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Legends and tales of adventure always grab my attention especially Robin Hood and his merry men Will Scarlett is one character who I think is often overlooked but Carrie Lofty has definitely brought this character into the spotlight with a great tale The story opens with an ambush and from there you are running through the woods with pit stops at a forest encampment village the obligatory castle and dungeons and a stop at a Loxley Manor home to Robin Hood He and Marian are a small part of the story which gives the reader insight to Will s back story and characterMeg for her part is a strong women who is trying to make the best of a situation getting through life blind I understand she needs to be tough yet vulnerable however her stubbornness became tiresome after a whileWith regards to Will his history and growth into manhood is done nicely He is vulnerable himself yet seeks to take care of someone ust as vulnerable as himself Meg Will and Meg make a great couple and complement one another well as all great couples do They are willing to defend each other to the last and love each other deeplyI did have a tough time getting into this book in the beginning Since Meg is blind the reader does not get the standard description of Will right off the bat For me that was a little frustrating because I like to create the mental picture The one I had of Will and Meg did not fully develop until half way through the book Once it did however all was well It was as if I knew what they looked like from the beginningOver all this book was an entertaining and enjoyable read The characters descriptions speech and the like definitely transport you back to merry ole England You could smell the smoke from the fire The romantic scenes were also very descriptive so be careful on public transportation ha ha I would recommend reading this book if you are looking for some adventure and romance because it definitely fits the bill I will be keeping my eye out for Lofty s next book as well If you re a BIG fan of tales of Robin Hood you will probably enjoy What a Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty This book is based on the character of Will Scarlet from Robin Hood s band If you re not a fan the myriad threads and reuired foreknowledge will likely leave you hanging Very good debut novel from Carrie Lofty I enjoyed reading about one of the secondary and controversial characters from the Robin Hood legend The balancing of Will Scarlet as main hero under the shadow of Robin was well played The heroine Meg was a bit harder to love Her alchemical talents were the most interesting part about her and I was a little disappointed the intricacies didn t get attention But in the interest of narrative pacing I can see where Lofty would have left all that out Carrie Lofty has decided to write about Will Scarlett who was a member of Robin s band of merry thieves If you have seen the 1991 movie Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner playing Robin then you remember Christian Slater as Will Scarlet In that movie we find out Will is Robin s long lost half brother In Carrie s What a Scoundrel Wants Robin is Will s uncle and Will has turned his back on everything Robin believed in Will works for a new evil Sheriff of Nottingham What a Scoundrel Wants takes place a few years later after Robin became an outlaw He is now off fighting with King Richard and his wife Marian and their young son are all alone at Locksley Manor waiting for Robin s safe return Will was supposed to stay and watch over Marian but he left because he feels he did something so horrible where he destroyed the trust Robin has placed in himWill needs to survive and he aligns himself with the Sheriff for reasons some readers may think is a very selfish one But Will is all alone He has no where else to turn to He hates what he has to do but sucks it up and makes the best of it Running Your Best just like he always has Will is responsible for arresting a young woman buy the name of Ada who was trying to use some counterfeit emeralds while she was in Nottingham She was placed in the dungeon where Peter Finch the Sheriff wants Ada to make him Finch has a way with a knife and gives Ada a taste of some torture to make her do what he wants Ada has no choice but to agree even though it is her sister Meg who is the one responsible in making theseewelsMeg is on her way to rescue Ada Her party is besieged by a representative of the Sheriff Will happens to be included in this group of men and before he knows it both sides are fighting each other Will doesn t notice Meg at first until she is caught by one of the Sheriff s men who will probably rape and kill her Will saves Meg and brings her safely away But he then realizes by saving Meg he may have made himself an outlaw once again Will wants to lose Meg but because he has a sense of chivalry he will help her return home Will *is in for uite the surprise because Meg is not some meek gentlewoman but is rather waspish *in for uite the surprise because Meg is not some meek gentlewoman but is rather waspish stubborn He feels the sting of her tongue and she never really does thank him for coming to her rescue All Will wants to do is rest since he was hurt in the fray but Meg complains to the point where he leaves her by the river to fend for herself And he doesn t care that Meg is blindMeg s blindness wasn t from birth but rather because of a horrible illness The "reason she is so rude and basically a bitch because she is out of her element She hates everything about "she is so rude and basically a bitch because she is out of her element She hates everything about life from her lack of sight to the death of her father and even that of her Ada who she felt betrayed her by lusting after her lover If it were up to Meg she would let her sister rot but since Ada is her sister and endangered herself by selling the counterfeit ewels Meg has no choice because of family honor to save AdaEven though the forest may seem a pretty big place to get lost in Will and Meg keeping coming in contact with one another They actually need each other Meg needs his eyes and for Will to help her save Ada Will can t turn away from Meg because he finds her to be very intriguing She gives him a sense of honor and begrudging respect Will feels he finally has a purpose when it comes to Meg and as he learns who this particular woman is he begins to fall in love with herNot only does Will have to work for Meg s respect and love he has to face his own internal demons such as the ones he has for Robin and Marian and his guilt with working for the other side He also has to stay alive and make sure Meg is safe because Will s former employer the Sheriff of Nottingham now wants Meg for his own evil plans and will kill anyone who gets in his wayWhat a Scoundrel Wants has a lot of action tension and many layers to the characters Carrie has written This is a gritty story where violence torture and greed is a way of life Meg suffers a great deal from the injustices against her I can understand why she acts out the way she does but it got to a point that I wanted someone to smack her and tell her to get over it we all have problems you snotty brat Yes Meg reminded me a bratty little girl who would throw a temper tantrum to get what she wanted At least Will wasn t a push over and wouldn t put up with her crap When he left her by the river to fend for herself I wondered if Meg had fallen into the river by accident and could have drowned would I have been sympathetic I don t think soMy main peeve with What a Scoundrel Wants was the character of Meg I did feel for her anguish because of her handicap and everything that has gone wrong in her life but enough is enough Because Meg is so bitter towards her sister Ada for impeaching on a past lover Meg feels that Ada should suffer like she has So what if Ada is at the hands of some deranged psycho who likes to use his knife to cut Ada s tender flesh Ada had the audacity to steal her blind sister s boyfriend at the time I also found the way that Meg treated Will was very harsh Again I understand that she couldn t trust him right away but her harpy like attitude towards him was a bit grating And when horny Meg decides to literally mount Will while he is under a fever induced sleep because he was hurt saving Meg I was disgusted I can t figure out at the moment why Meg would want Will because you can practically see her seething with hate for Scarlet And since Will is weak and Meg is straddling his naked bits with her own naked ones he has no choice but to give Meg what she wants This is essentially a forced seduction scene and there was not emotional attachment between the two Meg needed a warm male body to uench her desires and Will had no other choice but to go along with it That scene left me very unsatisfiedI was interested in Will and his inner turmoil especially when he confronts those demons As for his epiphany toward Meg where he comes to the conclusion that he loves her that doesn t ring true to me I never saw anything between these two that would make me think that they are perfect for one another If Will had saved the day and left Meg to look for brighter pastures I wouldn t have been surprisedOther than my issues with the love story between Meg and Will I found Carrie s writing to be almost lyrical in her telling I fel. In this dazzling original tale Carrie Lofty imagines a new chapter in the well loved Robin Hood fable Meet Robin's rakish nephew Will Scarlet a man whose talents with the sword and the ladies are legendary until his desire for one woman changes everythingA Passionate LoverA swordsman for the Sheriff of Nottingham Will Scarlet has finally emerged from his famous un.

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What a Scoundrel WantsNg lady safe he discovers that she is blind and cannot testify that she visually knows that he was not part of the murdering swordsmen Also she has her own reasons to not like him or want to help him Surrounded by others who may be friend or foe Will struggles to find a way to prove he is innocent and that the Sheriff is guilty of plotting murderThe beautiful Meg lost her sight as a young girl but has learned to live with the help of her sister Meg practices and experiments as an alchemist like her father before her There is antagonism and distrust between the sisters but Meg does not realize the depth of her sister s anger and feelings that she is trapped by Meg s dependence Will doesn t think he is good enough for a woman like Meg and Meg doesn t know if she can trust any man But they are drawn together by their troubles and their heated desires Can they grow beyond their own vulnerabilities and fears to share love and life after the battles are done Each Chapter starts with a bit of a poem or saying related to the legends of Robin Hood I like that sort of blurb for each chapter and these give a bit of hint as to what will happen in the chapterBoth the hero and heroine are clearly flawed and vulnerable but very likeable characters I really liked the strength shown in Meg s character that was developed to offset her blindness The action kept the story moving as I wanted to know how they were going to get out of trouble and I kept guessing at who was the real villain A great spin off from the Robin Hood legends I think i m going to have to give upI have no idea what s going on I think there s some sort of raidthe hero and heroine appeared to have been captured by the Sherriff of Nottingham who is not Alan Rickman There s an unappreciative sister but I don t understand why she s so whiny I m pretty sure the hero and heroine are supposed to be in lust with each other but buggered if I can see it Hmm I wonder if my latest book shipment has arrived as yet I really want to read that Kresley Cole one I gave up after Chapter 5 for the following reasons1 A book that starts out with action and throwing the hero heroine immediately together is one of my peeves I feel like the author is forcing me to careidentify with two people who I m not even on the first name basis with Lofty also dropped so many details about other characters and their relation to the Hh that it was dizzying So Meg has a sister named Ada and Will knows Ada from some fair and the sheriff is good except he s not and there was some betrayal going on and Will kills men he was ust in alliance with a few pages earlier Sure movies start out with a bang sometimes with great success like Gladiator but there was simply no groundwork at ALL in the first chapter here to give me any connection whatsoever to the people who were scrambling around with swords in the woods The cryptic way Lofty shared these details seemed like she was writing about characters and their backstories which she knew uite well in her mind but didn t bother to fill in the reader It s sort of like a careless fanficcer in that way writing within an established universe and leaving stuff out because knowledge is assumed I think having a bang of a first scene was given higher priority than coherence My impression of the first couple chapters was watching a soccer game played by 8 year olds with ADD It was ALL over the place2 Meg the heroine How ridiculously angry she was and her emotions were utterly wasted because apart from a cryptic comment that she hadn t seen anything in 5 years I had absolutely no idea why she was being such a harridan Maybe I was supposed to be intrigued by her behaviour and be impressed when it was slowly revealed that she had loads of baggage involving her sister but I transferred the premise to real life and found it lacking If someone comes at me like a raging btch but then their twagic past is revealed afterwards that first impression is still the one that will linger3 And what was up with the inexplicable male rape So Meg needs to scratch an itch after clawing the dude and being thoroughly disagreeable and we get treated to that in Chapter 5 Again who are these people and why should I care By the end of that chapter Meg could have died and I wouldn t have cared Likewise I cared not a bit what she and Will would get up to in the rest of the book so I threw it to the side Why waste timeThe I read some of these hot new titles the I prefer the older romances obnoxious sexual politics and all By the time the Hh embark on a shared path the author usually established each of them on solid ground Love em or hate em I know who they are as people This tendency for instant gratification to have the protagonists thrown together from the first chapter ust Isn T My Cup Of Tea What Is The Theory t my cup of tea What is the theory my love for the characters will come later I m sorry I fell for the hype surrounding this book I ll get my Merry Men ollies elsewhere Well I gave it a shot sadly I couldn t get into it It should have been fun I love robin hood And a member of the gang Lots of potential But the writing the writing was ust to annoying I had to keep going back to reread things Then there was the plot It was much to confusing even for "me There were like a million things going on at once and to many hints at back "There were like a million things going on at once and to many hints at back that weren t getting explained but mentioned But my biggest issue was this sex scene So I get that instant sexual attraction and interactions are probably pretty common in these sorts romance books Shirt rippers I call em But this wasn t like that It wasn t sexThis Was RapeSo the main man will scarlet got hurt So he s all wounded and feverous So meg our heroine fixes him up and even gives him some herbs So OK that s nice Then he falls asleep And she starts touching his face to see what he looks like cause she s blind Then she starts touching his chest and it all goes bad from there He was hurt and had a fever and was all hoped up on her weird alchemy shit And she straddles him and starts raping him I don t care if he liked it He was not in a right state of mind to be doing that It Was RapeAnd to make things worse meg makes a fucking oke out of it She pretty much said it was OK for her to do because she was a girl and when he asks what the difference was between some dudes touching her early in the book and whaf she had International Organizations just done she goes you were asleep Like that made it ok No it s not Its NOT OK It was sick and wrong and in NO way was it sexy God it pissed me off I think I may have try again later on this one orust get rid of the damn thing but I hate to get rid of a robin hood novel Don t read Go find a different robin hood book if you want to read about him I can recommend much better ones Ones that don t include Laurus jerks like meg I finally was able to finish the book on Wednesday debated whether not it s worth a review it s cathartic sometimes after reading a mediocre book I tried really hard to like this book cuz I luved the seuel Alas it s a lost cause mainly cuz the story arc made me feel like a tossed salad the nasty heroine killed the book for me The oversexed heroine is so spiteful downright rude vindictive ungrateful irascible to define her succinctly an utter bitch that I wondered why oh whyyy the hero felt attracted to her off putting demeanor bad attitude Being blind is not an excuse for being a bitter pill I believe she s the most unsympathetic heroine I ve ever read in my misfortune When I say she s oversexed I m not implying that she s the height of her slutdom Will got injured while trying to save Meg To massage acid onto his sore open wounds the nuts numbing heroine inexplicably forced herself on Will tho he got no problem sporting a boner once her blind groping intensified Bitch in heat shoulda been the title of the chapter The non consensual boinking on page 39 caught me off guard cuz I didn t see it coming such an early stage From antagonism to insta lust 0 200 mph Wild horses couldn t have torn the friction luving heroine away A mind boggling passage to illustrate her logic defying excuse After theuicy coupling Will But why do it in my sleep Wout my permission Meg Because taking is enjoyable than asking Will I m certain those men on the road thought the same of your struggles Meg Hardly the same instance Will U touched me for your pleasure wout my consent Explain the difference Meg U were asleepI put this book on my suspension pile that point Having read the seuel prior to this CL seemed to have written the kinks out in the seuel cuz Scoundrel s Kiss was polished in terms of plotting execution characterizations W this preuel I had the vibe that CL tried too hard to make the plot too intricate that it came across as convoluted maze like that my simple overworked underpaid brain felt like scrambled eggs when valiantly trying to be n sync w who what s going on LOL The conflict w Robin felt contrived In her attempt to portray a multi layered heroine she took a wrong turn somehow steered the damaged heroine into bitchville Patience has never been my forte the belligerent heroine ust aggravated my overstretched nerves beyond a Ed her mission to save her imprisoned sister who's been arrested by none other than Will Scarlet Meg wants to hate Will for betraying her family but he sparks heated desire in her heart a desire that only he can satisfy Meg is lovely and loving and bedding her is sensual bliss To please her in every way is what he wants mostfor Will knows he will cherish her forev. T like I was reading a ballad a medieval poetry about knights whose armor is less than shining The action scenes were great and I could taste the blood and desperation in the air I was also very intrigued by Ada and the relationship she had with Peter Finch the Sheriff I think there was than meets the eye between these two and not ust the one introductory scene of torture Finch inflicts on Ada I am not sure if Carrie meant to keep this a mystery or if something was left out because I feel that a few interactions were missing between these two The final scene between Ada and Finch was somewhat confusing mainly because the way Ada overreacts to Finch when he tells her he will never let her goI have been on the fence as to what grade to give What a Scoundrel Wants I did find Carrie s writing excellent and the atmosphere of the novel to be incredible but I couldn t get over my dislike with Meg and the lack of chemistry between her and Will Their romance Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck just didn t do anything for meI have to hand it to Carrie for finally giving a most beloved character his own story Iust wish his mate would have been worthy of his love As book reviews go this one is actually one of the difficult ones I ve tried to write I say that not because I have any reservations about whether or not I liked this book no contest there I totally loved it The difficulty stems from trying to describe a very intricate plot explain exactly why I liked it and trying to cram all of it into a readable marginally concise reviewP Everyone and most especially romance readers has some sort of preconception be it literary or cinematically based regarding the Robin Hood legend and the familiar characters many of us have known and loved since childhood For me it was Erroll Flynn in those impossibly gay green tights which didn t seem so impossibly gay when I was 10 years old and suffering from a major crush on a guy who I later found out much to my annoyance died about a year before I was even bornP What a bummer Erroll was hawt When Kevin Costner did Robin Hood Prince of Thieves back in 1991 I was in near ecstasies I certainly thought Kevin was hawt at the time so this worked for me Coincidentally Marsha Canham released the first book in her Robin Hood trilogy Through A Dark Mist later that same year and though I discovered them some years later anything I have read since that deals with the Robin Hood legend has had that series to measure up to as well Enter Carrie Lofty and What A Scoundrel WantsLofty doesn t attempt anything so ambitious as attempting to rewrite her own version of the Robin Hood legend A wise move for a new author in my opinion What she did instead was write something that could respectably dovetail with almost every other popular adaptation of Robin Hood most especially with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves What A Scoundrel Wants could very nearly pick right up where the film leaves offWill Scarlet is the hero of this tale and rest assured flawed though he may well be Lofty s Will is very much a hero Beta male and rebellious as ever about building a life in the shadow of Robin Hood his uncle in this case he sets out to make a life of wine women song for himself employed by the new sheriff of Nottingham As sheriffs go the new guy is actually uite a bit nastier than Alan Rickman was in Prince of Thieves and not nearly as entertainingUnfortunately for Will he is set up to be the patsy in one of the sheriff s nefarious plots and in the process of extricating himself from a very sticky and life threatening situation he comes to the aid of a lady in distress another potential patsy the heroine Meg of Keyworth Meg is a very brilliant and gifted alchemist shunned by the local populace as being a mad witch She s blind due to a childhood illness meningitis stubborn prickly in a way that other romance heroines tend to merely flirt with being and she was on her way to Nottingham to rescue her sister Ada from gaol where she has been held since Will arrested her on the sheriff s behalf a few days previously She has also discovered how to create counterfeit emeralds which her sister was arrested attempting to sell Will rescues Meg and leads her off into the forest thinking she can clear him from any wrongdoing in the murder of a local nobleman Once he realizes she s blind and then discovers her identity he offers to lead her to Nottingham himself thinking he can somehow barter her to clear himself Upon discovering Will s identity Meg realizes that he s the man who arrested her sister and that she can t trust him and she sets out to lose him In the process of tending to Will s injuries Meg finds herself very strongly attracted to Will and they have a brief and very unexpected sexual encounter She sedates him slinks away because have a brief and very unexpected sexual encounter She sedates him slinks away because knows she can t trust him or herself around him They are uickly reunited however when Will is captured by a band of outlaw foresters led by a thief scoundrel named Hugo who seems to "have taken it upon himself to fill the vacant shoes of Robin Hood In a nutshell Hugo is "taken it upon himself to fill the vacant shoes of Robin Hood In a nutshell Hugo is swine and Meg stumbles across the outlaws in the process of hanging Will and the murdered local nobleman s son who they captured in the forest Meg persuades Hugo who she has a history with to release Will and the nobleman and they set out once again to rescue Ada Meg isn t pleased to be back with Will but recognizing that he has saved her life than once she resolves to use him in her uest to free her sister and then part company with him at the earliest opportunity Will realizes by now that Meg is the one who made the counterfeit emeralds and that he can use her to keep his neck out of the hangman s noose And of course during all of this mutual plotting and planning Meg and Will are still very attracted to each otherSound complicated It is But it works well in terms of building suspense and a fair degree of sexual tension between the HH The external conflict keeps Meg Will together and forced to depend on one another and in the process allows their relationship a chance to develop It s rocky and very mutually self serving at first but both characters develop well in the process as their initial impressions of each other begin to change Meg continues to be stubborn and than a little annoying but when Will comes through for her when it really counts she realizes Rumunia. Koniec złotej epoki just exactly what sort of man he is he s a heroI can t say that everyone is going to appreciate Meg as a heroine I found her very difficult to warm to at first myself Will is no saint either though and in terms of what his brain tells him he should do in the interests of self preservation Meg isn t far off the mark when it comes to character assessment From the moment that he encounters her however he never actually does take the easy road and act in his own self interest It s not uite the completeourney to accepting himself as a noble and self sacrificing hero his illustrious uncle s eual in any way But he s on the right track and he does get there eventually once he s able to face Robin again and they can finally resolve past differences and misunderstandings And Robin Hood once he does arrive in the story is the perfect compliment to Will as a brother in arms rather than as a cardboard prop or as a rival for Will s place as the hero of this story Lofty manages to write him his contribution to resolving the external conflict and his oftentimes troubled relationship with Will in such a way as to lose nothing of his larger than life heroic character In other words Robin Hood has than Simply Irresistible (Girl Friends just a walk on role in the story but from beginning to end Will Scarlet is the heroI very highly recommend this story especially to historical lovers who enjoy highly visual actionadventure tales Lofty can swashbuckle with the best of them IMO She has a very uniue talent for taking something that should feel as familiar as an old shoe and turning it into something original and unexpected Her love scenes are at once steamy and so tender they ll curl your toes her characters multi faceted and interesting even when they are less than perfect sometimes downright despicable I had a little difficulty with getting into their heads and fully understanding what exactly they thought they were doing at times but always felt like I was in very capable hands with this author and that everything would come together in the end And it did very well Almost surprisingly well from my point of view I didn t expect to like this book as much as I did The cover title don t do itustice in my opinion but like the characters it s what s inside that countsGrade A Sensuality Rating R Genre Historical Romance My Rating 45 of 5I really enjoyed this historic romance with its vulnerable characters and fast paced actionWill Scarlett is bitter and resentful that he is always in the shadow of his famous Uncle Robin Hood He has taken a Miracles in Unexpected Places job as a swordsman for his old enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham Hearing a woman s screams he rushes in to rescue the young woman He then discovers that he is the intended fall guy to be accused and arrested for the murder of her noble escort As he is trying to escape and keep the beautiful you. Cle's shadow But when he's unwittingly drawn into a bloody battle between the Sheriff and a nobleman it's impossible to tell friend from foe A woman's screams lead Will straight into the carnage to save her but the ravishing young lady is not the helpless maid she appears to beAn Amorous LadyMeg of Keyworth lost her sight to illness years ago but that hasn't stopp.