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 Archery: The Art of Repetition

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Ction to improve my basic skill level I was really disappointed the content It was all *There But For The Most Part The *but for the most part the were just over Often the reason why you do or not do something was not mentioned From glancing at the pages of the section on setting p the recu The book is affectionately know as The gospel according to Simon Needham between me and my archery buddies If you want to own only one really seful archery book this is it Simon s straight archery buddies If you want to own only one really seful archery book this is it Simon s straight approach makes the complex art of getting an archery bow to its optium performance achievable by club archers I have Ciaphas Cain used this book for 2 years and have never been left wanting when I have turned to it for help The book works on many levels the younderstand the it delivers This is my secret weapon in my bow case not a new 400 riser or 350 pair of limbs just good advice Of course that does mean the mistakes are mine not my bows There is also an accompanying DVD Archery In Action which really works well with the book and recommended After returning to the sport after some 35 years I discovered that huge changes had taken place both in techniue and euipment and I suddenly found myself very much out of my depth and very much the novice This work it an excellent source of reference for anyone in my position or indeed sta. Oughness; he argues that this goes hand in hand with the mastery of the physical aspects of the sport This comprehensive guide to shooting covers how to get started in archery the costs involved choosing and sing euipment and the basics of shooting; setting p your euipment and in. .
Excellent content very much appreciated by a novice archer to help get the setup right and generally aid good form The let down is that the pictures which can be Make your own model forts castles uite technical don t scale well on the Kindlesing either the Kindle 3G Keyboard version or PC ApplicationThis really detracts from what the author is trying to convey I will buy the print version as the book itself is great my husband just joined the sport found this book so helpful good buy xx This is a good read particularly for beginners Lots of helpful information This book was recommended by my archery instructor as a simple straightforward book on everything we needed to know about archery I was surprised when I read it the first time that it was much technical than I expected I have re read sections though and after a few readings have found the book Enslaved - Puppy Boys In Training useful The print is small and it s all in black and white I think anpdated version would be a good idea There is a lot of good information here but overall it would have benefited from diagrams as the written explanation s are ite hard to follow There are better books on sport psychology and nutrition and these and some other sections feel a bit dated Excellent book consistency achieved I am new to the sport of archery I brought this book hoping to find detailed instru. Written by an acknowledged expert this invaluable *book is aimed at archers of all levels from those starting out in the sport to those taking *is aimed at archers of all levels from those starting out in the sport to those taking in competitions at the highest levels The author analyzes shooting techniues and tuning and also emphasizes the development of mental Rting out as it gently works one p from basic principles to advanced championship level and I defy any archer not to find something of interest in there I consider this a first class investment that I will have cause to refer back to on a regular basis A huge plus is that it is written with a Brigish
reader in mind 
in mind at the risk of sounding critical of other similar works from the likes of American authors I found this one far accesible My grateful thanks goes to Mr Needham for going to the trouble of writing it There is little point in rehearsing the descriptions noted in other reviews of this book Suffice it to say that for a relatively new archer there is no other single volume which provides so much practical information in is no other single volume which provides so much practical information in straightforward a fashion There is much here too for experienced recurve archersThe single most seful section simply has to be *ON SET UP WHICH WILL I DARE SAY BE *set p which will I dare say be illuminating for experienced shooters as for novices We re taken through the very basics through to fine tuning through a set of valuable explanations and directions There is an accompanying DVD Archery in Action which is nice to have and helpful when a visual instead of or as well as a printed explanation is reuired but the book stands on its own and does so very well indeedVery highly recommended. Itial tuning; the biomechanics of shooting; the tactics and preparation work involved in archery competitions; physical fitness nutrition and psychology; arrow selection and preparation; making bowstrings; and shooting techniues improving performance and the fine tuning of euipment.

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