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mysteries out good part of the book was the info about the development of Red Hook Brooklyn These are terribly plotted but have atmosphere out the wazoo This is the second Artie Cohen mystery I ve read When I read a mystery it s for the ambience the author provides not the mystery itself I find mystery novels impossible to figure out the authors use all sorts of tricks ruses withholding information presenting red herrings etc to make it impossible for the reader to anticipate the true resolution of the crime The ambience of Disturbed Earth and Red Hook is the world of the Russian emigre community in Brooklyn New York I find Nadelson s evocation of New York scenes and personalities to be full bodied and very vivid By the end of the story I feel I ve been through a lot of folderol but it s been fun anyway Bleh 7510. Eator of memorable characters Reggie Nadelson weaves a thrilling tale of deception while bringing to ever greater life her protagonist Artie Cohen deeply flawed and deeply human. .

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Red Hook An Artie Cohen Mystery Artie Cohen MysteriesI picked this book up because I finished reading Disturbed Earth and there was a hook at the end that made me want to read this one However in the course of reading Red Hook I felt like it was the same book just with a slightly different plot Which is fine I understand how a series is constructed But it s boring me for a couple of reasons and I may not finish it First the characters all seem to speak in the same way I can think of three off the top of my head who tell long stories and ramble on and ON IT S LAZY CHARACTERIZATION I THIS ALSO It s lazy characterization think this also in Disturbed Earth but I didn t notice it until this second book Secondly the main character follows a predictable pattern of promising to be somewhere or do something for his love interest before he gets involved in yet another mystery and must solve it He stays u This book wasn t the worst I ve ever read I liked the characters but Several months have passed since the tragedy enacted in Disturbed Earth Artie Cohen has just married Maxine and is about to take time out of the city with her when two events pu. ,

Here was little intrigue for a mystery I liked the descriptions of New York To read What was it that I just read What was the book really about I was waiting for something to happen but it never did There were just too many could have been stories in this book and none of them got me It s the story about Arties wedding his marriage and relationship to his new wife a couple of dead people russians politicians money journalism nuclear weapons Russians You name it Nope this was not for me And if you want to save your time for something Better Skip This One An Interesting Plot skip this one An interesting plot many twists and turns The story takes place mainly in an old waterfront section of Brooklyn nown as Red Hook With gentrification on the horizon the acuisition of real estate property is on everyone s mind In the midst of this an old FRIEND OF DETECTIVE ARTY COHEN IS FOUND MURDERED IS of Detective Arty Cohen is found murdered Is the Russian mafia from. Ll him back the apparent murder of a friend and the appearance of his former girlfriend Lily their break up never fully resolved Through her great skills as a storyteller and cr.

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