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This is a difficult book to review On the one hand it was interesting and informative and tells a story that must have been the one hand it was interesting and informative and tells a story that must have been traumatic for the author On the other hand I felt a ittle frustrated because I couldn t really connect to Rezaian as much as I had hoped Of course I felt for him and his family for what they had to go through but somehow there remained a distance between him telling the story and me the reader which prevented me from being as moved or engaged as I had hoped I would be Rezaian s bias and resentment is totally understandable but some of his commentary felt elitist and not in keeping with the journalistic tone I assumed he would take given the fact that he was a journalist for the Washington Post at this time I also didn t think the actual writing of the book was that good but it was engaging and interesting and felt relevant to the current times as well I Ooko listened to this as an audiobook and the author narrates himself and while I commend him for it because I m sure it s not easy I also felt aittle irritated at times because he mispronounced names fairly often and also yes I know I m awful he always said nucular instead of nuclear and I just wonder why no one thought to tell him I sound so mean eek I guess I just expected something a Naked little different than I got This all being so it was obviously a traumatic and scary experience I cannot even imagine going through and it shed someight on a country that is in the news so much these days though as I said obviously not an unbiased oneFind reviews and bookish fun at Frustration is writing a review that disappears Only doing this a second time because the book deserves it At times I felt ike I too was serving time in an Iranian prison I had to hurry up and finish it so I could get out of my sordid cell Parts of the book are monotonous it needed to be this way for me to understand the experience Jason and his wife Selehi are ambushed and imprisoned over trumped up charges They are accused of being spies primarily because they started a tongue in cheek Kickstarter to bring avocados to Iran Since The Rezaians spent parts of each year in CA and Iran Jason was missing avocados The Iranian captors were sure that this was a code word for some nefarious goings on It was not They saw his disorganized email and felt that this was evidence that they were trying to spy None of their charges made any sense but they were after one thing only a confession by Jason that he was a spy Actually Jason was a Tehran bureau chief for the Washington Post who was trying to report fairly on Iranian politics and culture His wife was Iranian she too was jailed for part of his imprisonment Although was not physically abused he was mentally tortured There was no routine just threats of death solitary confinement and endless interrogations He mentally tortured There was no routine just threats of death solitary confinement and endless interrogations He consistently blindfolded when he eft his cell and never knew what was around the next cornerAlthough Jason had no way to know it Claim The Crown lots of people including Mohammed Ali wereobbying for his release His mother and the rest of his family were persistent and brave throughout the ordeal One of his saving graces was that he never Nerds lost his sense of humor One of the guards kept begging him to sing them a song He made him stand then sang The Star Spangled Banner Innocent people are being sent to Iranian prisons every day We need to put a stop to this foolishness but itl never happen while DT is president Serving time when you are innocent must be one of the worst ordeals a human can suffer Jason is currently writing opinion pieces for the Post and contributes to CNN I m glad he wrote this book I feel bad for giving a memoir about time in an Iranian prison a bad review but that s where we are It was all him I hope he s not as horrible in person as he comes off to be in the book The part that really stuck with me is he s at trial trying to get his freedom back yet he s worried about mocking the female In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, lawyer for her mustache It hurts to give a memoir a bad review and even so a memoir of captivity Soet me preface this review by saying that I have nothing but respect for Rezaian and all he endured I am sure it was even difficult and complicated than he detailed in this book and anything negative I write here is directed toward the book and how he portrays himself and events in it not him on a personal Bark level or hisived experiencesI told Jeremy early on that this book was really good Then today I told him I finished it and that I didn t ike almost hated it What changed Well it s simple I got to know the author You see this memoir is one of those books where you find yourself not really wanting. “An important story Harrowing and suspenseful yes but it’s also a deep dive into a complex and egregiously misunderstood country with two very different faces There is no better time to know about Iran and Jason Rezaian has seen both of those faces”     Anthony BourdainThe dramatic memoir of the journalist who was held hostage in a high security prison in Tehran for eighteen months and whose release which almost didn’t happen became a part of the Iran nuclear dealIn July 2014 Washington Post Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian was arrested by Iranian police accused of spying for America The charges were absurd Rezaian’s reporting was a mix of human. .
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books I to finish it though I wanted the details of the end But I had to push through all the name dropping arrogant racist and sexist remarks he felt so inclined to make Disgusting comments that somehow passed through his editor To be honest I am a Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! little shocked that he is a professional writer yet his writing was awful There were tons of moments where he threw things in in the middle of chapters which never came back to connect to anything else I was confused in aot of moments It s unfortunate This could have been a decent book if the narrator wasn t so absolutely terrible When someone comes up to Jason Rezaian throws THEIR ARM AROUND HIM AND WANTS arm around him and wants hear all the juicy bits about how he underwent torture at the hands of his Iranian jailers they are somewhat taken aback when they discover that he wasn t physically assaulted but underwent trauma at an even deeper evel of the soul To such a person it is even deeper evel of the soul To such a person it is as vicariously thrilling But to read this generous and at times humorous memoir is to experience what this man suffered for 18 months not knowing whether he was going to walk free or undergo worse And during the early part suffering the anxiety of not knowing what Yegi his wife was facing since she had been arrested at the same time as he It takes nothing away from the page turning uality of this book to know that they both survived their ordeals and Mastered (The Enforcers, live in the United States In fact whole sections reduced me to tears The continued efforts on the part of Yegi his mother and brother Ali as well as his Washington Post confederates were instrumental in securing his release but it is his spirit and his ability to find something toaugh at each and every day that has made his eventual healing possible As with most books written by reporters the writing here is clear sharp and to the point Last night I had the privilege of seeing him in conversation with W Kameau Bell his wife and mother also in the room His persona is one of gentle humorousness intelligence and makes me all the happier that things have turned out as they did for him A great book and not what I expected I am embarrassed to share that I did not know much about Jason Rezaian s story other than the fact that he was in an Iranian prison and was associated with the Iran nuclear deal I assumed that this would be a prison memoir in the category of Unbroken with the author enduring and overcoming the trauma of abuse in captivity There is no torture in this book and that is part of the terrible deception of Rezaian s imprisonment His captors often emphasized that their treatment of him was not that bad They didn t beat or physically abuse him After spending months in solitary he was given a roommate and the prison allowed him regular kabob deliveries and conjugal visits with his wife But none of this erases the fact that he was falsely imprisoned for a year and a half of his Man, Son of Man life in a nation where he had aegal visa to do the exact work that he was arrested for with no due process was regularly interrogated for the duration of his captivity and was separated from his wife and family with Alter Ego lies being spread about him on an internationalevel not that bad Rezaian maintains a tone of fearless contempt and ridicule for his captors regularly referring to them as clowns and calling his judge without exaggeration one of the dumbest people I have ever encountered This is a reminder that fools can ruin ives just as much as evil geniuses or sadists It s also a reminder that the bar should never be owered to did they get tortured as a barometer for hardship in any country False imprisonment can destroy people period Well much Uncommon Wisdom like the release of Jason Rezaian from the Iranian prison I am not free to move to another book Rating a memoir is very difficult his recounting is only of 544 days so it is just a short period of time out of hisife and of a time when he is frustrated frightened and terribly worried I did appreciate the honesty with which his memories are presented and I feel for him each of the days he Unseen City lost butife is rarely fair in the Art long run If you work a safe jobive in a safe city then you are God Is in the Crowd likely to have a safeife But those who risk are ikely to get and sometimes the is than they expected The issue at hand is how to rate the memories of someone so the writing was not anything special The memories were rather glibly presented although I am not sure what he could say to make them deeper and meaningful The book was interesting and really nothing It was not than I expected nor his reaction ess than one would expect from someone who is angry and frustrated 35 stars Happy Reading. Clear dealIn Prisoner Rezaian writes of his exhausting interrogations and farcical trial He also reflects on his idyllic childhood in Northern California and his bond with his Iranian father a rug merchant; how his teacher Christopher Hitchens inspired him to pursue journalism; and his The Matriarchs (The Family life changing decision to move to Tehran where his career took off and he met his wife Written with wit humor and grace Prisoner brings toife a fascinating maddening culture in all its complexity“Jason paid a deep price in defense of  journalism and his story proves that not everyone who defends freedom carries a gun some carry a pen” John F Kerry 68th Secretary of Stat.

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To spend time with the author s overt presence But Guess What This Author S Overt Presence Is On Every what this author s overt presence is on every because a it s a memoir of b his time in prison There is no escape to be had and he is insufferableLet me be specific in this book he comes off as culturally insensitive at bestracist at worst He is misogynistic He is petty He is mean And he takes every opportunity to be sarcastic or to show contempt You know it s getting bad when you start noticing these things and then say to yourself well but he IS unjustly imprisoned in Iran and then you reply to yourself but stillSo yes but still Here is an example of cultural insensitivity that made me gasp out oudDue to a difference in the number of days between the Islamic When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) lunar calendar and the accurate one that the rest of the world the world that hasong understood and accepted that the Earth revolves around the sun uses My dude I don t even know what to say to thisHere are some examples of him never missing a chance to disparage a woman in the roomWhen he meets his wife and her friendssisters It Update I ve a had a few months to sleep on this and I thought it s fair if I reduce my rating to 1 starI feel No Biggy! like a total asshole for giving this book a bad review Butet me explainI m an Iranian and I deeply hate the Iranian government and how they treat people They are unjust brutal and terrifying at best and I would never ever ask someone to go and visit Iran while the current regime exists I ve Crush It! left Iran 5 years ago and so far I ve heard of many of my friends being imprisonedike Jason for things they have not done I m sorry that Jason went through that and I think I can understand the terror and anger he must have felt and still does to this day But I need to talk about Jason himself in this book because several things bothered me I Attracting Birds to Your Backyard listened to the audiobook and he himself was the narrator This was not a good idea because now I know that I haven t imagined his tone His sexist and racist remakes the constant profanity and smugness being proud of weird American thingsike McDonalds and private jets the name dropping making fun of people s accents attire and Deep Listening looks thinking that he s above everyone and everything because he s an American citizen commanding his elderly mother constantly to do and many other small instances of his douchebaggery in this book really put me off The ugly city that he saw from the plane wheneaving Iran was the same city that made him famous before being imprisoned that is the same city he was bragging about Bird-by-Bird Gardening living inike a king in the beginning of the bookI really wish that he had thought a bit about the words he chose when writing this book I mean I understand that he s angry and he wants the world to know what he s been through but this is not the way This book is the definition of nonfiction that reads ike fiction The author Washington Post Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian was arrested by Iranian police in July 2014 He was accused of spying for America which was and is absurd He details the initial arrest which took place in his and his details the initial arrest which took place in his and his s apartment and the thoughts that were going through his head Is this for real this sound ike a movie plot and It was so implausible but it was happening He s blindfolded way before BirdBox fame when he was taken out of his cell even to meet his own Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone lawyer Threats of death and dismemberment were tactics that were used almost daily on him One can understand why prisoners get worn down by interrogations uite scary Jason wasucky in that his brother worked hard to My Teacher Is a Robot lobby for him and started a social media campaign FreeJason all while Iranian courts used him as a bargaining chip in negotiations for the Iran nuclear dealI read an advance copy and was not compensated I feelike this book is a missed opportunity I had heard about it on Pod Save America and Jason was a guest The book sounded really interesting and I was hoping to Supper Club learn It was good for about the first 5% After that the narrator became totally unlikeable It is hard to say that in a memoir about being a captive in an Iranian prison but it s true The narrator s voice started to feel so inauthentic as he was constantly just aiming for praise He sike the cool kid in high school that never gets over it The entire book was full of name dropping famous people who a Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) lot of times had nothing else to do with the story besides being mentioned once There were SO MANY cringey moments Jason is a misogynist and a racist He will take any opportunity he can to disregard a woman commenting on what she s wearing and how sheooks To be honest I put this book down several times and never had a desire to pick it up and keep. Interest stories and political analysis He had even served as a guide for Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Initially Rezaian thought the whole thing was a terrible misunderstanding but soon realized that it was much dire as it became an eighteen month prison stint with impossibly high diplomatic stakes While in prison Rezaian had tireless advocates working on his behalf His brother obbied political heavyweights including John Kerry and Barack Obama and started a social media campaign #FreeJason while Jason’s wife navigated the red tape of the Iranian security apparatus all while the courts used Rezaian as a bargaining chip in negotiations for the Iran nu.
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