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E back of their mind argh really It wouldn t have been a Big Deal To Me deal to me that the author would make a point for us to know the bad guy was there watching would make a point of having Howard ignore his instincts and then make a point of doing it over again After the first or second time I don t buy it I mean come on he already knew he d been targeted by a psycho and he ignored his instincts I don t think so On the flip side Howard was sweet and sensitive but still dominant and very male I loved him ached for the five year old boy he was and the scene where he at 5 realized his own father would kill him with this latest beating I mean good Lord what a tear jerkerKat and Howard s relationship was great until Kat pushed for answers he couldn twasn t ready to give her and she left him 3 days later a previous fling picks him up at the gym and while he tells her no he lets her follow him home And ven though he decides on the drive that no one but Kat will do he still lets her grope him right there in the driveway and kisses her for a bit before letting her down Dragon Heart: Sea of Sorrow. LitRPG Wuxia Series: Book 5 easy But he doesn t get the chance to let her downasy since Kat had come to make up with him and caught him with his pants downI hated that it never got resolved to my liking Too much happened in between that scene and the Memburu Jodoh explosion to really do much Andven though Howard apologized Kat s motions were valid She couldn t handle his pain and confusion Not when she couldn t handle her ownI don t know why I love that line but sine Howard s motions are Ibn Khaldoun: Naissance de l'Histoire Passé du tiers-monde either hiddenrepressed or just in a turmoil I thought it a very poignant reminder to the reader that Kat can t doverything in the relationshipI give it 4 stars and I liked it a lot but I don t think I m all fired up to read the next one Maybe later but there are others on my to read list that sound better 5 stars Romantic SuspenseA very steamy romantic suspense featuring a sexy firefighter hero Howard Six Pack Paxton and a feisty female lead a teacher named Kat McKenna whose relationship burns hotter than a four alarm fire It s total fluff but lots of fun and seriously H O T I A Great Deliverance ended up liking this book than I thought I would There are some minor details that could have been better like not using the word shazaam EVER in a romance book but overall it was a fun read The author wrote some veryngaging characters and a fast moving story I love the firefighter theme I wish romances would include them I will be reading the rest of the series I can t wait to read about the hot ItalianLatin stud I Prank Night (Leisure Horror) enjoyed this first installment of the Firefighters of Station Five by Jo Davis First off I have to mention that the hero is a 6 6 260 pound hot fireman Can you get fantasy material that that I don t think so It took me a few chapters to overlook the guy s unfortunate name Howard just doesn t cut it I did really like Howard He came from a horribly abusive childhood and wasventually adopted by a wonderful couple Now at 36 years old he s starting to have nightmares about his childhood He is not sure if the dreams are memories or just nightmares He s also been celibate for a full year because he was tired of feeling used and عقلانیت و معنویت empty afte Opening Line Lieutenant Howard Paxton gritted his teeth against the burnvery muscle straining as he pumped three hundred pounds of iron from his bare sweaty chestWELCOME TO THE MEN OF STATION 5Howard six pack Paxton loves being a fireman in his down time this confirmed bachelor lifts weights to perfect the six pack rides his Harley and hangs out with the other members of station 5 Everything changes however the night A shift responds to a house fire and Howard finds himself administering first aid to the curvaceous Katherine McKenna She has literally fallen into his arms suffering from smoke inhalation and once she opens fallen into his arms suffering from smoke inhalation and once she opens yes the sparks fly This pair can t deny their attraction to ach other and Yesterday's Love even though Howard has sworn off woman because he s tired of being used for his body and wants out a relationship than just sex he s willing to make anxception for the beautiful blonde schoolteacher Just as their relationship starts to smoulder an arsonist makes himself known and tangles Howard up in his demented plans of vengeance Now those closest to him are in danger of becoming the next potential victims as a ruthless string of fires roars closer and closer to home TRIAL BY FIRE was a surprisingly great read full of action and suspense smoking hot love sc. Curvaceous Kat McKenna falls into his arms at the scene of a fire and melts the six foot six tower of bronze muscle But just as passion ignites be. This book had a really good premise and I did finish it feeling satisfied with the outcome but I had problems with the book as I read My initial issue was the first meeting between the hero and heroine The heroine has just recovered consciousness after a TSTL moment the home of her parents friends is burning and a body has just been found handcuffed to the bed This all manages to be overshadowed by her overwhelming attraction to the firefighterparamedic Howard Paxton who is treating her and she flirts teases him by calling him Howie and makes certain that he knows her phone number is listed In the situation they were facing this lighthearted behavior did not ring true for me and it set the stage for did not ring true for me and it set the stage for I felt about the relationship between the hero and heroine for much of the book I have read plenty of books where there is an immediate overpowering attraction between the characters but between these two it felt somehow forced and not natural in the begininng of the book The day after this initial meeting the hero and heroine go on a date and are already talking about a possible relationship between them I didn t Molitva druga enjoy much of the dialogue between them it was something about the language they used withach other and I hated the heroine s continual use of Big Guy when she was talking to the hero With all of that said the hero and the heroine were both likeable appealing characters The hero had much baggage to overcome and the heroine desired to help in any way possible By the Vocabulary in Practice 2 (In Practice (Cambridge University Press)) end of the book I finally felt that the feelings between the two were real and genuine The author introduced several very interesting minor characters one of whom will be the hero in the next book Even though there was much I didn t like about the author s writing I will read the next book Her characters are just too interesting to not give her another try Kat McKenna is keeping anye on her parents home and that of the neighbors they are vacationing with and she is shocked to discover the friends house on fire After Hiking with Nietzsche On Becoming Who You Are entering the burning house with a garden hose Kat is overcome by the fire and passes out Fireman Howard Paxton treats Kat and the two are immediately attracted to one another Howard calls Kat the next day and invites her on a picnic As the two begin a relationship the instigator of the fire that caused their initial meeting begins to send notes to Howard Another similar fire soon occurs and the arsonistkiller again contacts Howard While Howard tries to come to terms with the fact that he is being targeted by this murderer Kat is dismayed by Howard s inability to open up to hermotionally While they struggle with relationship problems that are based on issues from Howard s past Howard continues to be besieged by the killer In order to have the possiblity of a future with Danni Howard must be freed from the danger he faces and he must remember and deal with the horrific Un mese con Montalbano events of his childhood I had plenty of problems with this book but I do believe that the author is gifted with character development Even though I found aspects of the book annoying and didn tnjoy the dialogue between the hero and heroine I cared about what happened to them Several minor characters were also introduced and given Aliens T03 Poudrire enough background to make me want to know what will happen to them Davis characters are interestingnough that I will definitely give her BOOKS ANOTHER TRY HOPING THAT OTHER another try hoping that other of her writing will improve I really njoyed this book the arsonist storyline was nhanced by getting the arsonist s point of view but it wasn t over done to the point of me thinking really from the bad guyI loved Howard and I liked Kat a lot but her corny phrases drove me nuts And to be honest the firemen were almost true to life but not one had a potty mouth I m not one for cursing I never have been but sometimes men just cuss Now I m married to a fireman have been for 8 years this month and very last cuss Now I m married to a fireman have been for 8 years this month and very last of them swears If you ve read JR Ward s BDB the firemen I ve known sound like her menBut other than that the story was great I liked how the romance wasn t overshadowed by the mysteryaction And I really liked how we could guess who the bad guy was about mid way throughnot too soon and not too late The only thing I actually did not like was that from the beginning ither Howard or Kat would feel their hackles rise feel like someone walked over their grave or feel like someone was watching themBUT they would shove it to th. Dont get burned Lieutenant Howard Six Pack Paxton loves three things being a firefighter riding his Harley and his bachelorhood That is until the. ,

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Enes and a complex yet tortured hero The multi layered plot kept Me Guessing Throughout And guessing throughout and antagonist was genuinely vil However the first few chapters are really silly and after having it pounded into my head Astonishment of Origins French Seuences every few pages justxactly how good looking muscular strong and Primavera, estiu, etcètera enormous 6 6 240 Howard is and listening to internal dialogue with the words Shazaaam and Ka pow I then had to wipe away the tears of laughter at having his man bits described as among other things a divining rod and renegade there is also mention of Mt St Helen s before resigning myself to just sitting back andnjoying a complete cheese fest However it s at this point that author Jo Davis confused me by writing a great story with an actual plot Somehow she s managed a perfect mixture of corny fun with thrilling action and heartbreaking post traumatic stress It s also obvious that Davis has done her homework here and spent time within a fire hall and with real firefighters because her technical descriptions as well as those of life in the house and the feeling of brotherhood among the men are spot on I also Asylum Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals enjoyed the relationship between Kat and Howard and loved the fact that Katmbraced her curves and had no desire to be a size 2 Her struggle to get Howard to open up about his nightmares and abusive past without shutting down and pushing her away were well done and their relationship as a whole was believable My only real problem was with Howard s abrupt change in character whenever he got his freak on Outside of the bedroom he never swears and is a giant teddy bear of a man however get him between the sheets against a wall or in the hot tub and he turns into a sexual dominant with a nasty mouth Thankfully we have also been introduced to the other hard bodied men of station 5 and I can t wait to read their stories Under Fire is next up in this scorching new series Cheers I took this out of my Purgatory shelf yesterday to give it another try It now goes into my Mission Aborted shelf The first few pages were okay but this second time around I was convinced the author wanted to make firefighters look like horny adolescents with not a shred of good senseWhy lse would she make her hero have his brain wrapped about the heroine s breasts in a house on fire Seriously I do not think ANY firefighter focuses on anything but getting the occupants out to safety and putting the fire out Horny bastard he may be but he won t be ruminating about the softness of the woman s breasts while a fire is raging I not only like my heroes to be disciplined on the job totally focused and a professional I can trust not to be distracted in a dangerous situation it s what turns me on I would NOT be attracted to an idiot who can t keep his mind on the jobAnd why a name like Howard I really njoyed this his mind on the jobAnd why a name like Howard I really Patti Smith Dream of Life enjoyed this fast paced romantic suspense about a hunky fireman with a troubled childhood and the fiesty teacher he falls in love with This is the first book of a new series called The Firefighters of Station Five and it s a winner If younjoy the authors Beverly Barton or Karen Rose I think you ll like this one I will say although the suspense aspect of the story is similar to B Barton s stories the romance part is way hotter than Princesa adormecida either Barton or Rose It s downrightrotic at times I just loved Lieutenant Howard Six Pack Paxton what a hottie no pun intended I look forward to reading the next book in this series by this talented author Under Fire due in May of 2009 35 starsI Greta Thunberg Little People BIG DREAMS Book 40 ended upnjoying this oneLike that the heroine was ordinary curvy and in May of 2009 35 starsI 101 Recipes for Microwave Mug Cakes ended upnjoying this oneLike that the heroine was ordinary curvy and stick thinSome of the old cliches used You re mine which annoys me no The Ultimate Reality and Realization endInterested in reading about the others at the Firehouse Seanspecially At the risk of sounding like a broken record I am a huge fan of Romantic Suspense Until recently I had no idea there were so many authors who could write the genre and really do it justice but lately I ve had a windfall of great reads within the Romantic Suspense field including this book Trial by Fire which happens to be my first Jo Davis read Kat McKenna is house sitting both her parent s home and the home of their neighbors across the street who are taking a cruise together Like any house sitter worth her weight in whatever house sitters are worth she stops by to water their petunias which by the way was very believable to me and notices a fire has started in the living room of the neighbor s home She calls 911 grabs a garden hose and rushes into th. Tween them and they A History of the Councils of the Church Vol 3 explore new heights ofcstasy a ruthless arsonist with a deadly secret and a thirst for vengeance becomes their worst nightma. Trial by Fire