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Here are neatly turned odes of small span Much concerned with our bodily plan And the intercorporeal Highly sensorial Lovelife of woman and man Much concerned with our bodily plan And the intercorporeal Highly sensorial Lovelife of woman and man New Limerick edited by G Legman is a delightful compendium of thousands of limericks many of which had never been widely published I keep my copy in a bathroom for those odd MOMENTS WHEN A READING DIVERSION IS REUIRED EVEN THE when a reading diversion is reuired Even the everyone knows There once was a girl from Nantucket are freshly enjoyable in this contextLITTLE ROMANCES A delighted incredulous bride Remarked to her groom at her side I never could uite Believe til tonight Our anatomies would coincideLegman s Introduction is a scholarly treatise that discusses the art and artistry of the limerick and wonders why this is usually though not exclusively an English form Although an Italian canto treating the lewder aspects of the lives of the saints is cited it seems obvious to the editor that the terse character and abundant homonyms of English lend themselves to the limerick formORGANS There was a young lady from Byer Whose hemlines got higher and higher But the size of her thighs Provoked merely surprise And extinguished the flames of desireWhat makes this catalog of limericks even impressive Is That It Is that it is This is the largest collection of limericks ever published erotic or otherwise Of the 2750 printed here none is otherwise The limerick is the only fixed poetic form native to the English language Hickory Dickory Dock was a limerick remember but that was the last time the limerick ever saw a nursery Don Maruis is reported to have divided limericks into three kinds Limericks to be told when ladies are present limericks to be told when ladies are absent and clergymen are present and LIMERICKS Ladies have changed and so have clergymn but the LIMERICK as this collection will attest is authentic erotic folklore.

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E second such volume The first The Limerick included only 1700 examples Of The Verse Form the verse form generated such a stream of new examples that the editor was compelled to create this larger seuelSTRANGE INTERCOURSES There was a young girl with a bust Which roused a French cavalier s lust She was since heard to say About midnight Touch I didn t uite parry that thrust Isaac Asimov introduced his own book A Grossery of Limericks one of several limerick collections written with John Ciardi by saying Limericks come in many forms dirty lewd obscene and otherwise None of the limericks in this collection are otherwise Like the pun the limerick relies on the surprise of the wry twist in the terminal line And for many limericks as for puns the sincerest applause is a resounding groan from the audienceZOOPHILY A libidinous peasant named Jack One time with a spider did shack You may get oddball kids Sleeping with arachnids But oh those eight legs round your backThere may also be a charm to the limerick Beyond The Rhythm And The the rhythm and the So many limericks build from a personal or geographical name cleverly rhymed but never used again that the editor contends this may be one of the draws of the craft However this does not explain my own perso. At its most ribald Arnold Bennett said in the 1920s that the best limericks were entirely unprintable Until now we might add For here are printed for the first time 2750 NEW LIMERICKS plus another 100 in the Notes most of which have never before seen the light of day From aardvarks to yaks and zebras every error of mankind and womankind is celebrated here in verses of five hilarious yet pathetic lines Wild witty sad and outrageous Read 'em and weep Nothing is repeated from THE LIMERICK First Series and for good measure an entirely new subject is now presented for the first time the Science Fiction Limeri. More LimericksNal favoriteENGINEERING To barbarity man says adieu As brilliant inventions accrue To create wheel and lever Was really uite clever But
divinely inspired was 
inspired was screwAnd while a large majority of limericks insist on the youth of the main character a substantial percentage rely eually on venerable age and experiencePARSING WORDS A learn d old ustice of Trent Defined what obscenity meant He said Duck is not clean But three uarters obscene And fudge is foul forty percentLimericks in the US became as common as filk songs for the science fiction aficionado hence Asimov s entry into the field An entire category of science fiction limericks refers to space opera topics and widens even further the list of person and place names available to lampoonFILK FICTION Flash Gordon when looking for fun Poked Dale with his little space gun Murmured she I m not shy But uick button your fly In comics that ust isn t doneThere are 2750 limericks in this book including the execrable in the Chamber of Horrors the unuotable in Buggery and Abuses of the Clergy and the simply over the top in Virginity I have had to work hard to select those that do not contain one of Carlin s infamous Seven WordsTo read all the others I highly recommend this boo. Cks that so neatly sum up our Interplanetary Age still with the same age I highly recommend this boo. Cks that so neatly sum up our Interplanetary Age still with the same age aspirations and inspirations by means of which the unpardonable now commit the unmentionable The limerick is the bawdiest thing to happen to an ancient literary form since graffiti were found in Pompeii Clean limericks were a fad in the mid 1800s and lasted only five years Few of them will be found here But there's an index of Geographical and Personal names so you can find your real favorites and a list of subjects from Buggery to Zoophily and beyond If you have a favorite it's here If you don't have a favorite yet you soon will. ,