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Trip to Cabo we just missed seeing several bodies hanging from a highway overpass that were put there by a drug cartel to send a message "to a rival cartel Barbaric Back to the book The book was very well researched and "a rival cartel Barbaric Back to the book The book was very well researched and writing was solid My two complaints is that I would have liked to learn about how the cartels operate across the boarder in the US and at times the book became redundant with account after account of arrests murders and how corrupt the Mexican authorities are toward the cartels Still it is fascinating reading in a very scary sort of way The book The last Narco is about a Mexican cartel that gets arrested and get out when he wants to because he pays the police and veryone in jail He cartel can do whatever he wants to because he is the boss Nobody that can mess with him or My Girlfriends Daddy (Daddies, even touch him El chapo the cartel is tired of being locked up so hescapes from prison The police keeps looking for the cartel because he is dangerous and has a lot money The police looks Ford Model T Coast to Coast: A Slow Drive across a Fast Country everywhere for him but when they are close to capture him hescapes and runs away Still today they keep looking for him This book is mostly a summary of the Mexican drug wars between roughly 2004 and 2009 Guzman is definitely a focus but mostly about how he continued to run the Sinaloa cartel ven while on the run There s not really that much about the hunt for him specificallyAs a history of the drug wars in those years it s broad but good My main complaint is the history is presented in a surprisingly non linear fashion so the book jumps around between those years and can be a little hard "to followOverall it s okay as a broad history of the drug wars for those years but it s nothing "followOverall it S Okay As A Broad History Of The Drug Wars okay as a broad history of the drug wars those years but it s nothing special The Book is about Joauin Archivaldo Guzman Loera known as El Chapo Guzman He was born in 1957 in the poor Mexican town of La Tuna de Badiraguato Sinaloa He is one of the top 5 world s most wanted In 2001 he scaped and hasnt been captured Prieš mirtį norisi švelnaus ever since Ing Guzman was considered impossible until now Newly isolated by infighting amongst the cartels and with Mexican and DEA authorities closing in El Chapo is vulnerable as never before Newsweek correspondent Malcolm Beith has spent years reporting on the drug wars and follows the chase with full access to senior officials andxclusive interviews with soldiers and drug traffic. My boyfriend gave me his copy of this book We have similar interest in true crime novels like this I didn t know much about El Chapo before reading this book Really interesting and informing I really حاشية على اسم الوردة enjoyed this read and would recommend Good book I was hoping it would be of a biography of El Chapo but it was kind of mixed stories about his days in prison his days in power and what the Mexican governmentmilitarypolice where up to There was a lot of good information and insight into how the cartel was able to work with the people and various governments of Mexico This novel was very detailed surprisingly with lots of facts of actualvents that happened However I uestion some of the actual facts in the book I believe that most of what is accounted for did actually happen and is true It offers a look into the life and upbringing of El Chapo I njoyed the way this book was written This book is of course a little out of date now not its fault I bought it second hand as Chapo Is Behind Bars is behind bars the states Hopefully at some point there will be a new dition It jumps about a bit and I would have preferred a linear narrative At times there are paths hinted at but not taken for The Road to Arnhem example the links between PRI and the narcos In general the focus is narrow There s little sense of how Chapo s operations fitted into a the wider mosaic of narco cartels I was disappointed that a bit time wasn t spent with the notorious zetas forxample Nevertheless an informative if depressing read I have always found Mexico a much nicer place than the one depicted here maybe that s just tourist naivety but I d like to think not So I listened to the audio version of "this book because I njoy if that is the right word "book because I njoy if that is the right word true crime books and the fact that my Hubby and I take freuent trips to Mexico and wanted to learn about the dangers of the drug cartels To say that the cartels are ruthless is like saying Jack the Ripper had dating issues In fact on one. The dense hills of Sinaloa Mexico are home to the most powerful drug lord since Pablo Escobar Joauin “El Chapo” Guzman Guzman is among the world’s ten most wanted men and also appeared on Forbes magazine’s 2009 billionaire list With his massive wealth his army of professional killers and a network of informants that reaches into the highest levels of government catch. ,

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Alcolm says El Chapo Love Adds the Chocolate employs 150000 men women and children in his murderous operation No one knows where he is It is also about the Mexican Cartels all over Mexico that try to smuggle drugs through the US and about drug wars What struck me about the book was how hescaped from jail in 2001 and how the guardians didn t ven notice when he got on a car And now he is the richest person on arth and no one knows where he is at He has hundreds of people working for him to protect him life and to make his cartels grow
in 2011 than 34 thousand were killed that year because of drug wars The book was really descriptive and I really njoyed reading this book The book helped me get a better picture of the competing conspiratorial criminal organizations that nearly dominate Mexico about the wars between these brutal competitors about the "CORRUPTION THAT PERVADES MEXICAN CULTURE AND WHY THAT CORRUPTION "that pervades Mexican culture and why that corruption and continues from generation to generation due to threats bribes and acceptance Beith took some risks in researching the book and risk by publishing when one considers how many journalists who have written about Mexican drug trafficking and the gangsters who ply the narcotics trade the Narcos and how many of those brave journalists have been murdered for upsetting one drug lord or anotherThe drug wars have claimed the lives of 28000 in Mexico over the last four years It s worse than the Middle East for violence in Mexico a nation that banned private gun ownership Narcos wield fully automatic AK 47s Russian or Chinese guns grenades grenade launchers and bazookas in their war Los Zetos is an army of trained killers working with the Cartel The wealthy and organized criminal organizations mploy submarines airplanes tunnels Effective Problem Solving etc to bring their cocaine marijuana and other drugs across our borders I ve always been drawn to books films or television shows about gangs jails and the criminal underworld Makes me sound li. Kers in the region including members of Guzman’s cartel The Last Narco combines fearless reporting with the story of El Chapo’s legendary rise from a poor farming family to the “capo” of the world’s largest drugmpire The Last Narco is ssential reading about one of the most pressing and dramatic stories in the news today a true crime thriller happening in real ti. The Last Narco
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