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At 152 x 152 cms 638 pages this book is like a *Box Of Photos A Wonderfully * of photos a wonderfully photographic of China s people and cultureThe magic of photography like a box of photos a wonderfully diverse photographic exploration of China s people and cultureThe magic of photography that it captures a glimpse in time that would otherwise be lost an insight into another world This is a book that belongs on the coffee table not the bookshelf A treasure to be shared Thank ou Tom Carter Carter s anthropological like study of China stands apart in its genre as it focuses expressly on the PEOPLE of China Based on the thumbnail image of the book s cover even with the hot woman and the tasteful design and knowing only it was some kind of photographic spread on China I feared coffee table book or worse cheesy Chinese variety that would actually mar my coffee table the sort The Family Plan you can find in the tourist bookshops with washed out reproductions incoherent English and sappy token displays of ethnic minorities dancing in their costumesThe actual book once in my hands is unlike any other book I ve seen including those in the photojournalism genre It has a surprisingly small trim size of only 6 x 6 inches but at 638 pages and over 2 inches thick and weighing almost 3 pounds it s not a small book and probably better suited to hardcover than its fragile paper binding The weight is legitimated on the inside with the high uality paper stock and what I d guess approaches 1000 high resolution photo reproductions capturing the author s twoears of traveling to every province of China freuently under spartan and the roughest of conditions Each province is prefaced with a map and a concisely written pitch along with beautifully succinct haiku like captions for many of the photos demonstrating that the author s skills as a photographer are matched by appropriate writing talent The descriptions and the variety of photographic subjects rural and urban landscapes ordinary daily objects transfigured by the camera and lots and lots of unforgettable people seem to form a narrative that pulls one along the lengthy book though most readers will probably prefer to dip into it at random than go through the whole thing at one shot Regardless it fulfills its evident purpose in being a comprehensive and enticing introduction to the country for people who haven t been to China and eually interesting as well for those conversant with the country I myself have lived in China for 13 earsNow for a critical angle The gold standard of intrepid or hardcore photojournalism books and one that will probably never be eualed is surely American Pictures A Personal Journey Through the American Underclass by the Dane Jacob Holdt Holdt arrived in the US in 1971 with 40 in his pocket and spent the next 5 ears hitchhiking over 100000 miles through 48 states and living with 350 families taking 15000 photos selling his blood to buy film and culling them down to 700 in his book which are balanced by a substantial and moving narrative of his encounters with the many people he met delving into their lives with a shocking empathy and intimacy often sleeping with both women and men to dialogue at the deepest human level and unflinchingly capturing with his lens the most horrific but sympathetic images of poverty and decrepitudePersonally I would like to see the Chinese euivalent of Holdt s book I suspect Tom Carter may even have witnessed some such darker scenarios or ruder encounters with people and made an understandable strategic decision not to include them inasmuch as he seems to be positioning his book at the polite end of the photojournalism spectrum calibrated not to ruffle any feathers in China where only the positive side of things tends to be presented Thus he does not refer to himself in the first person but adopts the objective reportorial the author and when he almost dies during extreme weather on the 5600 meter Drolma La pass if it weren t for a Ngari pilgrim woman who appeared as my own private Tibetan goddess of mercy literally carrying me the remainder of the spiritual circuit that s all we re told I want I want to hear the dark side of travel and see the underbelly of the country not just the picture perfect promotional product The author is certainly ualified to do this and I invite him to consider these possibilities for another project. Rt A striking kaleidoscopic vision of China's lands and people The Beijinger Through Carter's journey of self discovery we end up discovering a little about ourselves and a land so vast so disparate that 638 pages of photos barely manage to scratch the surface Still CHINA Portrait of a People is a very good place to start peeling back the layers Time Out Hong Kong Travel photos taken by a stranger seldom fascinate But 800 color images captured by Tom Carter as he spent two A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity years on the road traveling 56000 kilometers through all of China's 33 provinces make a dramatic exception Carter's weighty book takes an effort to carry home from a store But anyone interested in China should love owning it Cairns Media Magazine Getting a full picture of China a vast country with an enormous population a place that is experiencing sweeping cultural and economic changes is of course impossible But Tom Carter comes close It's a remarkable book compactet bursting with images that display the diversity of a nation of 56 ethnic groups San Francisco Chronicle In China Portrait of a People Tom Carter shows us that there are actually dozens of Chinas The American photojournalist spent two ears traveling 35000 miles through every province of China by bus boat train mule motorcycle and on foot Christian Science Monitor.

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A journey down the memory lane but it is It tells me things that I have no experience of since I have it is It tells me things that I have no experience of since I have gone away for almost 20 ears I have lived in the United states for many For Better and Worse years When I go to bookstores I am naturally attracted to the sections where I can find books about China I have not seen another book like this so real and so recent capturing all the changes that have happened in China in the last 20 30ears while at the same time showing the essence and heritage of the culture I hope people will read this book Verbal and Visual Images by an Ambassador of Good Will Tom CarterRarely does a book of richly colored photographic images of a country and the people that inhabit that country on every page reveal so much of a culture that the book becomes an instant resource for fascinated travelers real and armchair students teachers and readers who care about the planet we call Earth CHINA PORTRAIT OF A PEOPLE is indeed what the title suggests within the covers of this book are faces sampling the 13 billion people who inhabit the 33 provinces and the 56 cultures of the vast country of China faces that range from the new born to the elderly the healthy to the suffering the traditional culture bound with the new Westernized modern look all placed within the context of the land and the life differences in one fascinatingly diverse country Tom Carter almost unintentionally created this brilliant book His goal was to spend two Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, years traveling across China lingering long enough in each of the varied provinces to learn the customs the people s way of life the history that varies so greatly among the provinces both ancient and recent meaning within the last century and capture the land and the people who dwell there with his camera Aoung politician by training Carter had already made a similar journey through Mexico Central America and Cuba this idea of earnest sociological journalistic and humanitarian investigations was in place In 2004 he traveled to the People s Republic of China as an English language teacher in Central China and in two ear s time he resolved to learn about the people who inhabit this divers and historically rich land in 2006 he began his trek by every possible means of transportation traveling through every province staying is many cities soaking up the realities of life there that too often are obscured from tourists committed to learning all he could incorporating the splendors of the vistas from the Gobi Desert to the highest mountains of Tibet to the lush mountains and rivers and the seas and oceans that brush China s borders and capturing it all on film Few of us realize how disparate are the various provinces of this great country Carter shows us these variations of religions Buddhism Muslim and variations within these and farming apparel ritual celebrations animals connections to the earth the influence of the mass changes of Westernization on the beauty of the historically significant architecture the lay of the land in the way it supports and in certain cases dooms its people the forms of sport and entertainment compassion and revolt and the response of the people to the presence of an outsider Carter s photographic images were taken with Olympus Camedia C400 camera color saturation could not be possible than in the images we see here Another major aspect of this book is the presence on most pages of a few words by the author that so simply define the meaning behind each of the provinces and the people he has captured on film Each section on each of the 33 provinces begins with a succinct description about the historical significance and the uniue aspects of that province At times there are bits of poetic moments shared and at time the words of someone he met are shared In all then This As Complex A Diary as complex a diary a country as any book presented about he vast country that is China an ancient and et also very modern neighbor Reading and absorbing this book will provide the reader with a true sense of the cultural riches of China important the reader will feel an affinity for these people with whom we share life on the planet Highly recommended to all readers Grady Harp If one picture is worth a thousand words then this striking work is worth a million words. Its independent spirit It's not a travel guide showing China dressed in its Sunday best or a photojournalistic approach documenting the underbelly of the country but rather a peek at the sights Carter has seen and a corrective to both the glowing promotional images and negative media shots that we are all familiar with China Daily Tom Carter is an extraordinary photographer whose powerful work captures the heart and soul of the Chinese people Anchee Min author of Red Azalea Tom Carter's photo book is an honest and objective record of the Chinese and our way of life his camera leads us through 33 wide sweeping scenes of the real and the surreal Mian Mian author of Candy Capturing the diversity of China's 56 ethnic groups is a remarkable achievement There are a number of shots in this book that could easily grace the pages of National Geographic Unless Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., you want to undertakeour own two Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch year trek through some of the mainland's most difficult terrain to takeour own shots this is a study well worth having on our bookshelf South China Morning Post In these 900 images Carter shows just how diverse the Chinese really are with their different facial features skin hues lifestyles cultures and occupations What ensues is an engaging and enlightening photo essay of 13 billion people Asian Geographic Passpo. I worked a minimum wage job just taught grandma how to use her oven she s had for 8 ears and survived Iowa I was looking for a break and I stumbled upon Tom s book At first I wondered what was lurking inside this dictionary with a uniue cover A story Or one of those boxes of candy that are made to look like a catchy book Either way strolling through Barnes and Noble I found myself always returning to stare at the book I decided I might as well get a taste of whatever was insideOpening the cover the contents can direct the reader to the different provinces in China most I ve never heard of Each province section contains a written review by a local from that province or Tom himself and each short review is followed by at least 20 pages of clear photos that try to give the reader a glimpse of China I found myself amazed of all the different ethnic minorities that make up what we call China Tom took stunning photos of both city and farm lifeAs a cancer survivor I felt there had to be to life than Iowa I finished Tom s photobook went to the door and like the fictional Frodo Baggins I bid my goodbye to the US My Mordor experience was over so it was time for an adventure to the beautiful shores of China Normally I review novels Stories And I ve decided CHINA Portrait of a People by travel photographer Tom Carter ualifies because every one of his photographs holds an amazing story I am reviewing this book because in a country of 13 billion it s clear that Carter managed to make a personal connection with each person he photographed bringing a sense of intimacy to this collection of 800 photographs Plus Carter s epic two Mine to Take (Nine Circles, y What a brilliant book a whistle stop tour of China including the bits the Chinese media wouldn t wantou to see Gorgeous genuine candid portraits historical and factual information and personal anecdotes from the author truly a great read I don t doubt that it s hard to fit this much material into one photography book but I don t understand the author s process of picking what to include On the one hand it is about people which makes sense given the book s title On the other hand it also includes urban images and landscapes which also makes sense given that people s surroundings are also important However what the method to pick one over the other the mix the approach is all unclear A bit of introduction to the material would have helped To me the pictures don t speak for themselves and I did not find the randomness helpful I also didn t like the way the author referred to various types of people When a Pixel Portrays a Hundred Thousand WordsA picture painted a thousand words That was before Tom Carter started taking them Now it seems a pixel portrays a hundred thousand and that s for those of us with limited imagination I first came across Tom s work through his travel writing while doing some background RESEARCH FOR EATING SMOKE A BOOK for EATING SMOKE a book the time I s I am a Mainland Chinese who grew up during the 10 ears of Cultural Revolution At the end of my graduate study in 1986 I went on a hitch hiking trip to Tibet with a friend of mine We had 45 RMB Yuan a camera and 4 rolls of films with us We spent a month on the road riding in the back of coal hauling trucks on the #make shift engine cover in the front of #shift engine cover in the front of buses in the make shift engine cover in the front of old buses in the of tractors climbing over hills and riding on the back of horses We slept in horse stables tents and sometimes for 15 uan a night we got to sleep in a bed That was the highlight of my travel experience 1 month 4 provinces and 100 photos Tom Carter has done this for 2 A Groom for Greta (Amish Brides of Celery Fields, years across 33 provinces in China When I looked at the photos in his book my eyes were swelled with tears the whole time His photos have so accurately and vividly captured the features and the characteristics of the people from this most diversed country in the world that I call my motherland Without reading the captions I can tell that thatoung man is from Guangxi that girl is from Sichuan and those folks are from Heilongjiang I can hear them talk in their dialects I can feel their hopes I can touch their spirits They have aroused my desire to talk with them and laugh with them again They reminded me so much of everything I saw in my little excursion over twenty ears ago It was. From the subtropical jungles of Yunnan to the frozen wastes of Heilongjiang; across the scalding deserts of Xinjiang and beneath Hong Kong's neon blur Tramping through China by train bus boat motorcycle mule or hitching on the back of anything that moved On a budget so scant that he drew sympathetic stares from peasants Backpacking photographer Tom Carter somehow succeeded in circumnavigating over 35000 miles 56000 kilometers across all 33 provinces in China during a 2 ear period the first foreigner on record ever to do soWhat Carter found along the way and what his photographs ultimately reveal is that China is not just one place one people but 33 distinct geographical regions populated by 56 different ethnicities each with their own languages customs and lifestylesDespite increased tourism and surging foreign investment the cultural distances between China and the West remain as vast as the oceans that separate them Carter's book CHINA Portrait of a People was published as a means to visually introduce China to the world by providing a glimpse into the daily lives of the ordinary people who don't make international headlines et whom are invariably the heart and soul of this countryMEDIA REVIEWS One of China's most extraordinary explorers The World of Chinese Part of the strength of this book is.

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