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Mess around with his readers expectations Banks would ffer up n "the ne hand self assuredly erudite multi layered and dare I say it near literary texts from which could be peeled "one hand self assuredly erudite multi layered and dare I say it near literary texts from which could be peeled revealed the anxieties The Millionaires Miracle of the decade andn the ther explosive politicised rants burning with unbelievable fury Often the two combined He was a great storyteller too Banks with enviable skill turned real life dramas into page turning adventure stories He invented deadly games for his characters to win r lose His labyrinthine plots entwining threads Mine Under the Mistletoe of the past with thosef the present played with The Medicine Man our perspectives and most definitely teasedur expectations His novels were like Molotovs and as soon as the rag was lit you knew what was going to happen Letting go Maverick Christmas of the bottle was almost impossible however You had to watch it burn Banks s writing was so good that it wouldn t allow you to let go until the final page wentff in your faceTo say that Banks wasn t always kind to his characters would be an understatement right Banks s stock characters were people who either inflicted incredible cruelty Millionaires Dont Count (Harlequin Mini onthers such as Frank in The Wasp Factory Liberating Paris or were the subjectsf such cruelty themselves think The Lost Queen (Faerie Path, of well Frank again and pretty much every Banksian protagonist in everyne To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, of his novels Usually his protagonists were damaged individuals dangerous elements who in some wayr another discovered that they were being manipulated by agents To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, of power who maintained systemsf control that stubbornly refused destabilisation I think it was rare that I ever really empathised with any f his protagonists but I always sympathised with their plight and would have been ready to stand beside them in their various battlesIt s been a while since I last read an Iain Banks novel I love them r used to but some time ago I began to wonder whether I might have The Serpent of Venice outgrown them I don t mean this to sound trite but I m no longer the angsty student in his twenties raging against corporations religion and the government My anger is different nowI think it got to a point where I would pick up a Banks novel and have a pretty good idea what was likely to happen after just the first couplef chapters Dead Air was a good example Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, of this I just wasn t moved by it I wasn t bothered by it I didn t even care about it For me at the timef reading it Dead Air was a bit Kiss of Surrender (Deadly Angels, of a non novel It was formulaic and the formula wasne I knew backwards Maybe I d read too much Banks by that point Looking through his back catalogue recently I struggled to answer my self posed uestion Have I read The Business Have I read Whit Two novels I just couldn t place in memory A long search through my bookshelves revealed that I had actually read both novels but even as I scanned through their pages and blurb I found it hard to distinguish between them I don t think this is Banks s fault It s just that when you become so familiar with an author s work and there are novels which pull from a commonly mined seam f images themes ideas etc then they will begin to blur JG Ballard was the ther big author I spent a lot f time with in my student days and it got to the point where I just couldn t read any To this day I haven t read any f Ballard s novels beyond my signed copy Rain (Paper Gods, of Cocaine NightsSo it was a while before I got around to reading Garbadale It had actually beenn my bookshelf since 2008 and it was starting to turn brown at the angle where the sun shining through my window fell across the top f it Anyway I picked it up took it away and started readinguickly I discovered that all the usual elements were there systems f control keeping the main character in his place check Main character finding that he has to revisit unsolved mysteries The Replacement Wife of his past inrder to reveal the full extent to which his life has been manipulated check Bizarre comedy characters bordering Damned (Witch Hunt on caricature who have a larger part to play in the unfolding drama check Big castlesr castle type buildingsspaces acting as metaphor for the inner psychoses The Bluebird Bet (Welcome to Tall Pines of the protagonist and also as a dark epic stagen which to play ut the grand reveal finale Check againAlthough I have to admit I m slightly guilty there myself ahemOK stop being facetious Maybe it was down my extended break from Banks s fiction but as I began to read through Garbadale I rediscovered my love for all those familiar Banksian volumes taking shape around me It was like being comforted by an ld friend It was familiar yet somehow it felt different different enough to make me thoroughly enjoy the read If I were to pin it down I d say that in Garbadale Banks s writing is beautifully mature The anger Mlynowski Teen Thriller of his earlier novels is still there but it seems to have a slightly diff. Egade Alban who has been evading the family clutches for years is run to ground and persuaded to attend the forthcoming family gathering part birthday party part Extraordinary General Meeting convened by Win Wopuld matriarch and most powerful memberf the board at Garbadale the family's highland castle Being drawn.

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A great book couldn t put it down Alban is a fascinating lead character well supported by the thers I love Iain Banks but this did not really strike me as a classic There were flourishes f excellent writing but these were not as in evidence as some Switchback of histher novels Maybe it s just me I can t really identify with the super rich And the majority Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, of the characters were very affluent I found the pacef the novel very slow and by the end which I guessed I didn t really give a shit about what happened to any f them Iain "WHEREVER YOU ARE MAN SORRY BUT "you are man Sorry But Lost Me but lost me this ne Three stars for ld
sake Iain Banks is my I ve enjoyed pretty much everything I ve ever read by him and honestly wish he was still around to be hitting us with his stunning Culture sci fi novelsThis ne was a bit CaddyGirls of a challenge His writing brilliant and engaging as always His characters subtly wrought and realistic But the core narrativeof Alba A sprawling family saga setn a picturesue Highland estate filled with tangled relationships generational conflicts unreuited love and a dark family secret that reverberates through the plot The central character is Alban returning to the family fold after several disillusioned years in self imposed exile as the clan gather to discuss the future Assignment of their investment a popular board game developed by an ancestor It s no subtle irony that Empire is under thread from American capitalismThe narrative weaves in flashbacks from Alban s early life as a teenager in Garbadale a young man travelling the world and a forestry worker avoiding any real responsibility as events progress in the present He gradually reconciles his place within the family laying to rest demons that have haunted him and hindered his engagement with adulthood giving the novel a satisfying resolutionThe main issue with this book isver familiarity It feels like Banks is retreading Philosophy of Religion old ground and this just isn t The Crow Road After a mixed recent history A Songf Stone and The Business being dubious at best this followed No Respect on from the excellent Dead Air and so saw Banks establishing another strong periodf good writing Many The Spirituality Revolution of the themes here will be familiar to his long term readers I m thinking Stonemouth in particular with the homecoming to a uiet Scottish home aspect as well as the looking backIn a sense this is a comingf age novel and in another it s a family saga that has many depths and layers to it however it s presented this is a cracking read and shows Banks Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) on excellent and assured form and like manyf his better works it was really hard to put down and kept you involved right up to the end Well it s not as bad as the teeth gnashingly bad Dead Air but a long way below his best work One review even retitled it The Steep Decline Towards Garbage It revisits a lot Economies and Cultures ofld ground extensive and eccentric Scottish family ruled by a patriarch as in both Whit and Complicity and the growing pains Designing with Web Standards of the usual young male protagonist torn between two loves also features in Complicity what seems now to be anbligatory anti American rant as in Dead Air though it is perfectly in character for Alban Here the protagonist Alban is almost thirty yet he s still mooning Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, over his long lost cousin Sophie with whom he had a brief fling aged 15 and has barely seen since I ended up thinking that it is really time Iain Banks grew up howld is he now anyway Maybe the whole thing is supposed to be a reflection Structure Of The Nucleus on the special relationship between the US and the UK cousins drifting apart but if so it isn t very profoundreturnreturnIt has that now trendy structure where the story constantly jumps back and forth in time and you are never sure how each bit relates to the rest That worked in The House at Riverton but it doesn t work here it just seems like a gimmick to mask the absencef plot First Anthology or suspense You can see the shock revelation coming miles away Some passages including the final chapter are narrated by an extremely minor character in a rather irritating Scots accent with greengrocer s apostrophes galore why returnreturnThe ending is a damp suib as if Banks just got tiredf writing and decided it was long enough already it could indeed have been cut by 100 pages r so There is some good writing in places notably describing two suicides as always there are some laughs too and I did finish it But I was disappointed Banks didn t make f Alban s girlfriend Verushka a really strong female character who just disappears from the story until the very end Nothing I ve read has matched up to Whit still my favourite Right through the 1990s Iain Banks with Passage Through Crisis or without the M was my numberne author an edgy blackly humorous writer who wasn t afraid to. Dark family secrets a long lost love affair and a multi million pound gaming business lie at the heart Science, Technology and Culture of Iain Banks's fabulous new novel The Wopuld family built its fortunen a board game called Empire now a hugely successful computer game So successful the American Spraint Corp wants to buy the firm ut Young ren. .
Erent hue like the man who realises that although the machine can challenged and it can change its face it can never be and it can change its face it can never be beaten And maybe it doesn t have to be beaten Without control you get anarchy and anarchy is regressive a conflict explored to extreme degrees in many f his sci fi books In Garbadale Banks s characters are warmer rounder believable The mystery Black Boy of the protagonist s past is beautifully teased and revealed There s a fantastic episode involving a loose snake a townhouse and two dottyld women and it s a wonderfully indulgent signature piece n Banks s behalf a Witty Take On The Snakes take n the Snakes Ladders game Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire of childhood Can t remember what if anything it added to the story but it was great to readSo yes I really loved this novel I believed in the people I warmed to Alban in a way that I d never warmed to anyf Banks s characters before Normally I can t wait to see what terrible fate will be served up to the people in his books but here for the first time ever whilst reading a Banks novel I really did NOT want anyone to die Which meant that the anxiety I began to feel as I approached the end Safe in My Arms of the novel was palpable traumatic Experience was telling me that Alban and the lovef his life were going to get minced at the end whereas my inner fluffy chick was dreading the prospect Presunta colpevole of it and praying for a happy endingThat s never happened before EverI think I m gettingldBut maybe that s it The twenty something year Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem old mef the 90s would have hated this novel He would have thrown it at the wall having felt cheated by the ending and the sheer mundanity Safe Words of everything which preceded it Is that it he would have screamed Seriously is that it WTFBut thelder wiser me reading the novel His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, of anlder wiser Iain Banks nods sagely and says at the end Yes This was a damn fine novel with a very unexpected endingDidn t I say at the start The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, of this review that Banks had a habitf confounding the expectations Pursuit of Justice of his readers Even me who s read em all Well theld bard did it again and I take my hat Dangerous to Touch off and raise a dram to the bugger I wish he was still here writingf thisI think the Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude older wiser me will enjoy the remainderf his novels but maybe for reasons different to those Rodeo Daughter of the younger Mr Banks which the younger me devoured hungrily I am a huge Iain Banks fan as you can see from my bookshelf so this book was seriously disappointing He s usually so fullf energy and wacky ideas but for My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze once he sn autopilot As several Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses of thether reviewers point A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, out he s recycled a lotf material from The Crow Road Unfortunately it s in no way an improvement My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, or a further developmentf those themes There is Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, one good seuence an extended flashback to a tragic affair when he was a teenager and that s worth reading The restf the book basically isn t You ll The Baby Album occasionally be entertained for a pager two but most Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose of the time you ll just feel frustrated with him It s a truism that there are two Iain Banks Iain the contemporary fiction writer and Iain M the science fiction writer But it s also the case that there are two distinct modesf Iain Banks novels the grim and nihilistic Wasp Factory The Business Song Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., of Stone etc versus the sweeping Scots epic Crow Road Whit Espadair Street and now The Steep Approach to Garbadale I dunno maybe it s just a matterf comedy versus tragedy in the classical senseIn any case put Banks latest suarely in the feel good category Not that there aren t Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, odd twists to the plot it wouldn t be Banks without those The characters are fairly well drawn and likable even when they aren t a Banks speciality I think and while the story isn t the most profoundr Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, original ever penned it s a worthwhile read and if Banks were known in the US contemporary fiction market probably would ben numerous great summer reads lists This was basically a considerably inferior version Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) of The Crow Road Dysfunctional Scottish family with impossibly large castf characters and a healthy dollop Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, of eccentricld folk Check Some Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, of whom arebscenely rich Check Rich enough to live in a remote picturesue Scottish castle Check Which the main protagonist will shun for much Gilligan Unbound of the story as he works through family issues Check Main protagonist is male single has issues with family Unreuited infatuation with unsuitable blond glamor girl Check Oblivious to the incredibly patient desirable woman who is really the right woman for him until 15 pages from the end Check Male protagonist is smart a bitf a tool but likable and charming nonetheless Check Will achieve personal growth and reconciliation with family by the end Check Alternating first and third person narrators Check Story zips back and forth around the timeline with no warning. Back into the bosom Gone for Soldiers of the clan brings an inevitable and disconcerting confrontation with Alban's past What drove his mother to take herwn life And is he yet ready to see Sophie his beautiful enchanting cousin and teenage love at the EGM Grandmother Win's revelations will radically alter Alban's perspective for ev. The Steep Approach to Garbadale

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