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Der Unterschied: Was den Mensch zum Menschen macht hMonkey lives in the beautiful jungles One daye wakes up grumpy and e knows somethings off Everyone is asking im what s wrong and An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything he s tired of everyone onim So Ella's First Exam: A Medical Exam Fiction (Ella's Exams Book 1) he s grumpy let it be He blows up and finallye s able to realize that it s a good day to be grumpyIt s a great "Story About Sometimes We Just "about sometimes we just to sit with our feelings One of my favorite things about Whinnie the Pooh is ow they include Eeyore They don t expect im to be Principios de economía política happye can join the group and still be sad and that s okay I just love that I think this story too was getting at that Sometimes it s simply a grumpy day We don t always Aunt Jane's Nieces have to be 100% super chargedappyIt as some great artwork and I would be down to read the next book My usband is a professional illustrator Conseuently you ave to be bloody good at what you do to get me to enjoy your children s picture book let alone impress me enough to get me to read your book multiple times and point at various pictures and laugh like a yena and try to pet some of the animals you drew because they re so damn cute and start cooing in an especially idiotic baby voice about Beneath the Moors and Darker Places how frick n adorable that angry goddamn monkey isSoats off to you Suzanne and Max LangSuzanne Lang as written a very simple story with a very simple message that in my opinion very rarely gets center stage in children s picture books Sometimes you are grumpy and there s not a damn thing you can do about it except be grumpy Way too often I find that children s books that focus on feelings feel the need to fix those feelings The bunny is on feelings feel the need to fix those feelings The bunny is and as to do x y and z to get This Beats Working for a Living: The Dark Secrets of a College Professor happy again Its incredibly important for children to learn that grumpy or sad is normal and evenealthy Taking the emphasis off of correcting a perfectly way to feel and putting it on accepting and processing it is just so refreshing to seeIts also We'll Make It Through handledilariously Every attempt that gorilla monkey s best bud and neighbor makes to The Silent Earth: The Complete Trilogy helpis friend cheer up is portrayed with a Looney Tunes level of madcap lunacy He s invited to dance up close and personal with the porcupines encouraged to ug someone by a boa constrictor and my personal favorite urged to eat old meat by the scavenger Marabou stork just to name a fewUltimately e blows up at everyone and The Age of Apollyon huffs off byimself where e finally realizes e just needs to be grumpy right nowEverything about this book delighted me Max Lang s illustrations are just epic He Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples has toave done Disney animator levels of observation to so perfectly capture the various animals portrayed ere The titular grumpy monkey is so ugely alive on every single page and grumpier and grumpier until The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 his finalilarious explosion of epic grumpitude Lang walks this very fine line between a very innocent cartoony style and super realism with the way The National Debt: A Short History his animals move He gets so much character to come through in each picture His colors are incredibly bright and everythingas a wonderful joy and energy to it We ve read this multiple times in my Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific house in the last few weeks and the whole idea of letting yourself feel whatever you re feeling rather than trying to fight itas really resonated with my littlest one Every time we finish A ilarious picture book about dealing with unexplained feelingsand the danger in suppressing themJim the chimpanzee is in a terrible mood for no good reason His friends can’t understand it ow can e be in a bad mood when it’s SUCH a beautifu. ,

Grumpy MonkeyAkes and They re all in ere with Jim But Jim s faceHahaJim s very expressive face made me smile aww and sympathize with im 100% But Jim s faceHahaJim s very expressive face made me smile aww and sympathize with Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde him 100% allave cranky daysAnd that s it The message That s my favorite part of this book It as such a simple and true message that any and all readers true message that any and all readers relate to it The power of the words really caught me off guard actually view spoiler Are you still grumpy Yes said Jim but I ll probably feel better soon enough tooFor now I need to be grumpy ide spoiler Grumpy Monkey is a great conversation starter about The Hiding Place how it is okay to notave a good day as long as you do not urt someone s feelings Author Suzanne Lang tells of ow Jim Panzee is aving a pretty tough day but e does not want to admit it when asked by The Elephants Journey his various animal friends He decides instead to pretend that everything is fine and smiles to maskis true feelings However Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' he ends up feeling worse becausee is not being true to imself Even as adults we understand the dangers of iding our feelings and putting on a front Only after acknowledging Changing Face of the Hero his true feelings tois friend Norman does Jim begin to slowly feel betterWe all "have rough moments Occasionally we The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry have rough days It is important that we allow ourselves toave these "rough moments Occasionally we StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story have rough days It is important that we allow ourselves toave these and be It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life honest with ourselves about them However we must also ensure that we do not use these grumpy feelings to treat others poorly The story ends by leaving us with another powerful message it is good toave someone we love and trust to share our feelings withSpecial shout out to Max Lang who provides the beautiful illustrations that Lignin Biodegradation help drive the narrative Poppy Dad I m mad at youDad Poppy are you pretending to be grumpy so that you can pretend to be not grumpyPoppy YesDad I thought so What did you guys think about the bookEleanor Uh I liked itPoppy I loved itGwen It was goodDad Gwen you know I thought about you the most while I read this bookGwen Oh Um Cool Poppy did you know that on Monday you re going to see me in a playDad Do you know whyGwen Um because I m sometimes grumpy I guessDad Not reallyGwen WhatDad That s not really the reasonGwen What is itDad You often like toide your feelings When you are grumpy you don t like to talk about why you re grumpy You re not grumpy very much but when you are you don t like to talk about it Do you agreeGwen Um a little bit I guess YeahDad Poppy you said loved the bookPoppy YesDad WhyPoppy Because it was the best Well not the best but it was so good It was funny Pure Chance he said I m NOT GRUMPY Ande says it weirdDad El what about youEleanor I liked the book especially when it said Maybe you should dance And dad you checked last time we read it and it was the porcupine that said it And THEN it was Norman who danced with the porcupine but ended up falling on itDad Yeah that was a good catch by you It s weird that you re the only one who can t see the pictures and yet you re the only one out of all of us who caught that That Norman took the porcupine up on The Lady and the Lionheart his offer El Laughing That s funnyDad Yeah It was a good text to text connection I liked the book because I sometimes get annoyed too when I m grumpy and everybody is asking me why I m grumpy Can t I just be grumpy sometimes. O this very important lesson This picture book is an excellent case study in the dangers of putting on aappy face and demonstrates to kids that they are allowed to feel their feelings though they should be careful of urting others in the proces. ,

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T e throws up is arms and says sometimes you just need to be grumpy Now if the Langs would just write a book on the merits of room cleaning or not throwing solid objects directly at your brother s ead Jim Panzee what a character He s grumpy but Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church he won t acknowledge itEvery one of usas been where Jim is And then we ve felt crappy about bringing everyone else down This is such a great wake up call to realize ow our moods affect about bringing everyone else down This is such a great wake up call to realize ow our moods affect both good and bad When a cute little monkey just needs a damn ug I want to be Grumpy Monkey s friend Heck I AM Grumpy Monkey 910 of the time Picture books are deceiving They ide big stories within their little bindings This is a story we all need to ear it s okay to feel your feelings lean into them as long as you don t urt others in the process Norman the gorilla s butt bandaged anging with Jim the grumpy monkey at the end is classic Look closely at the photos for ilarious side stories the snake ugging is meal on one page the snake fat Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism hanging from a branch on the next My son absolutely loves monkeys So I absolutelyad to get this book for Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory him even if maybee is too old for these books Just look at the wonderful bookcoverThis book mainly talks about feelings and about the fact that sometimes it is ok to feel grumpy and sad It is not a big deal and you can bounce back when you feel readyIn the book Jim Panzee wakes up in a bad mood and Charming the Firefighter his friend Norman tries to cheerim up with the elp of almost every animal in the jungle Jim tries to feel good to make Normal appy Unfortunately every emotion Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales he shows looks fake Even the smile onis face Maybe The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles he just wants to enjoy being grumpy in peace and uiet It s a wonderful day to be grumpy I bought this for my infant son a couple weeks ago but didn t read it toim until todayBasically a chimp named Jim Panzee get it wakes up in a bad mood and is friend Norman won t let im enjoy Jim Panzee get it wakes up in a bad mood and is friend Norman won t let im enjoy in
*peace norman drags *
Norman drags all over the jungle trying to cheer Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War him up untile gets into a fight with a porcupine and winds up in a bad mood imselfI didn t see that twist at the end coming I like that the book ended with both Jim Panzee and Norman pissed off Norman trying to cheer Jim up reminded me of ow we treat people with depression like they just need to drink water or go outside or somethingThe illustrations were great I ve subjected myself to some shitty children s books the last three months but this one was pretty cool Four out of five pissed off chimps 45 StarsLOOK at that cover DJim Panzee woke up in a grumpy mood His day felt all wrong even though it looked like such a wonderful day all around Jim s grumpiness showed itself in Žemyn galva į Australiją his tight stance bunched eyebrows and frown Look at that face HahaI look like that on Monday mornings As Jim moved throughis day though friend after friend ask about is mood and try to turn is frown upside down So why is Jim in such a bad mood on such a beautiful day Is there a reason Jump in and seeThe illustrations in this book are chock full of fun Every color detail and facial expression brings such life and movement and emotion to the story Look at the eyes and faces of every animal Monkeys peacocks zebras lemurs sn. L day They encourage Último asalto him not tounch to smile and to do things that make THEM Fear (Tricycle Teachings happy But Jim can’t take all the adviceandas a BIT of a meltdown Could it be that e just needs a day to feel grumpySuzanne and Max Lang bring ilarity and levity .