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Meet Phoenix oTrick and Treat is not a diet book It is a book about what we are told to eat and what is really good forur health It is a book about the modern healthy diet and all the business around health and foodTo sum up Barry Groves ideas he states that we should eat much animal fat through meat eggs butter full fat milk etc and cut down the carbs to a minimum To prove his point he goes through a large variety f modern diseases diabetes cancer heart attacks alzeimer s and explains the relation diseases diabetes cancer heart attacks alzeimer s

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explains the these and ur modern diet with studies to support his claimsThe amount f research and documentation inside this book is just incredible but at the same time it is uite easy to read Although it is hard to figure ut the truth between all these diethealthy food books this Screwball one is uite convincing as it appeals to both common sense and hard evidence It also shows how we are conditioned to believe what we are told without uestioning itI am not sure if I agree completely with everything Barry Groves states in here but it really gives a good starting point to really form a personalpinion about what we pass ur lips I would recommend any person concerned with their health to read this book This is the go to book with documented evidence to find ut where nutrition has gone wrong and how to fix it Highly recommend to anyone wanting any nutrition knowledge Very good Learned lot This book has so many important things to say Not just about weight loss but also about health about ur health systemThis book explains that while it is ur responsibility to make healthy choices to make a choice first we have to understand that there is a choice We need accurate information Unforunately the current food guidelines are based Up All Night on myths and wishful thinking rather than scienceThe author goesn to say The health industry is The Spiral Dance onef the most lucrative in the world and so the focus has become wealth rather than health Many published drug studies are no than infomercials Journals doctors and academia have been bought by the drug companies and many patient ground that claim to be grass roots groups are in fact astroturf groups faux advocacy groups The NICE Guidelines in the UK are heavily lobbied by drug companies and not at all based The Erotic Mind on good science Guidelines by committee are disastrous especially when vested interest groups are involved Mild symptomsf illness such as tiredness and aches and pains have been normalised in Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, our society but they are not normal and are related tour current poor dietary advice and diets The pharmaceutical industry is not focused It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty on cures butn treatments which can be sold to the patient Here With Me (Together over andver again Not Double Deception (Code Name: Danger only is this industry not thene to look to for real cures as so many still do but they help the cures we do have Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, often remain unused and ignored For example type 2 diabetes has been curable since the 1970s yet many patients are still just given drugs to take for life to minimise somef the symptoms Grave Tattoo of the condition Early detectionf. Do you practice healthy eating consuming your five portions Georgia and the Tycoon of fruit and vegetables per day and shunning fats in favourf complex carbohydratesThen you could be doing exactly what is most harmful to your health and helping to support Churchills Trial onef the world's biggest and most lucrative industries. Lly sick For Groves the right food is a low carbohydrate diet with lots A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries of saturated animal fatWhetherr not you would subscribe to his recommended diet his discussions are enough to make you think twice about government recommendations and so called nutritionists r health experts He would also have you proceed with caution as far as doctors are concerned because f their ridiculous targets and their relationship to the pharmaceutical companies Treat your doctor like a lawyer consult them make your wn mind up about what they prescribe as treatmentHe manages to turn the health understandings that we currently have all topsy turvy And To Be Frank I Believe There Must Be Than to be frank I believe there must be than slither f truth in his conclusions For all Second Time Loving our so called medical understanding and professionals in the fieldf health in the past thirty years all I have seen is people looking sicker We are increasingly unable to prevent r cure illness r disease all we can do is treat it and that involves expensive drugs There is no medical alternative So if diet is important and I think it is it s worth taking a look at Barry groves views Contains a great deal Dark Awakening of history and not much new actionable informationAuthor also is incredibly biased I m finding it hard to go along with Mr Grove s assertion that we don t really need to eat fruit I have seen him state inther articles that it s a myth that fruit is full Hawks Way (Hawks Way of vitamins and minerals I don t even eat much fruit my fruit bowl currently contains my ipod camera and a nestf computer leads so I don t know why this worries me so much but it just doesn t sit right with me There is a lot in this book to think about ranging from corruption in the medical drug industry to pointing Family Men out that bran was a worthless by productf the milling process until we were conned into eating it What a handy and profitable way to dispose f itBarry Groves is into a low carb high fat diet but he explains it so well and cites so much research it makes sense Even so my last forray into the low carb world left me so depressed I m reluctant to go there again Maybe when I understand the book I can adjust my diet appropriately Amazing And so important How to eat in a way that s truly healthy please note everything here is versimplified based Sabina Spielrein on my memoriesf the book everyone should read this for themselves if they re concerned about their wn health in any wayEat fats meat fish eggs full fat dairy grass fed full cream unpasteurised milk nuts butter etc Natural foods Veg is k full fat dairy grass fed full cream unpasteurised milk nuts butter etc Natural foods Veg is k less so It s been artificially screwed with to make it sweeter and palatable but the sugars in it aren t
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It s a natural food nowProcessed carbs destroy health Oh and drugs do too So many nuggets f info I found amazing in this book and all backed up with the results Out of This World of medical studies People who have cancer treatment don t live longer than thos fantastic and thought provokingjust makes me realize how unuestioning I have been for 42 years but no longer my eyes have beenpene. What isBringing together The Time It Never Rained over a centuryf relevant findings including classic papers and the latest research Barry Groves examines each f these issues in depth and concludes that there is a simple evidence based alternative approach that will allow us all to take charge f Childrens Phantasies ourwn health.

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