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And bringing peace to the realms We are treated too many surprises along the way especially too many surprises along the way especially one about who Brody is and who Maeve s parents are I loved learning about both these characters and what happened to them and who they truly are I would tell but that will ruin the happened to them and who they truly are I would tell but that will ruin the and adventure All I can say is many things come to light and you won t be isappointedMaeve and Brody s romance is sweet and adorable He s been avoiding her except for one night a month when Maeve must turn into a seal Now that things are coming to a head with the Chameleon and The Circle of Five these two find themselves together and putting all the cards on the table No hiding from the past or each other The overall arc runs throughout the series and is completed here We learn who the last two in The Circle of Five are and we learn who the Chameleon is We also learning about the evil Embraced army and it will blow your mind that they aren t what we have been lead to believe All of our favorite characters throughout the series come together to finish the war that has been coming and end The Circle of Five We see them work together and what happens at the end will have your emotions singing We also meet a few new characters and a sweet side romance besides the main couple Maeve and Brody The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea weaves a sirens song It s entertaining funny romantic a little sad but most of all it s a beautiful end to a magical series Note You need to read the series in orderBook 1 How to Tame a Beast in Seven DaysBook 2 So I Married a SorcererBook 3 Eight Simple Rules for Dating a DragonBook 4 How to Love Your ElfBook 5 The Siren and the Deep Blue SeaRated 45 Stars Wait was all of the series this umb Did I somehow miss that in the first few books I mean humor okay I could handle some stupidity for laughs but this No Just noSeriously if I wanted to learn about emotionally stunted intellectually challenged 20 year olds I would have watched of the Kardashiasses You know than my zero times of ever watching itHuh so I ve been missing this kinda thing Maybe I need to reevaluate my stanceThis book is the final culmination in a long series that had the first 3 books published culmination in a long series that had the first 3 books published one place and then a long break and finally these last two I can with all honesty say now after reading them all Not worth itIt s like if some cool fantasy like Lord of the Rings for instance that you really enjoyed suddenly puts out a crappy story where some ude is telling riddles to a troll for half that movie Or a super great trilogy of space pirates and princesses that gave you fantasies of a young Han Solo turned around and gave you a racist kid racing movie with the most annoying fictional character in all of the fictional character universeThe internet has been reading my Ford Model T Coast to Coast: A Slow Drive across a Fast Country diary againJar Jar Binks was the greatest sin against humanity ever IsaidwhatIsaid NeverForgiveNeverForgetSo this book is about a stupid girl who is in love with aog boy even though they ve never actually spoken to each other in human form She Dynasty of Desire does incredibly stupid things and gets captured Then idiotic Home Alone worthy battles happen with an army of children taking out a fleet of armed guards Idiot girl andog boy find out their true identities and Deus Ex Machina they save the worldOh grumpy cat you were too good for this worldIt sucked The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea by Kerrelyn SparksThe 5th and final book in the Embraced series Sweeping Fantasy romance You Prieš mirtį norisi švelnaus definitely want to read the other books first to avoid spoilersMaeve is the youngest of the girls raised on the Isle of Mist Her four adopted sisters are all ueens of their respective lands which we found out in each of the prior 4 books and married to their predicted loves Maeve is feeling a bit at loose ends With her sisters busy with children anduties Maeve just wants to find Brody He s been missing for months She is worried and a bit lonely Could he be in trouble or is he avoiding her because of his curseLoved this fantasy series and a bit sad to see it end This was a fantastic wrap up with a bonus secondary romance and most of the characters from the prior stories making cameos A few happy tears at the end So good. Sion becomes personal Cursed as a boy by the Sea Witch Brody can spend only two hours a حاشية على اسم الوردة day in his human form a restriction that limits his future and muzzles his heart Plus Maeve teases him for being such a prettyoggy instead of appreciating his manly charms To win his freedom he must take on a terrible isguise And when Maeve finds out she'll unleash a tempest like no othe. The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea Embraced by Magic #2The last book if the series and i am sad that it had to end So beautify written and so entertaining What ever books Ms Sparks would write I will iligently wait for it Thank you Netgalley for the eARCThe siren and the eep blue sea is the 5th book in the Embraced series Maeves sisters #ARE NOW ALL UEENS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES LEAVING #now all ueens in their own countries leaving Maeve unmarried She has plenty of potential suitors but the man she wants has been missing for two months and rumors of an embraced army have surfacedThe book focuses on Maeves journey to find Brody and the location of the embraced armyI really enjoyed this book I fact i couldnt put it own and finished it in one night It is magical full of twists and the main love story is great Though the instalove between the other two prominent characters was a bit much for me The book is well written and captivating4 stars ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Overall this is a very light beach read Nothing heavy really gave me nods of the light paranormal romances that were popular in the early 2000 s I liked the plot overall and the embraced magic system The world was intriguing I really wanted to love the book because the blurb grabbed my attention However the character B785 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines, development and theialogue was not Love Adds the Chocolate done well Theialogue was stilted and idn t flow well While it pushed the plot forward it was lacking I m not a fan of the naive virgin trope so Maeve was a bust for me as a heroine While she is very idealistic and always oes the right thing she s a very one The Ruby Brooch (Celtic Brooch dimensional character Brody seemed emotional and his actions seemed to be backed up by hisevelopment The villain was utterly idiotic and it makes no sense that she was able to cause the chaos she Effective Problem Solving did Then beinguped so easily by Maeve and Brody s light manipulation All in all very predictable light fantasy romance read Fantastic end to the seriesOh I idn t want to read Maeve s story I knew this would be the end of the series and I loved this fantasy world so much But I also couldn t wait for Brody s story to finally be told it was a long time coming and he and Maeve were magic togetherWhich worked out pretty good considering this fantasy world was full to the brim of all things out of this world Sea witches Seers children and armies with magical powers The came Together For One Final Battle Where All for one final battle where all kingdoms were at stake Sound fun wild and full of unexpectedness Throw in shifters romance and royalty and you have this series and story in a nutshell It is however impossible to pigeon hole really These are anything but cookie cutter reads and Maeve and Brody s was no exception Both etermined to find truth with a good need for revenge mixed in as well their journey was full of ups and Little Prissy and T. C downs as they found than they bargained for Along with a romance that had been percolating from afar for way too long their not so sudden courtship was fraught with intriguerama humour and even sweetness And lots and lots of magicLike I said hard to pigeon hole with so much going on but so much to savour as the plot revealed itself one Romans delicious chapter at a time Great way to end the series Diane 5 stars 5 The pen is mightier than the sword Stars The Embraced Embraced by Magic series is how Iiscovered Kerrelyn Sparks and having read and loved all five books I know that this is an author I ll be looking to read from in the future All books have been heavy on story world building and character Gut : The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Under-Rated Organ development and each one was an absolute pleasure to readFinally After all these years we will have justiceYou need to have read the previous four books from the series to understand everything that is going on in this one Brody and Maeve have featured in all previous books as secondary characters that said because the books have all offered suchepth and vivid story lines you know them almost as well as the characters each book was actually focusing on although the author kept back some really great surprises for The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea This story is the climax the culmination of all the sub plots that have been playing out the Aerthlan world has slowly started to embrace peace as each kingdom gains a new King ueen and th. Four sisters have become ueens rulers of all that Aerthlan's two moons embrace The last sister will forge her own path Signs and SealsRaised on the magic seeped Isle of Moon Maeve is used to unusual powers and the way they fuel the politics of her world But when she Made in Florence discovers an ability to shape shift at will she knows who she wants to share it with first Brody the enigmatic E enemies vanuished But the Chameleon is still at large and not all of the enemies are known as yet They come a long way from being orphans at the convent on the Isle d come a long way from being orphans at the convent on the Isle Moon I m not going to Exploring Geology delve into the plot it would risk giving spoilers and I think one of the things that has made this series so enjoyable for me was theiscovery of each twist and turn as I was reading it and not because I A Step Farther and Higher d found out beforehand The humour heart heat and everything you expect from this author and this series are still very much included and if like me you have had a soft spot for Brody since the beginning you are going to love his and Maeve s bookWe can t always control what fate has in store for usARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review I want to be EmbracedThere is something exhilarating about coming to the end of a book or series and knowing that everything has come together perfectly While itid take me a wee while to get sucked into The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea once things started to happen I couldn t stop I even Quintet downloaded it to my phone to get a little sneaky reading in here and there So much sneakier thanragging around my big and cumbersome Kindle Don t get me wrong I love my Kindle but it s Bibliomysteries: Crime in the World of Books and Bookstores definitely my at homeevice for readingAnyways I loved seeing all of the pieces fall into place and getting the shock of my life when the surprise unveiling of royalty took place Knock me over with a feather I id not see it coming All of the royalty in this series are own to earth and very likeable A little like the young English monarchy they appear friendly approachable and almost normal Sure they have guards servants and minders but they also appear to be willing to get their hands A Devil Inside dirty In this story I think they are normal because they haven t been hiding in their castles while someone elseeals with problems They have had to face and fight their enemies while also keeping their loved ones safeI loved getting to know Maeve and Brody better while they got to know each other better It The Worst of Boiled Angel does take time for them to trust each other and the feelings that have always simmered between them If anything they ve had to learn to trust that the feelings won tisappear once all of their secrets have been exposed Brody is not sure he wants Maeve to sacrifice her life with someone cursed Maeve is sure that her family baggage will make him run for the hills Communication is the key and once it s all out on the table they realise that their love for each other will conuer all obstaclesThe second half of The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea was fast paced exciting and The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea was fast paced exciting and informative Sure stuff happened in the first half but I admit that it Choice Affairs (Southern Heat, didn t have my heart pumping as the second halfidI have really enjoyed reading The Embraced series Their world was easy to imagine the characters were original lovable and URANTIA MILLENNIUM III Enhansed Edition: UPDATE 2020 (Enhansed Edition Book 2018) (English Edition) determined to bring peace and the love stories were sweet I highly recommend giving this series a try but you muststart at the very beginning a very good place to start Stacey is Sassy received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes Ion t know maybe this was not the right moment to read this bookI skimmed because I was annoyed with almost every action and thought our MCs hadIt was soo juvenile and idiot that I wanted to screem and was rolling my eyes almost constantlyI give this 2 stars just because the Embraced story is finished and I on t have to read another book like this The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea is the final book in The Embraced series by Kerrelyn Sparks This one features the youngest sister Maeve and our spy Brody This is a bittersweet end for me but what a sweet and mystical journey it has been I ve loved almost all the books in The Embraced series THEY HAVE CAPTURED ME WITH THEIR MAGIC AND EXPLOITS have captured me with their magic and exploits have to point out the cover for The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea I love it It s perfect for Maeve s book I m also thrilled to finally be getting Brody s story Ever since book one I ve wanted to know about the spy who can only be human two hours a aySparks weaves another magical tail completing the overall arc. Nfuriating shifter spy has always made time for Maeve But it's been almost two months since she's seen him And though no one else believes Brody is in anger Maeve is than ready to rescue him herselfThe rumors Brody's investigating are terrifying a secret army of magic users in the service of the cruel Circle of Five But when he uncovers the identity of one of the Five the mis. .