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Sed the pond and she believed it was because he wanted to sell some of his horses Little id she know she was part of the of his horses Little Two Girls, One on Each Knee (7) did she know she was part of the horseflesh marriage Daddy s connection with high society I felt aeep empathy for Stella She was intelligent kind considering how her father and several others treated her self sufficient and Touched by Love down to earth She was given little time after learning of her father s betrayal before the murder of the local vicar wasiscovered The very last thing she wanted was to be married Initially I wasn t sure about Lyndy but in a short time he won me over His family needed an infusion of money to save their estate He was to be sacrificed as much as Stella But after witnessing Mr Kendrick s PUSH deplorable behavior and realizing hisaughter had little say in the matter Lyndy went out of his way to become her champion Murder at Morrington Hall was strongly reminiscent of 1905 acceptance of class and their Snuggle Up, Little One distinctions were part of everyday life The mystery suffered from those matters typical with the first story in a series There were many secondary characters that were introduced and keeping track of who was whom was a littleaunting I wished Stella and Lyndy spent time together and fewer moments were The Undead Uproar (A Charlie Rhodes Mystery devoted with Daddy Lady Atherly and Mrs Westwoode The whodunit was complicated enough to keep me guessing until almost the end I have enough confidence to follow their exploits with book 2 when it is published I look forward to reading of this couple s forays with murder and mayhem Clara McKenna sebut novel Murder at Morrington Hall is the first in a promising new mystery series Stella Kendrick is an American heiress from Kentucky who is under the impression that she is accompanying her father for business to First Born (Torchwood, deliver some of their racehorses to be presented as a wedding gift She is horrified toiscover after her arrival that she is part of the buisness eal as well Her father has arranged a marriage for her to a member of the British arisotcracy and the racehorses are being offered to sweeten the ealStella Venix (Pravus, discovers theeception the very Blood, Iron And Gold day of her arrival and isetermined that she will not be managed by her father won t be married off to this stranger Her intended groom is the Viscount Lyndhurst or Lyndy only son and heir to the Earl of Atherly The estate is failing and so saving it rests on thier ability to marry their son to a young woman from a wealthy family while thowing in a few race horses for good measureThe book starts of being about this marriage arrangement and Stella and Lyndy s feelings about the arrangement but it soon takes a turn towards mystery as the pair stumble across a The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor dead body in the library The murder is only the start of strange things happening around the estate Stella and Lyndy learn to work together as they seek to find the responsible partyA lovely little cozy mystery and a uick read it s engaging and entertaining There are red herrings and plot twists too that keep the story going and the mystery fresh well worth the read There were several subplots which would normally weighown a mystery and On Grand Strategy detract from the story but the author balanced them all so perfectly I m very excited about this author and will be looking forward to reading the next in the series to see how thingsevelop between Stella and Lyndy and to jump into a new mystery I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new author and is a fan of the cozy or historical mystery genres I received a copy of this book from Kensington Books via NetGalley This is my honest review I love historical mysteries and historical romance the combination of the two was what immediately rew my attention to Murder at Morrington Hall Unfortunately I thought the mystery and romance were both rather underwhelming If one had grabbed my attention I am sure that I would have enjoyed this I loved Stella as a character and her rive to be than her station and gender will allow her to be Sadly her romantic foil and sleuthing partner Lyndy Seven Brief Lessons on Physics did not measure up to Stella synamic personality Lyndy was by far the best male character in the book but considering the others ie Stella s Tomasin Bigotes dad the bar was not high Perhaps the series will build on these characters but for the first installment I felt that the characters and the mystery lacked substance Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley Review coming soon 25 stars I really liked the atmospheresetting of this and the country house mystery was a light rompy good time The heroine Stella was also aelight the problem is that aside from the Inspector NONE of the other characters Writing Doesnt have to be Lonely deserved to make eye contact with her much less be related to her marry her hang out with her etc so I was actively rooting against the romance and pretty much wanted her to steal a horse some cash and go be a ladyetective somewhere far far awa. Ly be on the right track with each other until they find the vicar who was to marry them Full Circle dead in the libraryWith culture clashes mounting between families a scandalous murder case hangs over Morrington Hall Now Stella and Lyndy must go from future spouses to amateur sleuths as they team up to search for the truth and prevent an unbridled criminal fromestroying their new life together right out of the gat. Murder at Morrington Hall A Stella and Lyndy Mystery #1This is an enjoyable and at times humorous

cozy mystery set in Edwardian that is the first in the Stella and Lyndy historical cozy mystery set in Edwardian England that is the first in the Stella and Lyndy stories by Clara McKenna pseudonym for Anna Loan Wilsey We are introduced to the feisty American heiress Stella Kendrick who travels with her uncouth crude father to attend a wedding and bringing with them their prize thoroughbred horses as wedding gifts to the upper crust English Searlwyn family the Earl of Atherly and Lady Atherly and their son Viscount Lyndhurst of Morrington Hall In short order the author introduces the AmericanEnglish culture clash the cruel eception of a father who "Has Planned An Arranged Marriage For Business And Title The "planned an arranged marriage for business and title the of upper class society the potential pitfalls of horse racing and gambling an uncertain romance and of course a murder The characters are well elineated especially that of Stella in her efiance and persistence Lyndy s character was a bit reserved but probably appropriate for his class and the manners of the period well presented There are secrets behind the facades that Stella and Lyndy come to uncover in order to solve the murder There is a satisfying result to the story and the personal relationship between Stella and Lyndy that has been riddled with oubts will be allowed to bloom or not with their engagement and Stella s education into British etiuettemanners is to begin rather than an immediate marriage that Stella s father had The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World desired Further adventures ahead as this book is the first in a series The author makes good use ofescriptions of the landscape the small English villages wildlife and mention of the New Forest region as historical background and also of the history of arranged marriages between American heiresses and English titled families who reuired financial support especially between 1869 and 1911 In the author s note at the end of the book McKenna reminds us of this history of marriages between aughters of wealthy Americans and English titled aristocracy for mutual benefit in such families as Colgate Gould Jerome Astor Vanderbilt and Whitney who exchanged ollars for titles Not that bad of a book And I wasn t really sure when it came to the reveal though I had a bit of an idea but not the why so that was extra fun I think this could be a fun series I like Stella very much and Lyndy COULD be a good character Looking forward to the second book As a lifelong resident of Kentucky but an ardent fan of British mystery and crime books how could I not be rawn to a new series featuring a young woman from Kentucky who is betrothed to a young English lord Add to that Stella Kendrick is an independent thinking horsewoman whose father is famous for his race horses and horse farm and Murder at Morrington Hall is an irresistible read for me The time period is a favorite of mine too he early 1900s 1905 to be exact when so much change is occuring in the world and inventions are on the rise to bring the 20th century into a wonder of convenience never before seen The Daimler car Stella her father and her aunt arrive in at the English estate of Morrington Hall is the first taste that the proper English family of Lord and Lady Atherly have of the Americans and their faster less formal approach to lifeStella Kendrick is excited that her father has included her in his trip to England where he is taking his prize thorougbred and a couple of other horses to an English estate where their stable is in ire need of new blood Her father even included Stella s horse Tully that she rides so that she wouldn t miss him while in England Or this is the scenario Stella believes up until it becomes painfully obvious upon arrival and upon meeting Viscount Lyndy Lyndhurst the son of Lord and Lady Atherly that the real reason for the horses accompanying them is a marriage Cemetery Lake (Theodore Tate, deal between the set of parents With Stella s mother beingeceased it is Stella s unfeeling father who ecides that his aughter will help to raise his social standing by marrying the young Lord Lyndhurst Furious with her father and tripping all over herself from being out of step with the English way of The Condors Shadow doing things Stella is miserable So sheoes what she has always Watch Your Language done in her loneliness growing up with aisinterested father she goes to the stable for comfort from her horse where she runs into Lyndy who also uses horses as an escape from tedious responsibilities While they Land of the Ever-Living Ones do bond over their love of riding and Lyndy is uite the charming considerate man Stella is far from convinced that marrying him is her fate Of course she soon has an encounter with her father who ensures her that she willo as he says Mr Kendrick is not a nice man and readers will be impressed by Stella s strength in the face of his brutalityAs is the English custom tea must be observed that first afternoon and the vicar who is to marry the cou. Stella Kendrick is an all American heiress who can't be tamed But when the lively aspiring euine trainer tangles with British aristocracy she meets her match and a murderer Spring 1905 Free spirited like the Thoroughbreds she rides across the Kentucky countryside Stella takes adventure by the reins when she's asked to attend a mysterious wedding in rural England But once she arrives at the lush Morrington. Ple will appear at tea to iscuss matters When the vicar oesn t show up at the appointed time Lyndy offers to show Stella around the up at the appointed time Lyndy offers to show Stella around the while vicar The Book of Dreams doesn t show up at the appointed time Lyndy offers to show Stella around the house while look for him as the vicar was to have been waiting at the house The two find the vicar in the library but he won t be performing anybody s wedding every again He isead and it is murder Yes my anglophile self lover of British mystery is uite happy with the ead in the manor s library and found at tea time situation But this is no simple Professor Plum in the library with the fire poker Well it was the fire poker but Finding The Murderer Is Going the murderer is going be a journey any mystery reader will savor Stella and Lyndy learn to trust each other uickly as they are thrown into uncovering facts and evidence that will lead to the killer While Stella s American style of conducting herself may clash with the English approach it is helpful to her and Lyndy s efforts to accomplish that goal and Lyndy gets the chance to see Stella as she really is something he is intrigued by and most receptive toI can say without a oubt in my mind that Clara McKenna has given readers the first book in what will be a winning series The consistency of its engaging writing from page to page is what makes it a book that s unputdownable It is simply a well written captivating story The characters have all been given an excellent start in their Rethinking Hell development Stella and Lyndy have already shown a maturing of minds and an ability to evolve into a future that they control Their wittyialogue The Little Red Train demonstrates the intelligence and relatability of the two While Stella s father and Lyndy s parents could be said to be stereotypical of the boorish American and the uptight British it is the place where they must naturally start with the futureetermining whether they can overcome their prejudicial temperaments The minor characters that include Lyndy s sister Alice the staff and the police have also presented a great potential for growth and inclusion in the continuing story line And the setting should get a nod too the New Forest region with its wild New Forest ponies and countryside It speaks of much mystery to unfold which every great mystery series should have I received a copy of Murder at Morrington Hall from the author and my review is my absolute true assessment of how much I enjoyed it and how much I think other readers will love it too May 1905 Viscount Lyndhurst is awaiting the arrival of his new American bride with some trepidation Due to his father s favorite hobby collecting horse fossils the estate needs an infusion of cash and who better to provide it than the Supply Chain Management For Dummies (For Dummies (Business Personal Finance)) daughter of an American horse breeder It s a nice bonus that Mr Kendrick hasecided to throw in a trio of racehorses as well Unfortunately the bride Stella Kendrick of Lexington Kentucky and New York has no idea what is in store for her future Stella is La Chronographie DElie Bar- Inaya, Metropolitain de Nisibe delighted Daddy wants her to accompany him to England when he makes a gift of horses to the Earl of Atherly She is loathe to part with Tully her favorite horse when she returns home Daddy has other ideas Stella and Tully are to stay permanently in England when Stella marries the Viscount The sooner the marriage takes place the better according to Mr Kendrick Lady Atherly is appalled Then Stella and Lyndyiscover the bloodied lifeless body of the vicar on the library floor Inspector Brown can hardly get straight answers out of any of the household upstairs or Addison Cooke and the Ring of Destiny (Addison Cooke down The local publican hasn t seen anyone suspicious only a grockle someone from outside the New Forest region When one of the horses goes missing Inspector Brown believes the crimes may be connected He needs people to tell him the truth and he also needs Stella and Lyndy toiscover the Ecstasy and Holiness darkest secrets of the houseguests and servants Meanwhile Stella must make up her mind whether to riskefying her father or marry Lyndy Lyndy enjoys staring at Stella s graceful ne Murder at Morrington Hall by Clara McKenna is the first in a new historical cozy mystery I found the pace of the plot to be slow at first but after the introductions of the characters and the Biased detailedescription of Morrington Hall and the surrounding English countryside the pace picked up uickly Stella is a lovely American heiress who has a strong and Eric distinctive personality Being raised by an abusive and arrogant father she finds she prefers horses over people for the most part Once Stella and Lord Lyndhurstecide to work together to resolve the murder the story flew as the red herrings plot twists and viable suspects became the center of attention It was an enjoyable afternoon read and a good beginning for this new seriesI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All of the above opinions are my own 350 starsStella Kendrick an American heiress was bamboozled by her father They cros. Hall estate her cold and ambitious father confesses that he won't only give away his best racehorses as gifts he has also arranged to give away his Hustle Believe Receive: An 8-Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream daughter as bride to the Earl of Atherly's financially strapped son Stella refuses to be sold off like a prized pony Yetespite a rough start there's something intriguing about her groom to be the roguish Viscount Lyndy Lyndhurst The unlikely pair could actual.

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