sippe Mit Umhang Hut und falschen Fangz hnen bewaffnet wird er zu THE SPIDER EIN SELBSTERNANNTER R CHER DER KEINE selbsternannter R cher der keine hat Ganoven zu t ten Ab 1933 z hlt er zu den fr hen Pulp Helden Sehr auff llig ist die hnlichkeit zum sp teren Batman Butler und Sidekick inklusive nur dass sich THE SPIDER noch nicht an die Konvention halten muss dass die Helden ihre Gegner nicht t ten Den Leichen dr ckt er das Siegel der Spinne auf die Stirn und da er keinen Hehl daraus macht wer die Ganoven exekutiert wird er von der Polizei verfolgt wenn auch teilweise nicht mit der n tigen Inbrunst und Leidenschaft Ctims Can even The spider defeat such an incredible foe Then in The Council of Evil one of The Spider's deadliest enemies long thought to be dead has returned and is using an inexplicable power to control the minds of others beginning by turning The Spider's most trustworthy allies against their leader Finally the Master of .