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S isn t my first time through this book so I new what I was going to encounter That probably decreased my appreciation of it because there weren t Oh wow or Eureka moments It is a good book that deals with an issue that concerns me the lack of vision of Christians

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I try to figure what to do with this stage of my life this is an idea I feel the need to consider deeply He writes about a number of potential spheres of influence and writes about a number of potential spheres of influence and should make a list of my spheres and make some decisions about what the best that I can do in each of those might be instead of just stumbling along I am woefully undereducated in the realm of citizening or of Christianing I m OK when it comes to adulting or perhaps too demanding in that but the 2 Cs need some work He s given me a framework in which to consider them Focusing on the Matthew passage about being salt this book challenges Christians to get out there and do just that He got a bit redundant and seemed somewhat narrowminded in his examples I would add many many professions where we can be salt but the challenge remains the same It was a good reminder to encourage our youth in whatever areas they have been gifted to be a roaring lamb I had read this years ago and really connected with it then I enjoyed it again this time around and I really thought his message was strong and compelling The only critiue I have of it however is that I feel his views of culture as black or white Either it is Christian or it is anti Christian There is no message about working within mainstream culture in film sports arts music or literature and not professing a strong Christian or moral message I wonder how Briner would respond to someone who works in one of those industries and who is a professing Christian in his personal life and to those he interacts with but who doesn t necessarily proclaim his faith publicly through his medium I also wonder how he would respond to Dorothy Sayers essay Why Work While the value of work well done is important as he outlined near the end of the book I feel he would say it s not enough. Ll help you and your friends put shoe leather to your faith Bob Briner's greatest legacy may well be the way in which through his own courageous roam he helped countless Christians discover theirs John their ranks Roar with conviction and change your worl. .
35 stars Roaring Lambs is a call for Christians to get out of their own subculture and to start influencing the world in tvfilm sports music art and writing Briner calls for the Church the Body of Christ to raise up and support talented Christian writers artists and musicians rather than limit their resources on only those going into ministry Published in 1993 there are a lot of cultural references to the 70s and 80s but the ideas Briner presents can still be applied to the Church today It would be interesting to read a up to date version of a book like this
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excellent book Bob Briner Roaring Lambs is convicting and a call to action for the church The book is slightly dated published in 1993 and so are the references at times movies coming out on tape But the central argument and point of the book is that all Christians have been called to be salt and light preserving a dying world Briner contends and I agree that Christians have abdicated our position to do influence culture and to act as salt in a dying world Where are Christians in the culture producing sectors of our society The Christian authors writers musicians and artists out there mainly stay huddled together creating things only nown within the Christian subculture Ultimately having little or no impact on anyone outside the Christian Bubble We ought to be asking ourselves and our churches What active strategy does this church do I have regarding Christ s command to be salt Briner points out many areas we have missed the mark but provides thought provoking uestions and some potential next steps for how the Church can be salt I was assigned this book for class but we did not have to read #the whole thing I went back and read it and it has some # whole thing I went back and read it and it has some points Christian Involvement In The Media Is Scarce But in the media is scarce but they are there it is a good thing Christians need to influence every area of culture as this book points out I fear writing a review because I worry that it will not impress people enough to read this book and this is a must read for all Christians In it Briner discusses the. Bob Briner would have told you Absolutely Roaring Lambs is Briner's manifesto of our proper stance regarding the culture shaping arena Christians can and ought to be the movers and shakers of social change roaring lambs who infiltrate and make an impact ,

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Commands to be light and salt in the world and practically applies this concept to positions of cultural influence such as those in the industries of film television music art politics and journalism He challenges believers to engage culture through excellent work in mainstream media providing positive truth based glorifying content without creating alternative usually low Christian media that does not engage our entire culture If anyone ever wonders why I moved to LA I d say that this book gives my complete answer Just read it This is a great read especially for faith based filmmakers who aren t Happy With The Status with the status of current church movies and want to achieve high art and global impact This book challenges you to get out of what he coins the Christian ghetto and back out into society and culture where we belong to impact on a level deserving of the Creator of the Universe Art used to do that you now The Sistine Chapel Michelangelo s David statue These things used to awe and inspire Now we get a God s Not Dead uadrilogy and high five ourselves for shaping culture Dig deeper go farther ask uestions and start with this book The main message of this book is that its better to light a candle then to curse the darkness and that salt is worthless if its not placed where it is needed Briner implores Christians to enter with uality and excellence into the secular realm of art media literature and education in hopes of being salt and light where it is most needed A practical call to action to Christians that we live our faith out loud in whatever profession God has called us to I found the concepts to be rather elementary but I realize there are many churches that do not encourage their members to do this as they ought It was nice for me to read through each chapter and be reminded of friends of mine who are roaring lambs in academia visual arts cinema etc Probably a good book to gift to a new Christian or anyone who doesn t realize God calls us to minister in our everyday lives and to be missionaries even if we re not overseas Thi. N their workplace and world with their faith Roaring Lambs was written from Briner's personal experience as an Emmy Award winning television producer It takes you into the work world strategies anyone can use There's also a useful discussion guide that wi. Roaring Lambs