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The Cypress Tree lSo Mordred is born and Merlin declares he s evil and he s going to kill the king Mordred spends the next 200 pages saying I m not evil and I m not going to kill the king He says this over and over to himself the reader other characters all while drifting thoughife at Camelot as pretty much The Only Sane Man and shaking his head all damn what is up with all the fights to the death with each other and the raping unarmed womenThen Merlin shows up again and says no seriously you re evil and you re going to kill the king with a pretty graphic vision to back it upSo Mordred shrugs and says well guess I m evil and going to kill the king So he doesHuhI would have The Kings Spy (Thomas Hill, loved a Camelot story from Mordred s point of view something that gives his actions justification something that showed why he made the choices he does and how he gets to the final battlefield but this no did not do that Mordred is a young boy raised by a fisherwoman He was young and happy until a woman rode up on a horse and took him away Her name was Nyneve and she knew who Mordred really was He was the only son of King Arthur But instead of his birth being a joyous occasion the king tries to have him killed as a baby Merlin prophesized that Mordred would kill King Arthur because of the nature of his birth Mordred was conceived in an incestual relationship between Arthur and his sister Morgause Nyneve takes Mordred toive with his mother Morgause in the castle with her husband who is a king in a neighboring Doctor Illuminatus land At his mother s castle Mordred is met with only cold greetings and noove As the years go by Mordred The Real Witches Kitchen learns to cope with theoveless relationship that he has with his mother and brothers Nyneve gives him a puppy that she is able to watch over him a creature that is the only thing he ever The Preachers Kid loves When he becomes of age he is able to travel to Camelot to become a knight at the round table of King Arthur Mordred wants to hate King Arthur for what he tried to do for him but he finds King Arthur to be a kind and nonjudgmental man While the rest of humanity treats Mordred as though he is evil Arthur treats himike any other of the knights in his court Mordred goes on a uest to find a solution to fight his fate and keep him from killing King Arthur The author delicately handles difficult themes such as incest murder affairs and death These themes are common throughout the O Testamento legends of Camelot that are taught in high schools and should not be glossed over The book starts out on a serious noteetting the reader know what is in store for them When I was a baby my father tried to kill me 3 The reader is informed in the beginning of the story that it will be a grim depressing tale The story is told in first person which poses a problem for the death of the character The author handles this by having an afterward that is told in third person that explains to the reader what happens after Mordred ceases to tell his tale I think that this is a "book that would be a great accompaniment with a Gangbang Slut lesson on theegends of Camelot "that would be a great accompaniment with a One Con Glory lesson on theegends of Camelot Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows legends have veryittle personal connections The characters and their actions are the only things mentioned and there is very The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) little dialogue Storiesike this *Help To Give The Characters Personality And Help The Reader *to give the characters personality and help the reader to them The author handles the issues that the book presents in a delicate manner Mordred is the product of incest and this is an issue brought up in the book The issue of sex is not graphic merely implied Therefore I do not think that this would be a problem for a mature class It should definitely be included in school Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, libraries About the author Nancy Springer has been writing for forty years She wrote dozens of books and three of them won awards The Mordred Book was one of them that won I don t know how well it sold because it was written in 1998 and after the turn of the century she stopped writing Camelot type books and began writing a series of young adult mystery novels I don t know if those sold well or not either and I don t know if she plans to write any because herast book was published in 2007Now about I am Mordred It s a wonderful A Fairly Honourable Defeat little book just a few words than a novella but so artistically crafted that it begs to be savored slowlyike fine gourmet cuisine So many sentences that just melt in your mouth but the good thing is you can read them over and over again and say Gee I wish I could write a sentence that beautifulThere s the obvious research too I can tell she spent four times as many hours doing the research than she spent Writing The Book I the book I she wrote the book slowly too though for its size You can t write such beautifully crafted sentences fast Her research includes all the true historical evidence about the Arthurian period making the story ring true I was a bit disappointed when she paid homage to Sir Thomas Mallory by including Lancelot and the uest for the Holy Grail briefly in her story and was tempted to knock off a star just for that Lancelot is a totally fictional and totally unnecessary imo character made up by Mallory almost a thousand years after the end of the Arthurian period Mallory also crafted the fiction of the uest for the Holy Grail from his imagination No such thing ever happened Mallory wrote fiction not based on any historical fact Springer writes historical fiction based on facts given in many sources I forgave her for the Mallory rubbish when I read the Epilogue which is the most beautiful part of the book I won t say why because it was a surprise I don t want to spoil for other readers I cried when I read it not because it was sad but because it was sooooooo romantically ovely This book is ike a prose poem Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue like poetry than a conventional novel It doesn t rhyme or anythingike that but its so poetic It grabs your emotions just The Man Without a Face lik. Mordred only wants his father'sove but Camelot believes Merlin's prophecy Arthur's killer The. I Am Mordred A Tale from Camelot

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One of the most enigmatic and mysterious characters of Arthurian egend is Arthur s illegitimate son Mordred Unfortunately he is also one of the Gone (Gone, least explored In a market flooded with preachy badly written Arthuriana I Am Mordred shinesike a rare dark gemThe book opens with King Arthur sadly setting dozens of newborn babies adrift on the ocean Several years Threads Of The Shroud later we see a young boyiving peacefully with a fisherman and his wife Their happy All Seated on the Ground lives are interrupted when a woman named Nyneve rides in to bring Mordred back to his biological family the royal family of Lothian However they are not pleased to see him He soon finds out why he is the product of incest between King Arthur and his half sister Morgause and is destined to kill his father someday Shocked by this Mordred goes to Camelot and soon begins craving his father sove and acceptance He is also terrified of the prophecy that he will kill Arthur and does everything he can to fight it But can he fight his destiny or only fulfil itOne of the primary themes is whether a person is born bad Mordred has in his Untitled. lifetime done nothing wrong Yet he is treated as a pariah by the people around him Hisoneliness is broken only by Arthur and by Mordred s dog Gull While traditional Arthurian Wiring legends seem to be based around the idea of Mordred being evil because of his incestuous conception Springer simply breaks those ideas apart Nobody is simply born to be evil Destiny and fate are some of the items that are also explored Mordred seeks a way to avoid fulfilling the prophecy but risks fulfilling it through avoidance King Arthur is a good supporting character surprisingly complex Springer portrays him as an essentially good man who committed a terrible crime in an effort to save himself and his kingdom and who regrets it He wants toove Mordred as Mordred wants to be Against All Odds loved but is as afraid of the prophecy as Mordred isLike I am Morgan Le Fay this book is of a psychological work that raises new uestions to previous assumptions I definitely recommend this book to all fans of CamelotMore of Purplycookie s Reviews Book Details Title I Am Mordred A Tale from CamelotAuthor Nancy Springer Reviewed By Purplycookie Originally posted at FanLithttpwwwfantasyliteraturecomrevi35 starsAlmost all the modern stories derived from Arthurianegends focus on King Arthur ueen Guinevere Sir Lancelot Sir Gawain and Merlin Why does Mordred the man who eventually brings down the whole shebang get such short shrift There s plenty of source material most notably Geoffrey of Monmouth s Historia Regum Britanniae and Thomas Malory s Le Morte d Arthur Maybe it s that Mordred isn t very romantic Or maybe we just don t Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage like reading about people who are hard to root forIn her novel I Am Mordred Nancy Springer flips theegend brings the traitorous Mordred to tragic The DOS life and makes him easy to sympathize with When we meet Mordred he s a happy child being raised in aoving home by hard working fisherfolk His Against All Odds life changes when he s discovered and taken away Now heives with a cold mother a heavy burden Merlin has publicly prophesied that Mordred will kill King Arthur and a *Huge Helping Of Guilt King *helping of guilt King killed all the babies in the realm when he found out about Mordred s birthBut Mordred doesn t want to kill anybody He s a sensitive child who just wants to be Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism loved and accepted by his scheming mother and the kind father who refuses to acknowledge him as son Can Mordred findove Can he defy his fate or is he destined to fulfill itI Am Mordred is a short sad novel with a sympathetic anti hero Nancy Springer s prose is pretty and she brings a Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils little piece of Arthurian Legend toife as Mordred gives his candid impressions of Arthur Morgause Morgan Le Fay and others In addition Springer explores such subjects as the nature of family Payment Due loveoneliness original sin self determinism fate and free will honor shame and guilt and the function of the soulI Am Mordred is marketed to children aged 10 and up As far as children s iterature goes the tale is rather somber and dark dealing with incest adultery murder and death but it s tastefully done and none of it is graphic or glorifying Nancy Springer succeeds in illustrating the esson that we should always try to ook at events from or glorifying Nancy Springer succeeds in illustrating the esson that we should always try to The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, look at events from people s perspectives I wouldn t hesitate to recommend I Am Mordred to children but keep in mind that it s dark and sad Springer doesn t change theegendary endingI Turbulence listened to Steven Crossley narrate Recorded Book s version of I Am Mordred I enjoyed this production You are than noble she said Her voice was soft and made me think of wild roses as did the softness of her pale pink mouth as did her fragranceight and fresh and free You are a king s son I Am Mordred is a novel about our main character Mordred King Arthur s son and his struggles to fight against his faith As a baby Mordred s father King Arthur tried to kill him by sending him and a group of newborn babies to the sea because of Merlin s prophecy that he would kill King Arthur Tropical Bioproductivity later on in hisife Years and years passed and now Mordred returns to Camelot to meet his father and see if he really is a terrible and evil man that he saw him as This novel surprised the hell out of me It started out slow and at the beginning I even thought about putting it down but after 50 pages or so the story got so interesting and I finished the novel in one sitting I Elizabeth Ann Seton loved reading about these characters the struggles they faced and the amazing world of King Arthur Ioved how Mordred was presented and how he was just a human being that was wronged by his father He wasn t evil he was just a kid To conclude if you re a fan of this mythology I definitely recommend picking it up and struggling through the beginning to get to the amazing rest of the novel. D can be good traps manipulator Merlin gives boy white pup Gull takes them to his mother's cast. E all really good poetry doesAll of the book except for the Epilogue is written in the first person point of view of an unreliable narrator Mordred Merlin has prophesied it s Mordred s destiny to kill his own father King Arthur Mordred is a good guy in this book and doesn t want to do this so he fights valiantly and ferociously against this destiny That s the plot of the book and it s what happens all through the book up until the Epilogue where well I can t say you have to read it yourself Don t peek at the Epilogue though you l miss a wonderful experience if you do The interest in reading this sprung mainly from my current Merlin kick In all honesty I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it I figured that it would play out as of a children s book that wouldn t hardly scratch the surface of the pain and conflict that Mordred felt Boy was I ever wrong I Am Mordred was a beautifully told story about a very conflicted and struggling boy The characters were realistic as well as the dialogue and setting Mordred s Folk Tales From the Soviet Union life has always been one full of pity and tragedy When he was just a baby his father King Arthur tried to kill him Without his knowing he survived and was found by a fisherman who took him home After so many years Mordred finds himself being taken away from his adoptive family and being placed in another home but this time with the nobility Taunted and sometimes just ignored Mordred grows up here knowing that his father is King Arthur He alsoearns that it was foretold that he would be the one to kill his father in the future and thus becomes so conflicted and worrisome that he yearns for answers At fifteen he is sent to Camelot with his older adoptive brothers to become a part of Arthur s kingdom It is here with his father that he hopes to find the answers that he s been Ulysses and the Trojan War looking for his entireifeThe writing was really wonderul Nancy Springer did a fabulous job in detailing Mordred s inner struggles from child to young adult We really got a feel as to what was swirling around in his head and doing so made me feel so much for him Also she set the scene in such a realistic way that it was almost Tall, Dark Rich like watching a reenactment on the History channel It was all done so beautifully as well it was all just so very very goodPacing wise I had no problems with this book The transitions are smooth and not rushed at allThe characters were also written and developed in a nice way We get to see Mordred s transformation in a smooth way and how much conflicted he becomes within himself His thoughts and feelings are obvious and present and portrayed in a realistic manner By the end of the book I just really wanted to give the boy a hug We also got small backstories on Nyneve who was a vital person in Mordred s growth and Morgan Le Faye Truly they were all done so very well that I don t have many complaints Their dialogue was well done and fit the time and their actions just the sameOverall I Am Mordred was a nice and beautiful story of a boy coming to terms with who he is and will be The writing as well as characters were spot on and truly fit the era of time Nearly everything about this book was beautiful If you re into Arthurianegend or anything of the sort then I do recommend that you pick up this book and The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles let it move you as it did me 5Recommend If you re into Arthurianegend and are curiousIf you want to read *a nice story about a magical boy who finally finds himself The ending *nice story about a magical boy who finally finds himself The ending my heart Narrated by Mordred Spinger humanizes the infamous villain making him sympatheticI found while reading a similarity to the ancient Geek tragedy of Oedipus A surprisingly complex bookMordred for those of you who aren t aware is a figure from Arthurian egend The illegitimate son of King Arthur was demonized in the original text due to his birth Here his side of the story is told And it s not as simple as misunderstood softie Instead it s a study into the idea of fate and self fulfilling prophecyMordred has been marked as the man who will kill King Arthur since his birth which caused the king to cast all the babies of his kingdom out into the sea Having survived this ordeal and arriving at a fishing village in which his childhood is spent Mordred is then picked up by a woman named Nyneve who becomes his closest friend and the one who is determined to see to it Mordred does not kill ArthurI Am Mordred s main theme is fatalism versus our ability to decide King Arthur comes off as a very nice man who has made poor decisions in His Past Indeed Aside past Indeed aside Nyneve Arthur is the person nicest to Mordred But he seems resigned to the notion of Mordred as his executioner The uestion that I Am Mordred asks is does fate alone produce these kinds of tragedies or does faith in fate cause them Once Mordred succumbs to the idea of fate he becomes brazen unwillingly and regretfully yet constantly moving towards what he perceives as his destiny But what truly causes this What is fated to happen is not known but is fate simply a perception Anything can be claimed to be fated to happen What is the answer That uestion and its answer Or ack thereof is what made I Am Mordred a highly memorable read and one of my favorite stories from 2012 It s truly a shame that it s so underratedIf there is one mistake that this book makes it s in the ending The epilogue answers uestions that were in my opinion interesting to ponder and think about on our own Though I concede that the bird was a clever plot point I think that the ending simply Learning to Dance in the Rain lacks the ambiguity that made the rest of the story so good and is aow point in a story that is otherwise well written well thought out and surprisingly complex Mordred is one of my favorite YA characters the world is well built and the themes truly are a joy to read This book is truly worth a read. Doomed narrator forever dressed in black fights his destiny Only Rebel (The Change, lovely Nyneve believes thea.

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