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Ven those new to the series can immediately follow alongLassiter a former college and professional football player has been diagnosed with the very real world condition of chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTI which includes such symptoms as memory loss mood swings depression and headaches Lassiter has now given up his criminal defense practice and is in the somewhat unusual for him position of being a prosecutor He s not prosecuting just anyone though He s employed by the State Bar Association for the purpose of bringing lawyers who are accused of violating the attorney code of ethics before the courtHowever this new phase of Lassiter s career is put on hold when his nephew Kip is arrested for being involved in an extremely lucrative college admissions scam Twenty ear old Kip is earning major cheddar by working for a Svengali type entrepreneur who is utilizing his ideas and smarts to get the children of the rich AND FAMOUS INTO UNIVERSITIES THAT THEY WOULD NOT HAVE famous into universities that they would not have prayer of being admitted to unaided This aid includes everything from resume padding to functioning as a ringer during college admissions testing Lassiter had warned Kip about the job but his reservations fell on deaf ears Things change when federal charges are brought against the program Kip is last to the party when the time comes to making a deal with the US Attorney s Office which has tape recordings witness testimony and an army of legal clerks and counsel arrayed against Kip who has Lassiter on his sideIt would be an almost lopsided battle against Kip in any event but Lassiter is hardly at the top of his game He is having memory lapses is prone to inappropriate outbursts inside and outside of the courtroom and has headaches that flair up without any warning and at the worst possible times What he does retain are his trial skills and instincts the support of his too good to be true physician and fianc e and perhaps most importantly his deep and abiding love for Kip who he has raised as a son since he was a child It isn t immediately obvious but maybe it s the prosecution that is overwhelmed hereI noted earlier that I was surprised to see another Lassiter novel That is because of the introduction of the CTI diagnosis into Lassiter s life Along with calling attention to this serious condition Levine has sympathetically utilized it as a plot element to effectively add suspense into the overall story arc It is one of the loudest ticking clocks in fiction which I for one hope never tollsReviewed by Joe Hartlaub Some authors lose their edge as they write about the same character over many ears but not Paul Levine I ve enjoyed every one of his Lassiter books and was delighted when I saw there was a new one in the seriesCheater s Game proved to be just as well written exciting humorous and intriguing as the other Lassiter books Levine writes a tight story and is a master of word usage He packs a lot into every paragraph and keeps the action flowingA former Miami Dolphin Jake is suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE Levine has brought this subject into sharp

with his last three books the series Jake is taking part in medical trials headed by his brilliant fianc Dr Melissa Gold and we learn the extent and conseuences of Jake s CTE In Cheater s Game Levine does a masterful job of playing out the effects of the CTE on Jake s ability to defend his nephew KipKip has been targeted as the fall guy in a college admissions scandal With recorded evidence of Kip admitting to his part in the scandal there is no escaping his arrest He s guilty of taking tests for pampered rich kids but he s not the mastermind behind the scheme Nevertheless he s going down unless Lassiter can find a way to counter guilt with justiceNobody writes courtroom scenes like Paul Levine They re the best and while I may think I know where things are going Levine throws in a twist or a surprise that I didn t see coming which just ups the sheer pleasure of reading a legal thrillerJake Lassiter is one of my favorite characters and I can t wait to see what Mr Levine has in store for him in the future A Timely Read As Jake Lassiter Faces Off With A Shyster Who Heads An Admission Scheme For College Another fantastic story with my favorite lawyer the funalways thinking Jake Lassiter I have enjoyed this author s series often over the ears and he doesn t miss a beat in this intriguing case The nephew Jake raised when his sister dropped him off Remains years ago has become a 20ear old He is very intelligent but seems uite naive when dealing with people daily Somehow he has taken the words of an admission scandal creator Max Tingle to heart and works with him by taking tests for other students Unknown by Lassiter until a hint from a fellow lawyer that the kid is in some deep trouble We follow all the action which eventually goes to trial seeing the love of family need to find a defense and how far people in a trial will push to get themselves out of trouble A story told with humorsadness and a little hope that makes a great read and hold The Secrets of Blood and Bone (Jackdaw Hammond your interest through out Take a look into Jake Lassiter s lifeou will find ourself feeling better just by reading the story 5 STARS all the way. Rged with multiple crimes Dr Melissa Gold Lassiter's fiance supervises experimental treatments intended to keep the ailing lawyer strong enough for a grueling trial As a fiery showdown looms with Ringle Lassiter risks everything including his own life to keep his nephew out of prisonLassiter is the lawyer we all want on our side and on the page Lee Child. .

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Stake and one I hope to rectify This is written in such a way that ou don t need to have read any of the novels ahead of this but it d surely add a little depth to some of the serialized aspects of the novel But I want to stress it s completely accessible for anyone who hasn t encountered Lassiter beforeGood courtroom action fun characters and a wonderful voice Cheater s Game is a sure fire crowd pleaser Disclaimer I received this novel from the Saichek Publicity in exchange for this post and my honest opinion Really enjoyable glad to see Jake back in action A compelling and layered read tackling an interesting and current issue It was tough to see Jake s physical issues on display and I am certainly conce There is no way that Jake Lassiter is believable as a successful attorney I stopped at less than a third of the way through The story s focus a nephew taking a wrong path is a awn Lassiter s self blame about the kid s focus a nephew taking a wrong path is a awn Lassiter s self blame about the kid bad choices is a bore and silly The narrative repeatedly has his wife thinking of her husband as wonderful big strapping loving and perfect in every way Not once but all the time Gave up on this guy Oh how I ve missed Jake Lassiter Loved this story A flawed hero everyone can cheer for Cheater s Game is book thirteen in the Jake Lassiter series by Paul Levine Kip Lassiter though he had the perfect job until he was pushed off the side road by another car and ended up in the hospital and arrested for fraud and other federal charges Kip s Uncle who Jake no longer stand up in court took on the case to free his nephew The readers of Cheater s Game will continue to follow Jake and Kip to find out what happensCheater s Game was the first book I read of Paul Levine and I enjoy it Paul Levine excellently portrayed the characters in a way that engaged me from the start I love the way the characters intertwine with each other throughout this book I like the description of the settings of this bookThe readers of Cheater s Game will learn about a disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and how it affects the suffers Also the readers of Cheater s Game will learn about being a defence attorney I recommend this book I have read and enjoyed most of Mr Levine s books but never so much his most recent Cheater s Game I recommend it without reservation to anyone who likes a taut suspenseful courtroom drama The story is drawn from recent headlines in which wealthy parents used a college preparatory company s scheme to get their less than super achieving children into prestigious universities That was done ou recall by bribing admissions officers faking the applicant s credentials and ualifications and sometimes using ringers to take the SAT tests for their kids Kip Lassiter is the nephew of Jake Lassiter who has made his name as a defense attorney who Will go to the limit and beyond for "CLIENTS IN A TIGHT SPOT JAKE FINDS HIMSELF DEFENDING "in a tight spot Jake finds himself defending against a laundry list of Federal felony charges resulting from just such a admissions scandalWith testimony from parents who participated in the cheating from Kip s boss who set everything up and From wiretaps of conversations where Kip brags about the fun he had in perpetrating the schemes it looks like jail doors are destined to slam behind Kip for a long time Unless Jake can get him off In a fascinating entertaining and exciting story MrLevine gives the reader characters whose emotional stress fills every page Jake a former Pro football player suffers from brain damage after too many helmet to helmet jolts His fianc e Melissa a doctor fears Jake is suffering rapid mental deteriorationBoth wonder if Jake has another trial left in him The trial itself is a gem of writing The author is a master at winding up tension and then with a bit of humor or a romance easing it off only to ramp it up the next day in court There is an autocratic judge a deceptively sensitive soft spoken Federal prosecutor an arrogant FBI agent and numerous rich privileged elitist cheaters turned witness arrayed against a oung man to smart to know how gullible he was and Uncle Jake Lassiter a very ill man trying to pull a miracle defense out of a tortured brain No Lorna you will not want to put this book down once begun And no do give into the temptation to peek at the ending Summary one of the best courtroom trials I have read and a compelling human drama adds up to a five star review and my unualified read this book Recommendation CHEATER S GAME is a welcome surprise I wasn t entirely sure that there was going to be another Paul Levine novel particularly one featuring defense attorney extraordinaire Jake Lassiter Yet here we are and it turns out to be one of the best installments in this long running series Readers of these books are aware that Levine is incapable of writing badly but this latest entry turns things up a notch by putting literally everything on the line for LassiterOne of the reasons that I always recommend this series to friends is that newcomers can literally start with any of the now 14 books without feeling as if they are hopelessly lost in the background In CHEATER S GAME Levine once again wastes little time in dropping just enough breadcrumbs of Lassiter s backstory so that HouseSuffering brain damage from his football injuries Miami lawyer Jake Lassiter says goodbye to the courtroomuntil his nephew Kip desperately needs his help Kip has been working for millionaire Max Ringle in a shady scheme to help rich entitled kids gain admission to elite universitiesRingle the mastermind of the fraud shifts the blame to Kip who's cha. Jake Lassiter my guilty pleasure This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader When it comes to my conduct in trials I have only two rules I won t lie to the court or let a witness do it Other than that batten the hatches because I sail straight into stormsBolden spent a few minutes talking about the judge s wise instructions and the jurors grave responsibilities then thanked them all and sat downI got to my feet nodded to the judge buttoned my suit coat smiled warmly and said my six favorite words in the English language Ladies and gentlemen of the jury When it comes to legal thrillers those six words are pretty much my favorite too I want to see the protagonist in the courtroom plying his or her trade sure I get that a lot of the action has to take place outside of the courtroom but it seems even my favorite fictional lawyers are spending fewer pages there all the time Since Perry Mason in print or on screen made me a fan of the genre everything outside the courthouse just doesn t interest me as much The fact that Lassiter utters those words at the 52% mark thrilled me jury selection started 5% earlier When the trial portion of a novel beings in the first half I m happy asou can hope forWhich isn t to say that the material before then wasn t good it s just secondary for me But we can t get to the jury if we don t have a crime a client and a lawyer We should probably start with themOur chief narrator protagonist and the lawyer we met in above is Jake Lassiter a former Miami Dolphin player turned defense attorney Thanks to the repeated hits to the head he took as a football player Lassiter suffers from CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy a progressive degenerative disease affecting the brain In response to this Lassiter s recently stopped his defense work and works for the Florida BarSo what gets Lassiter back to the defense table His nephew Kip Lassiter basically raised Kip and is his father in all but name The relationship isn t as close as it should be lately but when Kip needs him Lassiter s there for him Kip is freakishly smart but some foolish moves in college resulted in him getting the boot So he s gone another route and is working as an SAT coach At a certain point that coaching turned into taking the tests for his clients or arranging to be present in person for a little hands on coaching As we ve all seen recently the Feds swept in arresting several people involved and Kip is put in the position of taking the fall for a lot of the unethical behaviorIt s clear that he s guilty he admits what he did but he s also the only one that anyone s seriously prosecuting Lassiter was already going to do everything he could for Kip but the injustice of his being singled out for prosecution really provokes his uncle s ire The gloves are off when it comes to this defenseWhich is a little Trickier Than He S Used than he s used this is in Federal Court where Lassiter hasn t tried a case before The dynamic s a little different and the judge is far less open to antics doesn t stop Lassiter it should be noted The federal prosecutor is pretty chummy with the judge but seems to play fair and is a good opponent for Lassiter She s a great trial lawyer herself and won t give him an great trial lawyer herself and won t give him an but will admit when he bests her on a point I seriously loved the dynamic between the two it s not the typical adversarial kind of thing it is adversarial make no mistake but there s a respect and lack of hostility there A significant portion there s a respect and lack of hostility there A significant portion I indicated above of the novel is about the trial and I loved every second of itNot only is Lassiter dealing with the emotional weight of defending his nephew and what it would mean to lose but he s dealing with the cognitive and physical effects of CTE I don t remember ever reading anything close to this before I respect Levine for trying it and even so for doing it so well I don t know enough to say that he depicts this perfectly but it s done with sensitivity and care and sure a light touch making me think it s pretty accurateOur other narrator is Melissa Gold the specialist who s been treating Lassiter since his diagnosis she s also a leading researcher in the field She s also Lassiter s fianc and practically a stepmother to Kip She s about as invested in this trial as either of them but is focused on Lassiter s well being Her chapters provide an outside look at how Lassiter is dealing with the trial and everything around it It s an interesting way to get around some of the limitations of the first person narrationThis is not maudlin as easy as it would be it s not all somber sober and serious either Lassiter is a jokey kind of guy and that comes through in his narration and his dialogue This isn t a comedy by any means but there s a lot of wit and than a few laughs throughout That doesn t take away from any of the tension in the courtroom or with Lassiter s condition but it flavors the book Think of the Andy Carpenter books without dogs and Generation Stables you ve got a good idea how this readsFifteenears ago I became a fan of Levine s Solomon vs Lord series after about 20 30 pages and read those all several times I can t explain why but I never tried the Lassiter books although I meant to I now know that was a mi. Jake Lassiter Tackles the College Admissions Scandal Rich parents will pay anything to get their kids into collegeKip Lassiter can get ou a perfect score on any testAnd Kip's heartbroken uncle Jake must defend an unwinnable caseCHEATER'S GAME dives deep into the true to life college admissions scandal with an explosive federal trial that rocks the court. Cheaters Game