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Or a BLM type movement Kezi left behind a legacy and a family that wishes to preserve it so sister Happi who is anything BUT older sister Genny and Kezi s bestie embark on a trip Kezi had planned out using the segregation era Greenbook for Negro Motorists as a map And then a crazy life altering ride beginsThoughts There s so much I need to discuss without giving spoilers The book is amazing and completely unexpected I loved it I highly recommend it and it s honestly a mystery if I wanted to define the genre mixed with a deep social issue The sister dynamic was explored exuisitely through Happi who feels so much of what grief brings guilt sadness worry incredulity while battling through a black sheep strained relationship with her pastor parents This struck home with me as I had 12 years of parochial schooling jammed into me Happi is pure rebellion uestioning asking wondering all of it related to so much of my personal journey With sharp writing and these intricate characters the Moulites weave a tale that s a patchwork of pure geniusThe issue is that for me the twist changed the focus and I think it missed a chance to be truly POIGNANT That twist in my opinion made this less about treatment by police because it went to a place that was rare and isolated and not likely Had it ept with the narrative Like I said poignant the book I want to teach my middle schoolers I respect the angle it s different than anything I saw coming and I enjoyed the book IMMENSELY but that twist I d like to take that part out and Cognitive Radio Networks keep it grounded in reality delving into the whole good ones mentality where if you are black you are either a good one good studentind no issues or a thug in trouble okay for society to ignore You have to read it so we can talkAll my reviews available at scrappymagscom around time of publicationGenre MysteryContemporary FictionRecommend to All my middle schoolers those looking for something new and differentNot recommended to If you re burned out on current issues like BLM LGBT issues or particularly religiously sensitiveThank you to the author NetGalley and Inkyard Press for my advanced copy in exchange for my always honest review and for days and days of pondering an thinking over this one Well done HOLY SHIT I am honestly still trying to process what I just read I literally got hit with a mixture of Nic Stone Angie Thomas and Tiffany D Jackson all at once with the dynamic sister duo of Maika and Maritza Moulite This book is INCREDIBLE It is a poignant and timely story that tackles tough themes such as police brutality systemic racism grief coming out to religious parents historical Black trauma and internalized racism One of the Good Ones seeks to dismantle the abhorrent ideology that Black lives do not deserve to be loved or treated with respect This book beautifully humanizes Black people and shows the importance of our stories and honestly our overall presence Amongst the heavy topics there are moments of joy and reconnection with family and friends that I absolutely lived for I want to also note that this book is a mysterythriller so in addition to the incredibly important social themes the thriller aspect of this story was eually riveting Thank you Inkyard Press for providing a review copy This did not influence my review All opinions are my own This was my first read by author and sister duo Maika Moulite Maritza Moulite and I m sure it won t be my last After the success of their debut Dear Haiti Love Alaine I was excited to see what their sopho novel would includeWritten through the roving perspectives of four young women Kezi Happi Shaueria and Evelyn we are told about America through the eyes of those who are most dismissed by it The story picks up following the untimely death of Kezi Smith who died suddenly after being arrested at a social justice rally We are given flashbacks to Kezi s days before that arrest as well as her sister Happi s struggle to come to terms with it in present day Happi and their sister Genny take off on a trip across the US using the Motorist Green Book as their guide the exact trip Kezi was planning to take when she was alive I read this one as well as listened to it so I also want to take a moment to shout out the narrators Bahni Turpin Jordan Cobb and Carolyn Smith They did an excellent job capturing the voices of these complex and distinct characters and brought so much of the story to life I can t recommend the audiobook enough which is currently available on Hoopla for free with no wait timeI try to write my reviews sans spoilers but I don t think I can do this full one without including some this time If you haven t read the book skip what is under the tags here because it will ruin a major twist near the end The short of it is that I did NOT like this twistview spoilerI did not like what was done with Shaueria and Kezi s characters I just don t understand how you write an entire novel about how society ignores the death of Black women who are not perfect victims only to then make the decision to Personnel Management in Government kill off one of the bad ones in order to save one of the good ones Shaueria is poor she has no support system she s caught selling drugs but she s also about to land a huge part in a television show What does this say to the Shaueria s of the world Oh you may die and nobody will notice but don t worry this random girl with a YouTube show who you died instead of will be sure to talk about you a lotAnd the logistics of Kezi s survival over Shaueria was so unrealistic and convoluted I can t even understand it from a practical perspective Some ex cop smuggled her out of a police station after setting a fire and NOBODY noticed She s been secretly alive the whole timeept alive and also unhurt for no discernible reason because this racist white guy had racist ancestors who illed your ancestors and he s tracked you down to dowhat exactly Kezi being not dead and held hostage by this crazy person is of a cheap thriller twist than I was expecting from these authors i really don t wanna these authors I really don t wanna that it cheapened the rest of what was a really beautiful examination of grief and systemic injustice but I can t help but feel that way hide spoiler you can read an excerpt of this book on my blog To be honest I am not much of a contemporary reader but when I am in the mood this

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the writing style that brain mechanisms thrive in It s an understatement to say that I was touchedI love that it was told in multiple perspectives with timelines switching before during and after the looming arrest that served as the catalyst for the plot It created layers to the story and did a lot to build the relationships between the characters I am completely soft for stories centered around a familycommunity and this book about sisters written by sisters encapsulates all the emotions that I wanted it to bring overall thoughts 45 trigger warnings view spoilerDeath Drugging Fire Grief Homophobia religious Lynching descriptions Police brutality Racism hide spoile. Ind why are only certain people deemed worthy to be missed Happi and her sister Genny embark on a journey to honor Kezi in their own way using an heirloom copy of The Negro Motorist Green Book as their guide But there's a twist to Kezi's story that no one could've ever expected one that will change everything all over agai. Wow another good book I read this month I m writing a reivew for this one later aka tonight I have so much thoughts that it s hard to say how I felt about this book but just now that I loved this one I finished it this morning at 6 30am and haven t read anything till now What an amazing book ar 375note there is a major spoiler included here but it s in the spoiler tagOne of The Good Ones is an adeuate novel with somewhat developed characters interesting stories and average storytelling It s a book full of history culture advocacy and a sprinkle of crazy This book had a similar theme when compared to The Hate U Give but took a completely different turn that I wouldn t have thought about Though whether that turn was good or not may be subjective to the reader SynopsisHappi Genni and Kezi are sisters but they don t act like it Genni and Kezi always talk to each other confide in each other and depend on one another But Happi doesn t have that same relationship with the two Happi is nearly 10 years apart from Genni and Happi always feels like Kezi is in her business So when it s Kezi s 18 th birthday and she decides to go to a protest Happi has an argument with Kezi at school about Kezi always being in her business But Happi didn t realize that this would be the last time she would ever talk to Kezi again after Kezi dies while in a jail cell As Genni Happi and their parents grieve Kezi s death Genni decides to organize a 2 week trip with Ximena Derek and Happi that will commemorate Kezi s life While on the trip Happi tries to come closer with Genni and Ximena and hopefully mend her friendship with Derek But things don t always go as planned This story is told in first person and third person which I found very interesting We switch from Kezi s POV to Happi s POV to Shaueria s POV and a third person story of Evelyn who was Happi s grandmother Shaueria is an 18 year old orphan who is in some bad business Or specifically she s a Black girl who sells drugs Shaueria went to an audition in LA to try and get out of the bad business and start over but that isn t how things go One thing leads to another at a bad transaction and Shaueria s in a police car with Kezi during the protestI really enjoyed how this story is written When I m reading the story the chapters are titled based on how early or how long after Kezi s arrest which is what this whole story is centered around It was interesting to read how all the characters history and decisions intertwine with one another because it added a lot of depth to the story I really didn t expect this book to have so much depth and meaning to be honestThe main characters had a lot of development and were really realistic Happi s grief is really devastating to read about because the last words she said to her sister were words of hate and she had an unappreciative attitude for her sister This really weighs down Happi as she reflects on her relationship with Kezi and I liked how we were shown a raw version of her grief As for Kezi she developed as well and this can be seen in the end of the book But we ll get into that soon Genni didn t have as much development in the story but she most definitely developed a relationship with Happi after Kezi s death But one of the things I didn t like about this book was the ending I had to talk about this because this was the reason that this book isn t rated higher view spoiler When Kezi supposedly dies we re told to believe she died in the jail cell while there was a fire at the police station This could make sense but I didn t understand why not one police officer came back for her I guess this is supposed to show that because of her skin color they just didn t care but it still didn t make sense to me Anyway there s this guy who was literally stalking Kezi from her YouTube channel because he just loved everything she was saying and how she presented herself online So we re supposed to believe that this crazy white dude named Mark goes into the police station while there s a fire finds Shaueria dead in a cell next to the alive Kezi and swaps their bodies so there s no difference He even said they both looked similar so no one could tell the difference after he put Shaueria in Kezi s clothes which made Shaueria look like Kezi and left Shaueria there This annoyed the shit out of me because even though he would have some type of white privilege how come no one saw this crime happen And then wait for it Kezi is KIDNAPPED by this dude and she MIRACULOUSLY ills him and gets away Kezi just magically finds Happi Genni Ximena and Derek at a camp site they re visiting and then we get an epilogue of Kezi reflecting on what happened hide spoiler THE HATE U GIVE meets GET OUT perfectly captures book And The hide spoiler THE HATE U GIVE meets GET OUT perfectly captures this book And The seeks to answer who HATE U GIVE meets GET OUT perfectly captures this book And The seeks to answer who one of the good ones and what exactly makes them a good one Why are some considered good and others considered bad As the blurb said Isn t being human enough In One Of The Good Ones we meet three sisters Kezi Happi and Genny Kezi Smith is Social Activist with a strong YouTube following On her channel she talks history and advocate for Black Lives Off YouTube she has perfect grades and is on track to attending a great University While she s got everything going for her her sister Happi cannot seem to stand her and while she s got a very public life she s got a secret she doesn t want anyone finding out In an effort to take her activism offline Kezi attends her very first social justice rally ends up getting arrested and illed under mysterious circumstancesKezi s death ends up being a catalyst for change she is made into someone as a martyr and everyone once again is holding up Kezi as one of the good ones who did not need to die With her death everyone is an activist who all of sudden sees the need for change Kezi s sister Happi is annoyed by this but does not The Child of the Soul and Other Stories know exactly what to do especially seeing that they didn t have a great relationship and on their last interaction Happi told her sister to leave her alone A few months after the death of Kezi Genny the oldest sister thought it would be a great idea to go on a road trip that Kezi was planning Before her death Kezi using The Negro Motorist Green Book as a guide planned an entire trip to see places that were haven for black people back in the day While on this road trip Genny and Happi along with Dwight and Ximena ends up learning way than they bargained for When I finished this book I had to go right to bed because my mind was blown I had to sleep off the bookish hangover and I recommend you do the same once you finish this book There is a whole lot going on in this book and when I say whole lot I mean it you ve got GriefUnlawfulilling of a Black girlRegrets Social ActivistBlack History Generation sins and cursesChristianity Coming out with Christian parents Unrealistic expectation Identity ThrillerSisterhoodFriendship How to be an ally Yes a lot is happening but it all comes together expectably and surprisingly The Hate U Give meets Get Out in this honest and powerful exploration of prejudice in the stunning novel from sister writer duo Maika and Maritza Moulite authors of Dear Haiti Love AlaineISN'T BEING HUMAN ENOUGHWhen teen social activist and history buff Kezi Smith is illed under mysterious circumstances after attending

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Ell I love how the Moulite sisters came together and wrote a stellar sopho novel that highlights so many necessary topics that we need to eep reading about As with their debut novel which was rich with history in this book we get a deep look behind how The Negro Motorist Green Book guide came about and why there was a need for it How Maika and Maritza are able to seamlessly teach us through their writing is something that I always admire I learned about Black Cowboys Sundown Towns and what they are and Claudette Colvin I think what stood out most for me was how the story of Claudette Colvin tied into what it means to be a Good one You will learn once you pick up this book While I don t have a sister I get the feeling that they wrote sisterhood and family really well I really enjoyed how they wrote relationships history and how grief differs for everyone else I also loved that there was a major twist that I did not see coming There were a few things that didn t work for me I felt the writing was very heavy handed in driving the point of one of the good ones home At one point I wanted to scream I GET IT but maybe it is a reminder for people who don t get it I also felt that the end wrapped up a bit too uickly seriously too uickly and time could have been spend fleshing it out I also felt some plot points were very predictable I received an arc so the family tree was not included but I see the finished version will have so that will help people like me who would not be able to eep track Overall I can see a lot of persons reading this book and falling in love with it I hope they won t forget the message the author wants to drive home Definitely add this to your watch list Once I got what was going on in this book I was really impressed with the writing and how it all pieced together These sisters have such a uniue and distinct writing style and in this case they took on the task of jumping around in history and to different characters For a bit I was I had glimpsed a mention of a twist on the back of this book but had no idea what to expect for said twist In fact I thought it was supposed to be something we learned fairly early on in the story but just revealed on a bigger scale to other characters but wow I was so so wrong I was so unpreparedRight off the bat I m going to recommend you check out any ownvoices reviews for this one before reading mine because those opinions should definitely be ampified over my own But also I think you should absolutely make an effort to pick up this bookWhile most of the plot of ONE OF THE GOOD ONES is painfully familiar to anyone who watches the news these days an especially to those who have been living through it for years the discussion surrounding what it means to be one of the good ones is eually heartbreaking And brutally real How the value of one s loss is based on how they behaved or carried themselves or what they had overcome what they might have been or gone on to do How one has to be deemed worthy instead of just having the very basic right to exist how not everyone is deserving of that much This touches on all of that and It will anger you frustrated you and hurt you As it shouldWhile I did enjoy well you now what I mean so much of this I ll admit I did think maybe we had a POV or two too many Some we only saw once maybe twice and ultimately they either didn t add much to the story or were just a real time moment of an event or history we had already been somewhat aware of via the main characters It seems an odd criticism but it did make the pacing a little strange as we had such a slowburn build and the end felt like a race to the finish line But what made those added bits just felt really out of place was because of how strong and captivating the main three POVs were And having finished and seeing where all the pieces fit I don t think they did much to add to the whole pictureThis was not an easy read but it s definitely an important one Filled with history tragedy twists and a shock or two That said the reason I ve not said much about any with history tragedy twists and a shock or two That said the reason I ve not said much about any about the plot is because half the journey is watching how it unfolds I can only again encourage you to put it unfolds I can only again encourage you to put on your tbr and importantly read it I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities But we are than the good ones We are the bad ones We are the okay ones We are the amazing ones We are the nothing to write home about ones We are the beautiful ones We are justones What a great book Kezi is a popular YouTuber a straight a student a social activist and the apple of her parents eye she is one of the good ones On Kezi s 18th birthday she goes against the wishes of her parents and attends a protest for a man who was recently The Soviet Union killed by the police Never expecting that after that day people would be marching for justice for her Three months after Kezi s death her sisters jenny and Happi embark on a road trip that Kezi had previously planned out The road trip is a journey down the famous route 66 using the Negro Motorist Green book A Book 1st published in 1936 that gave the traveler information as to places that black people were welcome to Lodge get gas and eat I fell down a little bit of a Google rabbit hole when I was doing some research on this book and it was so informative I truly am uite uneducated when it comes to some of these things that were going on For example there were towns that were called sundown towns where the black people in the town we re not allowed out after dark or the unthinkable The story is told by both Kezi and her sister Happi We get Kezi s story leading up two her death We also get Happi s story starting three months after her perfect sister isilled Both these characters had such big bold vibrant personalities that jumped off the pages Kezi really wanted to leave her mark on the world but she had her own flaws and secrets Happi was struggling with the fact that she didn t get to now her big sister Kezi when she had an opportunity to The theme of one of the good ones was touched on throughout the story What makes somebody good or not There upbringing Their education Their past Their wealth and if everyone new all of Kezi s secrets would they still think she was good I really loved the road trip in the story and the places they stopped along the way especially the big car circle I don t now what it s really called and the black rodeo There is also a thriller element to the story and a bit of a twist I m going to be honest I still am not 100% certain how I feel about that for that reason I m going to give this book 45 and round it up so close to perfect and the audio was exceptionalThis book in emojis Big thank you to Ink Yard Press for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own January 2021 reading starts with an INCREDIBLE readShortest Summary Ever Kezi Smith a popular YouTube teen influencer dies mysteriously and becomes a rallying case Social justice rally her devastated sister Happi and their family are left reeling in the aftermath As Kezi becomes another immortalized victim in the fight against police brutality Happi begins to uestion the idealized way her sister is remembered Perfect AngelicOne of the good onesEven as the phrase rings wrong in her One of the Good Ones