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Rit is Egyptian fruit bats which are known to carry not only the sister virus Marburg but antibodies to Ebola Even so it could lurk elsewhere in the wild biding its time until local conditions pave the way for its reemergence Learning how pathogens jump from one species to another is vitally important to preventing future outbreaks and is a hot topic among research communities todayClosing ThoughtsMuch like this review the central character of Preston s fan favorite is the omnipresent virus The human characters in the book are poorly developed and ultimately forgettable backdrops which fade in and out as Preston heightens the drama around his lurid replicator that Nonhuman Other For Which He Prowls In Kitum Cave You other for which he prowls in Kitum Cave You et a few interesting bits about life inside a biosafety facility but for the most part any factual profile on Ebola is swallowed whole by the embroidery and myriad rotesueries sprinkled in at the expense of navigating a careful line between fiction and reality Take The Hot Zone for what it is a high speed medical mystery thriller meant to make you tremble at the raw power of nature In a sense the earth is mounting an immune response against the human species It is beginning to react to the human parasite the flooding infection of people the dead spots of concrete all over the planet the cancerous rot outs in Europe Japan and the United States thick with replicating primates the colonies enlarging and spreading and threatening to shock the biosphere with mass extinctions Perhaps the biosphere does not like the idea of five billion humans Or it could also be said that the extreme amplification of the human racehas suddenly produced a very large uantity of meat which is sitting everywhere in the biosphere and may not be able to defend itself against a life form that might want to consume it Nature has interesting ways of balancing itself pp 310 311Note This review is republished from my official website Click through for additional footnotes and imagery My take away thoughts from reading The Hot ZoneA You do not want to et infected with EbolaB If A above occurs head immediately and directly to your nearest lawn and arden store purchase a pack of rat poison mix with vodka and drink your lastC Repeat B above until deadD Again you do not want to et infected with Ebola This is one of those rare situations where I read an entire book in one sitting This book is absolutely captivating and terrifying It has been over 20 years since I read it and parts of it still stick with me This book and any of the others by Preston about viruses pandemics etc are well worth your timeFun fact Richard Preston is the brother of Douglas Preston of Preston ChildPendergast fame Terror at the personal levelVery personal for meI read this book while on night watch in the Army I was eating cheap red licorice at a frenzied pace while this book while on night watch in the Army I was eating cheap red licorice at a frenzied pace while read from sheer nerves The

of bleeding out through every opening was terrifying The next morning I went to the bathroom and discovered that cheep red licorice passes nearly untouched through the human digestive system It New Art of Cookery: A Spanish Friar's Kitchen Notebook by Juan Altamiras goes in red and comes out red blood red I very nearly screamed before I realized what I was seeingI will NEVER forget this boo. Hot Zone tells this dramatic storyiving a hair raising account of the appearance of rare and lethal viruses and their crashes into the human race Shocking frightening and impossible to ignore The Hot Zone proves that truth really is scarier than fictio. The subtitle for Richard Preston s 1994 bestseller reads The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus How much you enjoy The Hot ZONE MIGHT JUST HINGE ON WHAT might just hinge on what know about Ebola oing in and by extension how seriously you take that subtitle To say that Preston took artistic liberties is akin to saying Ayn Rand held only a little contempt for Marxism or that Memento had a tendency to confuse its viewers There can be no doubt that Preston delivered a vivid and hair raising thrill ride a marvelously written if unevenly paced house of raising thrill ride a marvelously written if unevenly paced house of but on balance his book is about as accurate as a Stone age slide rule It might have passed for harmless over sensationalizing except with the Ebola epidemic in progress and tensions wound tighter than ever the book has become the bane of disease experts and science communicators working to tamp down the mass hysteria In this case thankfully the truth isn t scarier than fictionThe book is structured around four events our first contact in the 1960s with Marburg virus MARV a close cousin to Ebola named for the German city in which it was discovered the earliest recorded outbreak of Ebola Zaire EBOZ in Sudan and DRC formerly Zaire in 1976 the 1989 outbreak of Reston virus RESTV in Northern Virginia and the final act sees Preston donning a biocontainment suit for a solo jaunt in a sub Saharan cave in search of the cagey killerPreston needs only the space of a few pages to subdue the reader into a state of trepidation I was spooked almost immediately even knowing it was all a bit reader into a state of trepidation I was spooked almost immediately even knowing it was all a bit on fact The characters many of whom are iven fictitious names have blood spurting from every orifice their insides liuefying and at one point we read of a nurse weeping tears of blood Such descriptions seem to have in common with the active imagination that 聖☆おにいさん 3 goes hand in hand with storytelling than with any viral agent identified to date Preston himself concedes as much in a NY Times interview last month That almost certainly didn t happenOK So there s some exaggeration here and some embellishment there and the 35 million copies sold is probably responsible for some of the stateside hysteria But let s not point too much of the blame in one direction An invisible pest that moves from person to person and leaves a high mortality rate in its wake is bound toenerate a level of fear with or without The Hot Zone And when you combine the low science literacy rates in America with its media s penchant for doom mongering and narcissistic over commentary some version of collective psychosis is all but inevitable Of course the recent outbreak has sparked renewed interest in the book and its infidelity to fact doesn t help the situationIn an effort to defuse some of this noise let s et to know the real Ebola virus at least what we ve leaned so far First some perspective Yes Ebola is deadly and international aid Summerland groups should be throwing everything they veot at curbing this latest and reatest outbreak As of 14 November 2014 there have been than 14000 reported cases and over 5000 confirmed deaths WHO updates this page weekly since it emerged in Guinea one year ago But as a matter of pure numbers Ebola is a minor player on the pathogen roster Compare those. The bestselling landmark account of the first emergence of the Ebola virusNow a mini series drama starring Julianna Margulies Topher Grace Liam Cunningham James D'Arcy and Noah Emmerich on National GeographicA highly infectious deadly virus from the centr.
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Figures with seasonal flu the reason many of your coworkers have been calling in sick recently which infects hundreds of millions and causes 250 500000 deaths every year including 20000 in the US alone Or norovirus which infects 267 million people and kills 200000 annually Hepatitis C is a virus that currently infects 150 million people worldwide while malaria kills than 600000 a year or about 68 people per hour Even rabies accounts for a steady 69000 deaths per year Any fear you might have of Ebola should be calibrated against the numbers which tell us that we re far likely to die from Lightning A Car Accident Or a car accident or plane crash than we are from EbolaMuch of that has to do with Ebola s method of transmission Contrary to what Preston repeatedly suggests in The Hot Zone Ebola is not transmitted through the air or by respiratory secretions ie coughing or sneezing unlike influenza or SARS Ebola can only be transmitted by direct physical contact with the blood vomit or feces of an infected person A cough or a sneeze from an Ebola host doesn t contain high enough concentrations of the virus to infect someone nearby because Ebola doesn t aerosolize in the way its airborne counterparts do This explains why the reports keep flowing in of infected healthcare workers they are at the highest risk of infection because they re the ones working with the patients after the incubation period is over and symptoms have surfaced So unless you find yourself in contact with any of these three fluids of an Ebola victim you have little to worry aboutMany have frowned on science for not having a vaccine ready by the truckloads This may sound brusue but iven the differential threat of the other viruses mentioned above Ebola isn t a top priority We ve seen a total of 32 outbreaks over the last 40 years and yet none have secured a lasting foothold in humans In contrast flu and malaria are perennial killers of titanic proportions Moreover vaccines and antivirals like the experimental ZMapp which co opts tobacco plants to clone antibodies derived from mice are painstakingly difficult and costly to produce and must be adapted to "the rapid pace of evolution In the triage of epidemiological exigency Ebola s sporadic presence and short fused temperament simply rank " rapid pace of evolution In the triage of epidemiological exigency Ebola s sporadic presence and short fused temperament simply rank next to many other human scourgesIts tendency to and short fused temperament simply rank next to many other human scourgesIts tendency to hopscotch with the human race is also why there is much we still don t know about Ebola As Level 4 contagions o it is deceptively simple Were you to ogle it under a microscope you d see a single strand of RNA that codes for a mere seven proteins one of which VP24 has been identified as the key facilitator for disrupting the cell signaling processes involved in immune response With the key communication lines cut Ebola is allowed free rein and overwhelms the host system before antiviral reinforcements have time to interfereThe biochemistry is less opaue than Ebola s origins however One of the finer points we ve yet to work out is zoonotic provenance in which species did Ebola first arise and from which host population did it make the jump to us Was it in the direction of apes to humans like HIV or did it spill over from some other creature whose environment overlaps with ours The favored culp. Al African rain forest suddenly appears in the suburbs of Washington DC There is no cure In a few days 90 percent of its victims are dead A secret military SWAT team of soldiers and scientists is mobilized to stop the outbreak of this exotic hot virus The. .

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The Hot Zone The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus

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