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Baby lArrying the right ticket but that s another story not to tell The thing that thrilled me though was when these two wouldn t settle down For example I had some scenes clearly mapped out both in my head and on paper and all of a sudden someone would say something and I was back to suare one Do you know what though I reallyiked that I really The Moment loved that they both differed than the characters in my headLooking forward to hearing what you think of it GoodReads Twitter BookBub InstaGram Spotify gmail Let me start this review aittle differently I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this duet with the author being new to me but I can honestly say I The Cypress Tree love everything about this book It honestly had me from the start and I knew there was no way I was putting this down till it was finished forget sleep Diane could not be closer to her family works with her best friend and is about to get the job of her dreams but everything changes within the blink of an eye she is demoted due to a takeover andoses her uncle Stevie Diane s The Kings Spy (Thomas Hill, life has been through it s up and downs and she doesn t trust easily Always keeping her heart guarded so when Zac suddenly after a chance encounter enters her universe she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt but when he blows hot and cold she starts to pull away but with their chemistry its so hot you may have to turn your kindle off for it to cool down When it seemsike Doctor Illuminatus life is pushing her into changes she s ready to meet the challenge but is Zac really the one for her and will she ever get answers to why he pulls her close and then pushes her away can she risk her heart on him Zac is a renowned and revered business man butife hasn t always been kind to him surviving an abusive father has The Real Witches Kitchen left him unwilling to believe inove So when his mother introduced him to Stevie he has always hoped he was his biological father only to be disappointed Believing Stevie s niece Diane is the cause for his suffering and she is The Preachers Kid living beyond her means especially after the private investigator reports prove everything he has assumed he sets out to destroy everything she holds dear but Zac soon discovers his presumptions may have been wrong Could all of his plans have been for nothing and will they destroy what he could have in the end a woman who wouldove him unconditionally that is until she finds out how far he would go to take revenge Really have oved every moment of the story Zac and Diane so far and cannot wait to read the rest of their journey Highly recommended read I am voluntarily reviewing a free copy of this book read 4 Siren Stars From being demoted after a business takeover followed by the death of her uncle Diane Petrou never imagined her ife could get any worse But of her uncle Diane Petrou never imagined her Gangbang Slut life could get any worse But s about to To further complicate matters she inherits her uncle s bookstore Regardless that this bookstore represents aifelong dream it means uprooting her ife to do it Plus an innocent meeting with a green eyed Greek God will bring further upheaval she never saw coming The feelings the stranger evokes in me are something I can t rationalise with I hardly know him but he speaks straight into my soul when in reality he has barely uttered a word to meThe first interaction with his siren was no chance encounter Zac Dimas Has Been Waiting For has been waiting for right time to make his presence known to Diane He doesn t want to want her but it s inevitable She ooks around searching for me again Don t worry darling before Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows long I will be the only one you seeDiane is instantly attracted to Zac But their constant meetings seem than coincidental and his irrational behaviour beyond confusing His eyes reflectust and his kisses are intoxicating yet his actions scream indecision It s enough to make the perfectly normal person uestion their sanityOh my God My huge crush is a psychopath First he demeans me and then he cares My fingers itch to slap him and then I want to kiss him better Maybe what he has is contagious I certainly have it tooNothing More to Take is a complicated The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) love story shrouded in untold truthsust and vengeance It is the first book of a two part duet Be warned this story is filled with angst and secrets that will have you grinding your teeth Not to mention Zac is an insufferable asshole with mood swings and "STALKER TENDENCIES THAT WILL GIVE YOU "tendencies that will give you Unfortunately it was tough at times seeing Diane copping the brunt of his resentment and mistrust I swear you Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ll need a drink to copeDemetra Georgiou is a new to me author as well as a GR friend I was offered the opportunity to review this book and am so glad I did Title Nothing More to TakeSeries Give Take Duet 1 Author Demetra Georgiou Published January 25th 2019 Free on December 78 14 15Hope you enjoy She may be a Siren but I won tet her A Fairly Honourable Defeat lure me into her den I justove it when I find new author I pleasantly enjoy with that said you know before reading my review that I will be ooking forward to her next book Is. Right to do so Evidence and reports condemn the woman he purposefully set to 'teach a esson' but the truth has a way of creeping out of the most unlikely corners She Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue looked at me in the eyes and told me but I didn't believe her Sheay there with trust in her eyes and The Man Without a Face let me do that to her and One mistake after the other and one fight too many bring them closer to the end All it takes is threeittle words to This revenge story gone wrong Diane Petrou Just ost her uncle inherited bookstore with too damn many stipulations Not realizing she also inherited sexy psychopath Zac Dimas there was times that he creeped the heck out of me with some of his obsessive protective nature things he didlike when he would sneak into her house sleep with her without her knowledgeBut I guess that has a ot to do with his unconventional upbringing due to his abusive alcoholic fatherThe man gave me Whiplash with his on again off again one minute he s completely into Diana the next minute he thinks that she s an evil Wicked whoreSomeone in his Camp is giving him false information about Diana Will it be too Gone (Gone, late for him to realize that there s a possibility that he might have completely screwed up his relationship with Diana So many obstacles for one couple to face I think that I wanna absorb all the knowledge information that was handed to me wait a day or so before jumping into the next book Don t get me wrong I enjoy the author writing skills it just that Zac has such intense personality Hope you enjoy this read also always keep in mind this is just my opinion Also I wouldn t never discourage anyone from reading this book I received an ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review of it This has not influenced my review Happy Reading Enjoy Paulette Alphas Review A Little Ditty bout Zac and DianeThis is a terrific book about a guy named Zac and a girl named Diane The setting is in Greece not the heartland but it is nice for a change of pace Though it is a bit odd that the two main characters have such American names even though they have bothived in Greece their entire Threads Of The Shroud lives Diane is a happy 20 something who at the beginning of the book is about to get a promotion at work only to find out that her company has been bought out and she is getting demoted instead Zac does not turn out to be her new boss which I thought might happen so this isn t a boss coworkerove story Though it is uite the steamy romance I give this one all five flames for how hot it gets Diane is feisty and not afraid to stand up for herself she is an extremely All Seated on the Ground likable character The writing is good though I did feel that it was a bit stilted at the beginning and I didn t feel that wayater on When I say stilted I mean that the dialogue felt a bit Untitled. like people reading a crispy rather then speaking naturally That only happened a few times though at the startAot of background is given about Diane She Wiring loves her parents dearly as well as a favorite uncle Stevie who comes into town for bypass surgery Diane is adopted due to the fact that her parents died when she was a toddler Dianeoves books and used to spend a Against All Odds lot of time in Stevie s bookstore in Nafplio a seaside town while sheives in Athens "AND WORKS AT A PUBLISHING HOUSE "works at a publishing house Stevie passes away he Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage leaves his bookstore and some money to Diane Zac is a character that is full of contractions Zac and Diane cross paths at first in the hospital parkingot and then after Stevie passes away when she moves to take over the bookstore it turns out he is her neighbor He seems think that Diane schemed her way into her inheritance from Stevie Though it is UNCLEAR WHERE HE FIRST GO THAT IMPRESSION ZAC STALKS where he first go that impression Zac stalks at first and it is clear that despite what he thinks of her character he wants her in his bed The story in told in dual POV and though we don t always get the entire story about Zac we do get insight into how much he is usting after DianeZac is whack Just kidding though he is a bit schizophrenic in that one minute he thinks she is a manipulative schemer the next he wants her in his bed than anything then he wants to ruin her for something something in his bed than anything then he wants to ruin her for something something supposedly did then when someone else hurts her he comes to her defense Zac gets possessive of Diane very uick and displays jealousy than once Though Diane won t stand for it I iked the dynamic and the situations though I don t really know why Why I ask curious than anything else Why what I take a sip from my cappuccino Why did you behave Against All Odds like an ass Because apparently I am one he answers sincerely Zac is a tall muscular successful businessman and I really enjoyed the hot chemistry between these two They fight aot but Zac takes control in the bedroom and those scenes were downright sizzling It is unclear throughout the book if Zac is still out for revenge or if he really Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism likes Diane though the reader can see that she is a truly good personThe book ends up in a cliffhanger while Zac isooking further into Diane s background I am starting the follow up book right away tonight and I can t wait to see what happens Zac and Diane both have secrets and there are other people in the book that seem to have an agenda so I have to find out what is going on with everyone I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBu. Ake down his whole house of cards Now Zac has to trust the only woman who had the tenacity to see beyond his scowls and cold behaviour and not because she was innocent all along “Her name is Diane The woman who has made my heart beatingWarning This book contains themes intended for mature audiences only Please do not purchase this book if you are offended by sexual situations abuse stalking and explicit anguag. ,

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Fantastic jobInitially I was a bit reluctant to read a book from a new author but boy was I wrongThe story has the iveliness of real Payment Due life Every uestion or objection gets answered or explained from one instance to another Diane is a woman who tolerates aot but I suspect that when all the Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, lies she s been told will be revealed the finale will be firework ey I must admit that I m not a big fan of Zac right now but I believe that Diane will make him see the error of his way I can t wait to read how Diane and Zac s story concludes on the second part This is book one of the Give Take Duet Meet Zac and Diane two very intense characters that find themselves immensely attracted to one another But can attraction help or hinder this amazing spiderweb of a storyine Zac is a businessman and he takes over the company that Diane works for Was this purchase professional or personal He has his eyes set on revenge Diane is a uniue woman her uncle has passed away and the company she works for now has a new owner Zac She receives a demotion and very mixed responses from Zac As this amazing story unfolds the heat gets turned way up Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, lies continue and of course there is the digging to find the truth and seek revenge On to book two to see what happens EnjoyI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarilyeaving a review I was shocked when I started reading Nothing More to Take because this book happens in Greece The names of heroes are a The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, little Americ Great romance set in Greece Diane is a tough gal who doesn t take any crap and Zac is a hero that does everything wrong but weove him anyway Can t wait to see how they straighten out their relationship in part two 4 Stars This is book 1 of 2 in the Give Take duet This is an interesting read The male main character Zac is such a jerky a hole I don t understand why he s always such a douche Why the female main character Diane even wants to be near him put up with his douchery is a mystery Some of the sexy parts were a bit unbelievable I d never do what Diane Turbulence let him do when she met him out clubbing Other than that the book was really entertaining I feltost a few times but if you keep reading you get caught up I normally don t Tropical Bioproductivity like cliffhanger books but I d actually recommend this one I can t wait to get started on book 2 I m hooked For a first time author Demetra George did a great jobI received this book at no charge from the author and I voluntarilyeft a review Diane Petrou is a woman driven with a plan to succeed in her ife She may not know much about people or men for that matter but she does know books and shoes but primarily booksShe is the kind of person that isn t deterred by failure On the contrary failures make them reevaluate herself and her Stance Towards OthersWhen It towards othersWhen it to ove though that woman is clueless She only knows what she s read and "to Die Postmoderne Konstellation love though that woman is clueless She only knows what she s read and Zac appears in herife she doesn t know which side is up my brain does not function properly I can t speak I am unable to form a coherent thought He stays silent as well his eyes never straying thought He stays silent as well his eyes never straying from mine Zac Dimas a man Folk Tales From the Soviet Union larger thanife barrels his way through Diane s Ulysses and the Trojan War life with the sole purpose to rid everyast piece of what she stands for He thinks her guilty of an imaginary wrongdoing and that s enough for him to play judge jury and executioner Why the old man held her in such a high regard is beyond me She is ungrateful and someone needs to teach her a thing or two And I have the only right to do so Owning much money and immense power is enough for Zac but despite his clever calculations he didn t think of one vital thing Diane isn t the kind of person who will bow her head to anyone You simply have no right You asked me to be patient but you Tall, Dark Rich leave nothing to go on Right now I m sorely tempted to tell you to go to hell She calls things as she sees them and despite her being out of her depth with Zac she doesn t hesitate to point out how irrational unreasonable and pigheaded he s beingUp until threeittle words escape Diane s The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles lipsBecause how can she keep fighting for him when herove is rejected He s Taught to Obey left and took my heart with him There s nothing to take The truth of my reality is far worse than the voices in my head These voices have hope but I hold none Not any Nothing More to Take is my debut first part of my Give Take Duet It contains all the explicit stuff so make sure to read the description before purchasing itWriting Diane and Zac s story wasn t an easy thing for me Perhaps it s got to do with the fact that I was personally invested For asong as it took me to write this book my whole world revolved around these two Do you want to hear something really funny I wrote the draft of their first time while I was on the Metro getting home from work I was so immersed in everything that I ended up on the airport I was in that wagon for forty five minutes and I didn t pay attention Coincidentally I almost paid a fine for not Can Learning to Dance in the Rain love survive amidsties schemes and subterfuge Zac a man accustomed to getting what he wants seeks retribution on behalf of the only father figure he's known even though no one asked him toI still can't believe how an ethereal being ike Diane can be a plotting bitch Why the old man held her in such a high regard is beyond me She is ungrateful and someone needs to teach her a thing or two And I have the only. Nothing More to Take (Give Take Duet #1)

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