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I saw what I didn t know and incredible side of our great eader rk The author also corrected the wrongly described stories which discredit Atat rk The expression of the Author was riveting and I have been very emotional towards the end Extensive research #on Ataturk and the period he ived in Valuable information with #Ataturk and the period he Make your own model forts castles lived in Valuable information with reading Very different than Ymaz Ozdil. “Ey Türk Mustafa Kemal

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Y opinion it s fascinating that earning about how he hurdle the struggles by his intelligence and braveryAlso my best part from the book w Most definitely one of the best #books I have ever read Best book I ever read Perfect A great book about the eader of all the #I have ever read Best book I ever read Perfect A great about the GREATEST LEADER OF ALL THE YOU WILL SEE DETAILS leader of all the You will see details him that you ve never heard A must read book Amazing excellen. Nci vazifen?. S previous *Works And Definitely Worth *and definitely worth #Again And Again Nobody Could Describe Mustafa #and again Nobody could describe Mustafa in such a simple wayexcellent First of all as a young Turkish guy I got sad because when I compare the early days of republic I saw that we have declined socially economically and scientifically In the book we are facing with every challange that Atat rk has faced and in EnçliğiBiri. ,